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  1. Kissy darling ....your unnie sheila is traveling right now.....hard to type message.....when I reached my destination I'm gonna message you again.....chat to you later....

  2. Hi nayadono.....About posting an image not video this..... i can help you....If yo don't mind at all!.....If your using cel fone....you can't post pictures.....only reply but photo's and video's are no no....You need to used laptop or personal computer/desktop....Ok first step if you see the picture you want click it there is two push button on the mouse right!!!! left and right for me ....I.'m using my middle finger to pushed button the right side so pushed it and there you will see or it will appear the new tab link,window links and so many to see ......now look for new tab image click it.......it will give you another picture in another window then go there you will see the picture  and it was on the left side then look up in the bracket there is this Https// and some words ........ swipe it  all .....dont leave anything it should be blue or dark green by swiping it by using your middle finger to the right side again .....You will see the words .....cut.......copy......paste......click the copy first and then click again for twice click the paste ........the words that you have swiped will be doubled or tripled and it's ok you made it now go to the forum by using the left the point finger to go to the forum and go to reply and then click your middle finger on the reply box and pushed the word paste and wait for it .....it should be picture not only words ok try it first and tell me if there is wrong.......don't worry I will help u ok .....just bear with me.....I'm using my Cel right now....If you need something ...just reply.....I hope you don't mind at all for helping you!!

    1. Sheila Marie Green

      Sheila Marie Green

      And by the way .....I like your drawing/Art of yours.....Just keep on practicing......someday you will be a great artist .....keep on doing what you do !!!!You'll make it!!!:blush:

  3. Hi chelsita.....I  hope you don't mind if I answer your question about doing the photo shoot together with LJS and HHJ is not good because it means they were just friends.....I don't think so.....remember he has a closed friend  kim wo bin and shin min ah....they do have their photo shoot but they were lovers after  that.....I hope I'm right.....I'm also one of the fans of this two....Hope your not get angry for messaging you in a secret way. :blush:

    1. chelsita


      ohh yes dear!! yes, I know, but the big difference is that KWB and SMA had not worked previously and they were not dating before the photoshoot, he had commented previously that he would like to work with her. But they began dating after the photoshoot.

      It's very different with LJS and HHJ, they worked together already, and if they are dating, I doubt they want to work together, they will want as much as possible keep their private "relationship".


      but that's my opinion, anyway if they come to have a photoshoot together I would be very happy. :D

    2. Sheila Marie Green

      Sheila Marie Green

      Me too!!! The reason why I love this two.....they were the same skin ship and the way they inter act is the same with my two lovey dovey baron and megan.....The way I love them it's because of the behind the scene footage they created ....not only on screen but off screen too....Thanks and be happy dear!!!!:blush:

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