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  1. I enjoyed reading this thorough and thought-provoking take on HPL, the themes explored or not, the handling of Ryan's adoption/childhood trauma. etc. Plus, tribute to the art that is KJW! https://usagitoneko.wordpress.com/2019/06/15/her-private-life/#more-2536
  2. I don't think KJW has literally said he is a method actor, but he does put a lot of work and research into becoming his character. He spoke about working at a transgender bar to prepare for Hedwig and going to gay bars for his role in Antique Bakery when he was on Life Bar with Jo Jung Suk: So while he may not method act in the completely technical sense (otherwise Mo Tae Gu would be very problematic!), he does seem to try and fully embody his characters. A few blogs here and there do refer to this, but they are not expert sources on acting techniques. In any event, I can imagine that being Ryan for three months and falling in love with Deok Mi may very well require a shedding of the character in order to return to real life. My two cents because none of us can truly know what he or PMY is experiencing.
  3. I'm slightly unclear what Shi-an exactly knows. When Shi-an finds his Mom weeping and breaking down in the hallway, he looks like he knows why. But when he talks to Ryan, he seems like he didn't know but had an intuition. The whole show I've thought that Shi-an is either on to everyone's game or the acting was off. I'm actually looking forward to Ryan trolling Deok Mi in front of Shi-an with the whole "Shi-an's thighs are her welfare" and preferably in the Elevator of Fate!
  4. I was referring to the way Ryan, while misunderstanding Deok Mi and Seon Joo's relationship, treated it with respect (not judging them, giving them his room). Also, in Episode 5 there was the story of Writer Nam and Photographer Tae-Hwa. Episode 5 still stands out to me as one of the best episodes of the series by treating the love between the writer and photographer with delicacy and respect. Thank you to @tensaitekikuroneko and @TheRoadtoPMY for also answering this question.
  5. Hello! Delurking to join this lovely thread. I appreciate all of your insights and humor .... nothing like a bed scene debate! I found Ryan's discovery of his mother well executed, even if it changed the pace and tone of the drama. I was anticipating it because LGBTQ issues were nicely woven into the drama earlier and like @Dramageek, I've done some reading on adoptions in Korea. KJW did a fantastic job acting out the emotions of an adult finding a parent they thought abandoned them. It was natural to me that he didn't take her at her word right away. I also love that Deok Mi was there to help him sort through his thoughts and look at things more positively. But something is bothering me and the drama probably won't address it because it looks like Ryan is past his mother trauma: Did Ryan's mom keep looking for him? Deok Mi did not find his name in the missing persons index. I understand she tried to find him after recovering from her accident, but what about in all the intervening years? This thought makes me a little bitter still towards Ryan's mom. How lovely was KJW's voice when he said, "Sarang haeyo"? He has this way of lowering the volume and pitch of his voice to delicious effect. And yes, yes, I also hope that Episode 15 winds back to before our OTP is lying in bed fully clothed. We were teased a fair bit and I get the feeling KJW knows his way around!
  6. Sorry for cutting your post--so much great analysis and background. I'll hazard a guess about the mysterious mountain man before I watch Episode 11 with synced subs (thank you again @joonminfan for your awesome translations!). It seems to me that despite hints that he might be KS's or YB's father, he is apparently a Magical Cupid Ahjussi! This show was a delightful mix of romance, comedy, slice of life and fantasy. It didn't take itself too seriously and sometimes poked fun at tropes. We got to see YB trip and fall into KS's arms, YB and NJ overact like bananas in their dramas and movies, YB go meta about if their romance was a drama in the proposal , etc. MD's dad had me going for a while that there was more to KS's parents dying in an accident than there was, but he was just genuinely sad and guilt wracked like a person would be. I was also lured into thinking YB had a connection to the island because of the painting and the grandmas saying early on said he looked like someone they knew back in the day. Then, the mountain man struck the side pose after their make-out session---he kind of looked like an ahjussi ninja in the moonlight! So, when YB crept up the mountain after all that build-up I was ready for a big reveal and "poof" the show veered off into comedy and then fantasy with MD getting his own hourglass. I feel it was a head fake to the usual k-drama trope of people hiding away and then rising from the dead. I'm curious that KJS mentioned a Season 2 in his IG. I also feel like the last episode was a little rushed, but maybe it was to leave room for Season 2!?!
