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  1. On 7/20/2019 at 4:23 AM, tok-soompi said:

    Thanks @YuukiH for the bts carry scene.  Can really tell JHI worked very hard to protray his character and also wanted to make HJM looks good.  I really like this PD.  He really capture the most natural way and thus we all enjoy the drama and feels slice of life.  It also helps when JHI adores and care for HJM very much.  Partly also thanks to HJM easy character that JHI feels more comforted in his difficult role (he said in an interview is the toughest character he has so far).


    He said he is an introvert.  I really cannot tell when he is with HJM. Haha!


    Keke also i re read YuukiH's translations.  I noticed HJM has said in different occassion that she likes alcohol.  


    Erhem... JHI. A beer date with HJM at Han river?

    Yes he's a sweetheart I love that he's really a nice guy :D and Han Ji Min is such an angel I'm glad he didn't take her for granted through the whole 6 months they worked on OSN :wub:

     and they both looked so beautiful and lovely and pure through the drama I love that feel that both have :tears:


    That lifting scene particularly was extremely beautiful I love it SO much :wub: I'm glad the drama got his popularity bc they worked really hard for it !!


    Yes that's what ppl like about this pd, he has his own aesthetic I guess^^


    Yes Han Ji Min made with her cool personality is such a beautiful soul, and that's why they got comfortable and had an amazing chemistry :wub:


    I read the interview and I didn't knew it was this hard for him !! But I had noticed it was his best acting ! I always thought he lacked a little something, but in OSN it was his best performance :D


    He's definitely an introvert it's obvious in interviews or live, etc..

    In the bts he looked at ease, maybe bc he's close to her, I remember in the vlive they said they often contacted each other, I wonder if they still do :P


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  2. Guys, I realized I had translated the library lifting scene bts but didn't post it here !! I'm so dumb sometimes LOL :D



