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  1. Wow I'm glad to see Winnies still posting in this thread Thanks to @twinkies20! Just wanted to post a cute photo of the luckiest Winnie who went to the fan meeting in Nanjing! She was the finalist for the 'Heart to Heart' Q&A game and the only fan who was able to take an individual photo with Khun onstage (taken on khun's phone I heard?) I'm so proud to see her holding our light stick and wearing our special Khuntorians hoodie onstage, not to mention the photographer even caught some Winnies waving their light sticks in the audience. Aside from the fan meeting in Nanjing, I can't wait until he sings his new songs in Osaka this week!
  2. HEYYYYYY wow, why have I never posted on my OTP's thread? =_=..... Weird enough since I've had this account for 2 years, and probably lurked here before... I'm guessing the khuntoria community has moved to instagram for most of the non-Chinese shippers? I'm saying this cuz I'm Chinese and from the weibo community (as @twinkies20 mentioned above, yes, we are still quite active.) I don't know what else to say, since this thread seems awfully quiet, but if y'all ever feel like it, come to weibo and check it out!
  3. I found the original gifs and jpgs (sorry if this is gonna cost y'all a lot of data) Demon princess asks if Phoenix suspects SH for lying to him, phoenix replies that his standpoint was shaken when uncle fox told him about the truth. Then he saw the wound on SH's ear, caused by previous Water God's power. He also went to Jiuying Cave and saw the marks caused by samadhi flames, and was astound by how powerful it was. But he is confused since SH said she spent a lot of power reviving him and seemed weak (cos she's faking it, duh...) Phoenix says he really wants to find out the real murderer but doesn't want to wrong the innocent. Demon princess suggests a test to figure out the truth. Fox and snake uses puppetry magic to control JM to bow during the wedding 3. Demon princess walks in the door, phoenix is surprised that she wasn't the bride (phoenix and demon princess planned the fake wedding.) Fox doesn't allow him to uncover the veil. 4. Stubborn phoenix can't listen to his elders and uncovers the veil, only to find JM under it. 5. Fox explains the hardships that JM went through: JM lost her ability to differentiate color to revive you, even when she's the daughter of the Flower goddess. She contained 'the light of Xuanqiong' using her true form, which is only a flake of frost, and almost melted herself doing so. 6. Phoenix says to JM: let me compensate for everything I did, if you wish. 7. (here comes the soundtrack...) phoenix: maybe, we can start all over again. (cries tears of joy T^T)
  4. From what I see on weibo, phoenix is already suspecting that SH was the murderer of JM's dad/stepmom, cuz he saw the frostbite on her ear, and he went back to Jiuying Cave (where JM confronted SH and phoenix showed up) and saw the blue fire marks on the cave wall (the same fire that killed JM's dad). Phoenix planned to arrange a fake wedding with demon princess as the bride to lure out SH's confession, but then somehow fox immortal and snake immortal swapped out demon princess with JM. That's why in one of the teasers, when phoenix saw demon princess walk in through the door, he was like 'wait if you're there, who tf is the bride?' XD... But obviously, the show must go on to make SH confess so he says all these cheesy lines to JM and asks for her forgiveness. JM knows that he's saying that to trigger SH, but then who knows maybe he's not faking it .
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