  7. Weighing in here in agreement and disbelief! I loved 1% and JSM's pairing with HSJ too, but the chemistry of KJS - JSM has really grown on me and I prefer Yoo Baek's personality. My memory isn't the greatest and this show has been going on for a while because of the once a week schedule, so can someone remind me where Yoo Baek got the painting that hangs in his bedroom? The one that appears to be a view of the bay on the island? And where did his dad go? Did he die? I guess I need to wait for the subs to get clues, but maybe the mystery man on the island is his dad?
  8. Hi, everyone! Popping into say I love this show and reading this forum. Thank you to everyone for their insightful and hilarious analysis and @joonminfan for the episode translations. I second OKS's sentiment and want lots of hugs and kisses! No sunlight please and OKS needs to move her lips and hands. A couple of random thoughts: What do people think Mr. Teacher was going to write in his letter to the Doctor? Is he going to bust a gut when she goes on the blind date and finally break down? Not that it matters to the plot, but whatever happened to OKS being super strong physically? It showed up early in the show when she breaks the surfboard and then disappeared? As did Dong Man's dad's super speed. I want Nam Joo to find love too. He turned out to be such a good friend. Good question. I totally forgot about him!
  9. I can't agree more with you about C dramas. I'm not sure if it's a detriment or a bonus that I can't understand Chinese because C dramas tend to be very long and often suffer from a drop off 1/2 or 2/3 of the way in. If I understood Chinese, I might waste more hours of my life. As it is, I end up spoiling myself by going on Twitter or MyDramalist and accidentally seeing the bitter fan comments about wasted storylines or nonsensical endings. So Consort Qing falls in the love with the Emperor? I haven't gotten there yet as I am again stuck around Episode 38 and have decided to wait for next week's episodes in order to get through the OTP angst. Is that what her saving the Emperor's life was about the time she took the stabbing for him from the fake poison zombie? I couldn't quite figure that scene out because there was no way Consort Qing could know that she would not have died. Perhaps she was motivated by hidden feelings of love even then to jump in front of him? If Aaron Yan has a kissing scene with JJY, how's that going to turn out? At least in this show, JJY is from the deer in headlights, stiff as a board, no hands school of kissing. Aaron's kissing scenes with Joanne Tseng in Refresh Man were quite different and very notable! Lastly, I left your comment about BLMX in the quote because she is just so ! @anonymouschic Thanks for reminding me that Physician Gu and LFY talked about talking care of YX. I think I was so distracted and annoyed by LYF letting YX think he stabbed her father in the back (seriously?) and killed him that I stopped watching. When I picked up again, I forgot that happened. BTW, if YX thought about it, she would know that there is no way that LFY would act so dishonorably. BTW, can anyone tell me why Physician Gu knows so little about poison even though he's from the Poison Sect? Is it because the Poison Master was incarcerated and he received no training or were there no Poison Sect members left around? Is he like this in the book?
  10. Thank you @yueyyo for the video of ZZH talking about portraying LFY. I won't say too much because it's really worth watching to understand his interpretation of the character and how he related to JJY. He also seems to have strong intuitions as an actor and a good sense of humor about fan comments. He sort of makes me want to read the book----I say sort of because it has so many chapters. I'm currently stuck in Episode 36. Ming Xiang is so very irritating. I should feel sympathy towards her because of her sacrifices and the insanity that was brought on by her poisoning but I don't. She's been the stereotypical second lead: a one-sided, crazy "I met him first" fan girl from the get go so I just want her to go away. The scene where LYF, Xi Feng, Ning Jing, and Tang Li discuss the destruction of the Yao Gui Valley and Gu Qi Shao ticked me off. Among other things, LYF asks if there is any news of MX but doesn't ask about YX. Where is she supposed to be? Her dad was just murdered (she thinks by him), the Yao Gui Valley where she was working on the antidote has been destroyed and Gu Qi Shao was captured. Maybe LYF asked about MX because she's a nutty danger to society, but what about his grieving, homeless wife??? She is not actually homeless, but does he assume the physician will care for her? Grrr.
  11. I have not watched the entire drama, so I haven't been reading this thread too carefully but I am emerging because I've been thinking about this too. I recall a scene in a episode (perhaps before the drunken episode) where YX actually seems puzzled about how babies are made. As if she did not realize that she needed to become intimate with a man! As you point out, she is more or less a doctor and I could not figure her ignorance much less her not having the hots for her husband. I guessed that YX was depicted this way because the actress is a young idol but I looked her up and she's "graduated". I wonder if YX is this clueless in the book. I've been burned by a few C-dramas, so happy to have found Legend of Yun Xi and the interesting discussions in this forum.
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