    //translation of the bts of the library lifting scene//
    Haein : *holding Jimin's waist with his hands* I can lift you like this 
    *holding her with his arms* but I was thinking about doing it like that
    Jimin : Ah~ like this ? (Can't hear what she says next)
    Haein : *hold her waist again with his hands* put some strength
    Jimin : ok… ?? What strength ? Where I am supposed to use it ?
    Haein : *laughing so much* I am supposed to do that ㅋㅋ I'm the one who have to use strength
    Jimin : yes *laughing* what do you mean ? 
    *Haein lift her by the waist*
    Pd : you're not supposed to lift her by the waist, you have to lift her with your arms under the bottom
    Haein : that's what I wanted to do
    *Haein try to lift her with his arms, but is struggling and laugh*
    Haein : wait, wait
    Jimin : It's harder like that
    Haein : how I'll do ?
    Pd : I don't know if you'll be able to do it but it's very hard
    Haein : I can do it~!
    Pd : you have to start while being down, and it's hard to use strength like that
    Haein : Ay~ Things like that, I can do it!
    Jimin : *laughing* (can't understand what she said)
    Pd : He's been exercising since yesterday 
    Jimin : Because of this scene ??
    Haein : No, I've done squats(?) for this scene
    Pd : He's really worried
    Haein : No no no
    Jimin : (shocked) you've done squats for this ?
    Haein : Yes
    Pd : Earlier, since he arrived—
    Haein : *embarrassed* It's not because of that !! 
    pd: —his legs were slightly shaking (bc of the exercise)
    *Haein is embarrassed LOL (poor baby) and hide his face against the wall.
    Haein : *laughing* It's not because of that scene.
    Pd : *joking* it's possible he'll make NG later
    Jimin : You should've called me. And tell me to not eat.
    Haein : No~! You have to eat a lot. So you can have energy~
    Rehearsal of the lifting scene. Haein try to lift her with his arms. But it's a mess lol :D Jimin is all embarrassed and they are laughing so much.
    Jimin : It's a hard scnene to film
    Haein : Yes, you understand now why I exercised for it?
    Jimin : Yes
    Haein : *laughing* (can't hear what he says)
    Jimin : Are you woried for me ?? I really don't care if I look heavy. For real.
    Haein : But you're not heavy.
    Jimin : Even, I don't care !
    Haein : (determined) No, no.
    Jimin : It's okay, seriously~
    Haein : No. You're not heavy to me 
    Jimin : *laughing* but it's okay if I look heavy
    Haein : I just want it to— hyung (staff) what looked good ?
    Staff : When you lifted her by the waist, with your hands, it's pretty.
    Haein : Right ?
    Jimin : But it'll be hard for Ji Ho ssi
    Haein : It's not hard *put his hands on her shoulders :tears:*
    Staff : try to lift her quickly
    Jimin : *laughing*
    *Haein lifting her by the waist and rotating her*
    *Jimin laughing bc embarrassed*
    Staff : Yes that's the best
    Haein : (to Jimin) that's not hard don't worry
    Now time to film for real. Haein lift her but she burst out laughing. And she can't put the book on the bookshelf bc she's laughing too much.
    Jimin : I cant.. *laughing*
    *Haein is now laughing too and drop her while laughing. But the pd didn't say 'cut' so they continue and it's actually the scene that was released :D  
    Jimin : *whispering* Am I heavy ?
    *Haein shake his head and pat her hair with his hands and they put the book in the bookshelf. Jimin face is red lool*
    //I'm screaming because the scene in the ep wasn't Ji Ho & Jeong In but Jimin and Haein :wub:)
    Pd : Ok~ you did well~
    *Haein and Jimin burst out laughing*
    Haein : (to Jimin) Are you okay ? (He thought she was hurt when he dropped her)
    Pd : that was really good
    Jimin : I'm okay, I'm okay, it's just it was funny
    (Can't hear what they say but he ask again if she's ok)
    Pd : (to Haein, teasing) at the end you had no more strength, that's why you dropped her, right ? 
    Haein : (refuse) Not at all!
    Pd : oh really ?
    Haein : Yes
    Pd : *doubting him lol*
    Haein : Let's do it again
    Pd : No~ you did very well
    Jimin : You did well
    *All watching the monitor*
    Jimin : He lifted me for a long moment
    Staff : Look at his strength
    Jimin : Ohh~ the arms~
    Pd : *laughing* look, he had no more energy 
    Haein : *laughing* (Refute) No. Nooo~ !
    Jimin : My face was all red.
    Jimin : (not sure what she says but it's a compliment about his arms)
    Haein : but honestly it wasn't hard
    Pd : (teasing) ok ok if you say it
    *All laugh*
    Pd : It was really well done :D


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  3. 3 hours ago, tok-soompi said:

    Hmmm... does he look like he wanted to comfort her but hold himself and end up just keep staring at her??? :P


    Credit to author

    I agree with u, he definitely held himself :D:P In the others bts he was always soft when he saw her cry and immediately came to to her to comfort her :tears:


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    Jimin : Can I say this ? *laugh* (to Haein) Can I say it ?

    Haein : No but…
    Jimin : But that's not it. For the scene when there's music, they tell us to talk comfortably (they can say what they want since it won't be heard). And this day, the ambiance at the cafe was so good, the music too, but eating only cake and coffee was weird, so 
    Haein : Because you talk like that while crying, it's weird (means some ppl could get suspicious about them I guess) *laugh*
    Jimin : *laughing* So I was like why there isn't alcohol here ? "Should we go and buy just 1 can (of beer)?" (with the index finger and facial expressions LOL)
    Haein : (imitating her) just 1 drink ?
    Jimim : just 1 drink 
    Haein : (imitating again) "Just 1 drink." It had that kind of feel.
    Jimin : *laughing* Aren't we breaking the romance saying that ?
    *Haein look at her*
    *Staff talk*
    Jimin : When we were in Ji Ho's place ? When ?
    Haein : When we ate Ramen. (Ep 12)
    Jimin : Ahh, this time too I did it too. And Ji Ho ssi was like "Today too just 1 drink" *laughing*
    *Haein imitating her again*
    Jimin :  I'm sorry, it's because we met drunk, when I was not sober yet 
    Haein : *laugh*



    Han Ji Min angel was crying bc this was after they said how they felt, and their last ments for the end of the filming, and the end of the drama.


