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  1. Actually there isn't much announcement or marketing for MRB, just a short promo the day before. Most are rumours and insiders' speculation, not confirmed by the TV station. Chinese TV schedules are volatile enough, these days even more so.
  2. According to rumored schedule, Over the Sea will air at 7:30 from 6.13 every day, and temporarily rebroadcasted at 10:00 from 6.13 Monday to Thursday, until furthur notice.
  3. Yes it's true, but Over the Sea is a 7:30 drama, and 10:00 is just a temporary rebroadcast to fill the empty time, it doesn't really contradict the previous news.
  4. The latest news/rumour is that Zhejiang TV still tries to get EF on air in the coming weeks, so they empty the time slot (withhold My Robot Boyfriend) to wait for a final decision. We just have to be patient.
  5. If GTY fell in love with ML first and ML reciprocated his feelings, then I don't see why not QH wouldn't help him. Until you're in that person's shoes, I say don't be so haste to judge. IMO, nobody is at fault here, be it GTY or QH, just different circumstances.
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