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  1. On 5/24/2019 at 5:44 PM, b. widita said:

    Hi all. Im a new shipper.

    Just want to ask, have you seen naeun's latest instagram post?

    Maybe its nothing, but that nail colour. Why pearl aqua. 


    Hi! Hello dear !!! As much as I want to answer you but sad to say I'm a newbie too!!As of now there is not much of inter action between the two couple but it doesn't mean that it's all over between them. Now a days .....only taemin left in his group doing his solo while Apink is not active for now but they will make another song  for sure . They have their own solo or individual  projects /works inside and outside their country. For me as a fan...still believe that they are still dating but .........definitely private (secret) one.

  2. 5 hours ago, chantaljaey said:

    First off, welcome to the TAEUN LAND. Welcome to the TAEUN Thread! :heart:

    Whether a person is a celeb or not, no one has rights to dictate who they can love and date btw. It's one's freaking life. "others may say, we're just concern about you... blah blah blah..." but for me if that person fails in the relationship s/he chose then be there for him/her, be there not to blame him/her but to constantly remind him/her that it's fine to fail coz mistakes can make you stronger and wiser! .....Chantaljaey !!! Thanks for the answer, I appreciate it !! But for me ....I'd rather not see them together publicly ....for now !! They still have several years to achieve their dreams and do more greats.Only the girl who will suffer much than the guy !! They can date as much as they want secretly. Thanks for the reply and more power to you dear !!


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  3. Hello every one !! I'm a new fan of taeun ....I'm one of the stalker in your thread and I do like all your opinion and your fmv/Video/clips. I just finished watching WGM and several videos with a lot of hints and moments. I just want to know .....I mean ....I have a question....If  ever there is a video which both of them cleared or answered the fans that there is nothing (dating /relationship) happened between  them, cause if not !?? And most of their videos and some news regarding with this couple .....I l should  say there is something and I remember that both of them are introvert (correct me if I'm wrong ) even though they don't have time to see each other that much but in their hearts there is one person who occupied their space and their longing and....both of them are one woman man and one man woman . For me it means TRUST/STRAIGHT and they both have that .Most of Korean ....let's say almost all actors and actress in other countries, they always very strict /secretive when it comes to their personal life . Thank you if someone could answer me .May your thread be merrier and more blessing to come !!

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  4. Hello every one!! I know most of you are thinking that our thread is being dormant or not active anymore....were still here and still waiting for all the news that will come out for the two young ones . As of now...we don't have any news about inter acting or even some private activities about them but it doesn't mean it's all over for them...I still know they communicate each other and they do see each other but in their own private world. Let them be and let them have their own peace of mind....there will be time some news will appear and were all just here waiting....and besides they have plenty of times or rather years to prove their own individual talent and make their own career in the next level.:blush: 


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  5. Hello every one !!! It's been a while since I post something abut this two young ones....As for now ...in what I see with their status.....they are more discreet and very aware about their relationship since the dating of hyeri surface....there are no more stronger opponents or even paired up for bogum just to divide the attention of their respective fans. All eyes are directly hinted on this couple....so need to space up a bit between them....they are together but definitely need to hide it more....:D:wub::glasses:DIcEQ0QXoAEzXWA.jpgDIcESWAW4AAl5bM.jpgDIb5zBRVYAEU8RZ.jpgDIb5zBNVYAA0M3v.jpgDIb6wTwUMAAuI-C.jpgDIb5O0ZUMAAa_vJ.jpg

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  6. 1 hour ago, Kissy13 said:

    Same here sorry for late reply as well chinguya...hehehe been busy also but I don't know..there's some certain force that led me to open the soompi account...AND MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NOW I'M HAPPY SO MUCH HAPPY!!BEEN SCREAMING AND DANCING WITH THE NEWS!!

    @kiwimari20 @tenoritaiga @moonlightdream @pbnh7 @pat_vipbj @Kathleen Domingo @kkwattana @bojuI am so happy for the couple...sincerely happy for them..

    @pbnh7 thanks for sharing your fanfic chinguya..been craving for BoYoo goodies..:heart:everytime I'm listening with Perfect song by Ed Sheeran..can't help to think about them...

    Have a great day everyone..though I and some of our chingus we're not posting actively on this thread just like before..I know that our faith on this couple is silent but strong...:blush:



    Yes !!! were all busy now a days ....just post something from time to time:)...and about the news were hyeri and ryu are dating while surfing in the twitter and boom!!! I saw that yesterday he he he!! so much fun and feeling happy with a sigh....something hard from my chest has been pulled out and feeling at ease at the same time.Have a great day to every one!!!!!:blush:https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DGb7jEqV0AEgHnG.jpgDGb7jEqV0AEgHnG.jpg


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  7. On 8/1/2017 at 3:09 PM, Kissy13 said:

    @cici1 thanks for sharing this chinguya..been missing you on this thread..:blush:


    Zombie webtoon remake Dreamcide hyped as Hallyu’s next big hit

    by awcoconuts


    Wanting to see Bo Gum and Yoo Jung gorgeously slashing those Zombies..though I really really hate watching zombie movies alone..and I remember spilling my cousin's tea when I accidentally jump out of fear on my seat next to him :joy: but if it's BOYOO ,I know this series will turn out to be a great and precious drama again for me..I'm visually seeing my self grinning and squealing while watching..:joy:Ahhh I miss those days..and I miss them so much as well!!My Babies!!!

    @Sheila Marie Green If they cast Yoo Jung...I'm seeing Angelina Jolie vibes on her...just like you've mention on this thread chinguya:blush:

    And the blonde character on this picture really suites her..PRAYING AND VODOO DANCING ON THIS!!CROSS FINGERS!!CHEABAL DRAMA GOD!!GRANT OUR WISH!!

    Have a great day ahead chinguyas!!:heart:

    @Kathleen Domingo I'm also a Filipino and my heart hurts knowing I'm breathing the same air as BoYoo when they have their reward vacation on Cebu...

    Hello Kissy  dear !!! sorry for the late reply!!! so much work to do and i'm creating a new design for my latest gift shop items....I hope every body here are all in a good mood and healthy!!!I'm still here just busy lately but still I'm an avid fan of this youngsters:wub:....keep on sailing and keep on believing ....we have so many years ahead  in a sea ....so many treasures and new memories to search  or collect for....Keep on fighting!!!! HUGS AND KISSES TO ALL!!!!:blush::heart::grin:..YOU KNOW Kissy  ...the way I see how grown up and sexy  Kim is in this picture....I can see how beautiful she will be in slaying so many zombies with the leather outfit :tongue::)...Just try to imagine that :glasses:DHTbO9WV0AEqdzk.jpgDHTbQnmVoAA2xU7.jpgDHTbn3IUAAAjfRT.jpgDHRn29mUIAA0-P5.jpg

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