    She was already crying in the other video (that I already translated :D) but it's only visible when you watch the video in hd :



    She was so sad it was the end :tears:

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  5. @shariechan  huggg backk! 

    Djwjksjej I'm not an angel, it's Han Ji Min the beautiful angel :wub: I just liked translating about them :tears: 

    You can all ask me if there's bts you want me to translate tho ^^

    I'm also anticipating for their awards ! I hope Han Ji Min win an award for her wonderful acting as Lee Jeong In !! And Jung Hae In too was very good, he improved so much compared to SITR :D

    I want them sooooo bad to have a photoshoot together :tears: Like SO BAD. It would be a waste of their beautiful faces to not do it :tears: It's TMI but I have a thing for Han Ji Min in red lipstick lol :wub:


    I thought about it and I don't think he had much choice, he would be seen as very rude if he didn't called her Sunbaenim I guess ^^


    @tok-soompi Yes I remember that (I keep watching their video because I miss OSN lol) maybe he wants to be the devil :naughty: to her only LMAO I'm so cheesy ^^

    Ikr they're so competitive I like that about them so much :P Their Jenga game was so amazing i never saw anyone play THAT good.


    His ideal type is literally Han Ji Min, he doesn't even have to say it :D

    He doesn't care about age. I saw in a variety show he was in last year that his dad also married to a older woman so I don't think it would matter much to Haein ^^

    She is very kind and true to herself and she lovea beer like him ^^ Also I noticed they both like to volunteer for causes..



    If you look at his choices here, for the visual part, it's obvious he likes beautiful and petite girls, so I'm guessing Han Ji Min is close to his Ideal girl ! That's probably why he mentioned her twice back then in 2014 & 2015 :wub:


    OMG I really like Han Ji Min personality !!

    Her ideal man is very similar to Haein. Everyone who gets to know him desceibes him as very sweet and considerate and mature.

    LMAO at their love for alcohol !!

    They are very compatible for each other :tears:



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  6. 22 minutes ago, Lawyerh said:

    Hahaha maybe he saw our thread and feel shy about it :joy: And become self aware and change the way he call her lol.....

    LMAO we figured him :P

    Maybe he got confused on how to call her lol (since he always called her Jeong In ssi all the time) it must have felt weird to call her Jimin ssi. Actually when in the recent video he called her 'Jimin sunbaenim', it was obvious it was the first time he called her like that, since the way he said it was kind of awkward lol 

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  7. 2 hours ago, YuukiH said:


    Haein : he doesn't look like me (talking about Eun U)
    Jimin : Then he must look like Yumi. She must be pretty. *laughing* my obsession is no joke, after saying "I'll do everything I can for Eun U" I'll be like "but why Eun U don't look like you, does he looks like Yumi ?" (LMAO)
    Haein : a woman with 뒤꿑
    Jimin : Ahh he must look like Yumi..
    Haein : 씁쓸한 
    Haein : You said you wanted to be like me
    Jimin : (joking) It'll come out on the epilogue ㅋ
    Haein : You said you wanted to live being like Yoo Ji Ho
    Jimin : (didn't understand) He looks like me ? He doesn't look like me.
    Haein : No, Jeong In ssi said she wanted to live being like me.
    Jimin : Me ?
    Haein : Was it a lie ? 
    Jimin : No, but…isn't life like this ? (LOL)
    Haein : *laughing*
    Eun U (actor) : What is it ?
    Jimin : You are pretty 

    I'm so dumb I forgot to translate some words LOL :


    Haein : a woman with holding a lot of grudge
    Jimin : Ahh he must look like Yumi..
    Haein : You look bitter about it
    Haein : You said you wanted to be like me

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  8. @tok-soompi *hugs back* :D I loooove how they're so comfortable together !! In the new swoon video of them they looked so much like Ji ho & Jeong In, when they bickered nsjsjje so cute :wub:

    I love when he said that too :P he looked shy about it lol..

    I also went them to stay close :'(


    @cometrue Thank you so much that was so sweet :wub: Yes I like to make my translation detailed I hope it's not too anoying lol 

    Yes omg ! I also think they're made for each other :tears: I don't want to be delusional that's why i don't go overboard but they do like the same things and their personalities match so well :D


    @richelle  You're welcome :wub: My fav drama is 'Heartless City' ! Not the same type of drama at all but I love it so much :D


    @adibadiba :wub: I agree that she gradually opened herself more and more with him ! I'm sure they'll stay good friends :D even if we don't see it :P


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  9. In the bts (of the episode 15, in the cafe) when Haein said "now that I'm sober I'll say it again, don't leave us" after the cut, Jimin was like 'aawww you look like a abandoned stray cat' saying "don't leave us" djosikqjena she was so soft for him lol

    In the bts (of lunch with Jeong In family) 
    Jimin : Ji ho ssi *pretending to feed him & laughing*
    Haein : No don't do that (x2) *laughing*
    Jimin : Whyy~~
    Haein : Help me, 'Jeong In ssi you need to help me' (Ji Ho old line lool) (he want help with his lines I guess, or maybe he's really stressed LOL)
    Jimin : 'What I want is my priority' (LOL)
    Haein : *laughing*

    What I noticed is that in all bts, he always use her bookmark lol

    In the bts when Jeong In is drinking with Ji Ho's dad.
    Both Jimin and Haein were talking (with Ji ho's parents actors) that they had not much scenes left.
    Jimin : I already said goodbye to my library friends and my sisters, so I was feeling very weird
    Haein : It doesn't feel like the end
    Jimin : Hm?
    Haein : It doesn't feel like the end
    Jimin : right
    Haein : he doesn't look like me (talking about Eun U)
    Jimin : Then he must look like Yumi. She must be pretty. *laughing* my obsession is no joke, after saying "I'll do everything I can for Eun U" I'll be like "but why Eun U don't look like you, does he looks like Yumi ?" (LMAO)
    Haein : a woman with 뒤꿑
    Jimin : Ahh he must look like Yumi..
    Haein : 씁쓸한 
    Haein : You said you wanted to be like me
    Jimin : (joking) It'll come out on the epilogue ㅋ
    Haein : You said you wanted to live being like Yoo Ji Ho
    Jimin : (didn't understand) He looks like me ? He doesn't look like me.
    Haein : No, Jeong In ssi said she wanted to live being like me.
    Jimin : Me ?
    Haein : Was it a lie ? 
    Jimin : No, but…isn't life like this ? (LOL)
    Haein : *laughing*
    Eun U (actor) : What is it ?
    Jimin : You are pretty 
    Jimin : (still on that LOL) I don't think he looks like Ji Ho ssi
    Ji Ho's mom : What is her name ? Yumi ?
    Jimin : *laughing, and nod*
    Haein : *smiling* I'm going crazy
    Mom : I thought the mom would comes out.
    Jimin : That Yumi would come out ?
    Eun U : Yumi ?
    Jimin : And then the real Yumi comes out, Jung Yu Mi.

    In the bts of the very last scene at the pharmacy.
    Haein : How should we do ? 
    Jimin : We can just do it
    Haein : Help me
    Jimin : *laughing* what help me again ㅋㅋ
    Then Jimin ask to the pd and he says that we don't see them and that they shouldn't particularly focus on what we're going to see

    Also they explained about their index finger thing that they did in one episode.
    Jimin said that in scenes when there's music, they don't have lines, her and Haein can talk about what they want. And Jimin was like "should we just drink 1 can" of beer. (With her expression lol. And Haein imitated the expression she had made LOL.)
    And then it became a thing between them lol and they did it (the index finger thing) a few time to joke.


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  10. //I translated their bts in the pharmacy, it was the last scene for them.//

    Haein : You first
    Jimin : You first *laugh* It's just that filming this drama has been very comfortable. Normally when I finish a project I'm like "Finally it's over!!", but I don't feel like it's over already. Because I filmed so comfortably…Suddenly I'm crying… first I'm thankful to our aps pd. *laugh* It looks like a award acceptance speech. If it wasn't for him, the actor and staffs wouldn't have worked so at ease. So I'm thankful. Also at first when I received the script I bothered writer-nim a lot. Really it was a character that I had never acted, a new style of female lead *laugh* While being Jeong In I learned a lot from her. Because I acted such a character full of charms, I learned a lot and I'm thankful to writer-nim.
    *She thanks staffs but it's in fast forward*
    And to Ji Ho ssi always *look at him and laugh* He was always so considerate so thanks to him I was more quickly able to be at ease and I filmed happily. Thank you~~ *claps*
    Haein : You worked hard
    Jimin : *laughing*
    Haein : I want to say thank you to every actor and staff who worked hard on set for months. Pd-nim writer-nim I'm really thankful. (To Jimin) It does feel like a award acceptance speech when speaking like this.
    Jimin : Right right
    Haein : Thank you for the good script. To pd thank you for helping us act more comfortably. To staff and actors thank you for being respectful.
    And…the one I'm the most thankful is Jeong In ssi.
    Jimin : *laughing, shy*
    Haein : It must have been not easy, but because she was concentrated until the end, we've been able to nicely finish the drama, so I'm really thankful. 
    Jimin : *shy again lol she can't accept compliments :D*
    Also I to myself wasn't able to achieve my expectations to some things, but even if I was lacking, she matched to me and lead the ambiance on the set so I'm thankful. (To Jimin) You worked hard.
    Jimin : Hmm~~ (it looks like she wants tl cry :tears:)
    Haein : Also the first meeting (of Jeong In and Ji Ho) was at the pharmacy, and the last scene wad also at the pharmacy too *laugh*
    Jimin : *laugh*
    Haein : It's how we started and finished filming. It feels like yesterday that we started filming but time passed and it's already the end, for the point of view of someone who act, I feel regreful and dejected (because he wants to show more but can't)…(To Jimin)Am I the only one feeling like that ?
    Jimin : No, I'm like that too *laugh*
    Jimin : I also want to say thank you to everyone who encouraged One Spring Night and ou LeeYoo couple *laugh*
    Haein : Yes. Thank you for watching until the end, Also thank you for watching the making films *laugh*
    Jimin : *laugh*
    Haein : Thank you for loving One Spring Night. And please continue to support LeeYoo couple. *laugh* Thank you very much
    Jimin : Thank you.




    I'm so sad it's over....... But I'm so happy I watched this drama and discovered Han ji Min, I became a fan of her and Haein too. They're both cuties. One Spring Night is now my 2nd most favorite drama ever :wub:

    I hope Jimin & Haein will stay in touch and close :D I can't help to love them together lol ^^


    Goodbye to everyone who loved them and One Spring Night :tears: I was happy for 2 months !!

    I'm so glad they Swoon released a video of them laughing and being happy with flowers. I'll treasure their videos forever :wub:


    Thank you @tok-soompi  @shariechan  @adibadiba  @Lawyerh  @richelle  @cometrue :wub:

    I'll translate interesting parts of their lasts bts and post them tomorrow !!

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    *Haein walks towards Jimin, he's drunk*
    Jimin : Are you ok? 
    *She helps him sit*
    Jimin : *smiling* You don't look ok. Do you even recognize me ? *Laugh*
    *Haein is smiling drunk*
    Jimin : /can't hear what she says/
    *Haein being held by a staff*
    Jimin : *laughing*
    Haein : I'm sorry~~ (he's sorry for what he's going to say to Jeong In in the ep)
    Jimin : This is so funny ㅋㅋㅋ why are you already sorry ㅋ
    They do the scene when she goes to him, and he's on the bed, with tears.
    But as soon as we hear 'cut' Haein sit up and start to laugh and say things we that don't makes sense
    Jimin : Aigoo you're drunk
    Haein : *laughing* Ah seriously, you're not helping 
    Jimin : You should've drank with me ~
    *They're reading their line for rehearsal*
    Jimin : You look like you're extremely drunk
    Haein : *smiling*
    Haein : I don't have (bad) drinking manners
    Jimin : No, I'm talking about Ji Ho ssi
    Haein : Ji ho ? Ji Ho doesn't have drinking manners either, he says it later "I'm not usually like this" (in the episode). And—
    Jimin : *joking* You talk too much *laughing*
    Haein : (It's so sudden but they're doing rehearsal of their lines again lol) Let's meet first and talk
    Haein : Jeong In ssi, do we go to your house, or do you want to go to mine ?
    Jimin : Let's meet at the cafe
    Haein : Ok~
    Jimin : *laughing*
    Haein : scary
    Rehearsal of lines
    Haein : I smell alcohol too much ?
    Jimin : No, I like it 
    *Haein look at her, because it could also mean 'I like you*
    Jimin : I like Alcohol
    *Haein & Jimin laugh*
    Jimin : (looking at the camera suddenly) You're going to air this right ?! That kind of things :D
    I like the smell~
    They film the scene
    *Haein comes back*
    Jimin : You were crying while saying your lines, I couldn't say mine :tears: I wanted to say "Don't cry~"
    Haein : I'm sorry :tears: (he keep saying sorry for saying the drama scene of last week)
    Jimin : *comforting him* 
    Jimin : I'm not going to abandon you, don't worry :tears:. Thats what I should've said.
    *Haein saying goodbye to her*
    *They're in the street*
    Jimin : *dragging Haein to the camera* 
    Haein : what are you doing ?
    Jimin : Yoo Ji Ho ssi. This is your drunk interview. Babam !
    Haein : *laughing* what drunk interview
    Jimin : How much can you hold alcohol ?
    Haein : BAAMM~
    Jimin : *laughing* hey it's my thing (she's the one who said BAAM in one of the bts)
    Jimin : How much can you hold alcohol ?
    Haein : One bottle of soju
    Jimin : Then why are you so red after one can of beer ?
    Haein : I always get all red after one can of beer
    Jimin : Does it gets back to normal ?
    Haein : Yes it does *laughing* but why is your face red ?
    Jimin : It's not red
    Haein : Did you drink alcohol ?
    Jimin : No ^! It's because I'm upset, because of someone
    Haein : *laughing* Ahh you're upset
    /couldn't understand what they're were saying at the very end/


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  12. 5 hours ago, razledgoose said:


    Look at the bookmark he is using ..... its LJI / HJM  love love love it


    What are they saying?  help !




    You can see it here :D She made bookmarks (probably for her fans ? Idk) and shw gave one to Haein ^^ 


    And in the video Haein is all happy saying she gave him a bookmark with her pic as a present and the pd is curious :D

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    *Haein looking at her*
    Jimin : You can do it well, right ? (the kiss scene) *smile*
    Haein : what ? *smiling*
    Jimin : you can do well ?
    Haein : No
    (Caption : It's not even time to film, but they're holding hands)
    Jimin : why~~ ? Because we got to film one (a kiss) faster than you thought ?
    Haein : Yes…I have to prepare my heart.



    Haein : My hand is too cold
    *Jimin touch his hand, then hers, then his right hand*
    Jimin : Oh, why is it so cold ?
    Haein : (can't hear what he reply)


    Jimin : Since I'm the one who have to go undergo through this. //Not sure if the translation is right, I really couldn't find the right word to use to translate what shw said :tears://

    Haein : *laughing, taken aback* go through this ?? Excuse me ?
    Jimin : No it's not what I mean......*thinking*
    Haein : Yes?
    Jimin : but there's no other to say it *laughing*
    Haein : *laughing* no but—
    Jimin : —but it's like you attack me
    Haein : Attack ??
    *Haein looking worried. Jimin shake his hand to cheer him up*

    Haein : I have small hands 
    *They compare their hands*
    Haein : Yours are small
    Jimin : They're just the right size for my body
    *Haein & Jimin laugh*
    Jimin : but still they don't look like baby hands
    Haein : they look like baby hands
    Jimin : they look like adult hands look !
    Haein : *joke* you're an adult
    Jimin : *nods* right *laugh*
    *Haein laugh*

    Jimin : Is your hand cold ?
    Haein : Yes, I have to hold your face with that hand
    Jimin : *gives him a hot pack*
    *He warms their hands*


    Haein : *whisper* How should I do ? (for the kiss)
    Jimin : You do your thing, I don't know *smile*
    Haein : Ah seriously.. *smiling* You came here without worrying at all, right ?
    Jimin : No, that's not that at all. Me too for mine—"what I want is my priority" (Jeong In line :D)
    Haein : *laughing* Ah seriously !!! You're really Jeong In !
    Jimin : "I don't care id you go insane in the process" (Jeong In line again) :D
    Haein : Ahhh you completely changed into Lee Jeong In

    //That's why (in the v app) he said she acted more and more like Jeong In//

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  14. @adibadiba I translated the whole scene ^^

    Jimin : Is the wine real ?
    Staff : Yes it's real
    Haein : Nice 
    Jimin : *laughing* nice ㅋㅋㅋ
    *Haein laugh* 
    *Jimin try to take a little of wine*
    Jimin : it's really been a long time since I drank alcohol
    Haein : (surprised) don't drink, don't drink!
    Jimin : *put the drink down* I didn't drink, I just tasted it
    *Jimin laugh and hide behind the script bc embarrassed & Haein stare*
    Jimin : *laughing* why are you looking at me so seriously ㅎㅎ
    Haein : *woried* it'll be a serious problem seriously (if she's drunk)
    Jimin : I didn't drink, it's just to make it more real (on the screen)
    Haein : Then I'll drink it
    *Jimin laughing*
    Haein : *seeing the food, joking* When did you prepare that ? 
    Jimin : Isn't it Ji ho who prepared it ? ㅋㅋ
    *Haein & Jimin laughing*
    (The staff probably said something)
    Jimin & Haein : *at the same time* Me ?
    Haein : Ahh I must be the one who did it
    Haein : Can I drink (to the staff?)
    (Staff probably said yes)
    Haein : Okay I'll drink it~
    Jimin : we also have to pretend to have ate a little.*prepare her fork to feed him* Eat this. I'll wait (that you drink first)
    Haein : Ah you'll going to give me later ? (confused)
    Jimin : No, right now
    Haein : *open his mouth*
    Jimin : drink first
    Haein : *Stop and look at her with a smile, then drink*
    Pd : *passing* stop drinking (I'm laughing at the timing)
    *Jimin feeding him*
    Haein : it's tasty
    //It's so funny how Haein was trying to eat the wine when no one looked at him 
    Haein : I'm sorry I eat alone
    Jimin : It's okay ^^
    *Haein drink all his wine and look around and then pulls his tongue*
    Jimin : Is it good ? Oh you did one shot ㅋ gives him more
    Haein : Thank you
    Pd : *joke* why you keep drinking ?
    Haein : It's good, you prepared a good wine

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  15. 4 hours ago, guestra said:


    The first article got it all wrong!

    The bts began with Jimin on the bed and she said to Haein "come in, why are you embarrassed?"

    Pd yes, why are you embarrassed?"

    Haein *got defensive, and get on the bed* I'm not embarrassed!!!

    Jimin : Alright~

    Haein : I'm not embarrassed at all.

    Pd : There's no need to be embarrassed

    Haein : Of course, there's nothing to be embarrassed about

    Pd It's a blessing (to film bed scene with hjm)

    *Jimin & Haein laughing*


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  16. @shariechan Literally it means : Let meet soon, us

    1 hour ago, shariechan said:

    Emergency! Our namja Hae In is on a spree. Is he missing someone too obvious? 

    He posted pics of them for the third time lol.


    @YuukiH please correct me if I'm wrong... Translated caption is ...

    See you soon 

    (But i like he used the word uri , is the correct translation means  `we'll see you soon?`)



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  17. @adibadiba I'm not exactly sure but she was like "were we supposed to fo this long ?" Because the pd didn't say 'cut' because he said it looked natural.^^ Yes she did it herself :D


    @tok-soompi :wub: 

    Wow 2 years ! That's why she's so at ease and funny :D 

    I don't know what he think about it, but that would be cute :D I'm just so sad to think the drama ends next week, I'll be heartbroken..



    @shariechan I can't wait to read your observations about them :wub: !!!! I love to read people interpretation of things :D

    tbh I love them so mucg, they're just cuties together :tears:

    They're the ones to post on their Instagram!!


    @Lawyerh  I had so much fun doing the translation :D !!!!

    Yes OMG she was so shy it was so cute. She really think he's cool :tears:

    It was my fav part too ! They were so embarrassed and shy. I don't even know what, but their interactions are so interesting to watch :D


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