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  1. its really scary that within a week - things are happening so fast - and its sad to see that his many years of hard work will be crashed so fast... But to a certain extend - I do respect his decision to take responsibility .. and to close this horrible chapter.. and move on.. Scandals are unavoidable in the celebrities... as compared to the many other celebrities.. who are still denying and dragging the cases.. and knowing that it will never be an easy time with the media playing so hard on this .. I guess its better to close in this way.. I personally will support his acting.. and hope to see in the future on screen. As personal life and acting should be judged differently. Already I sympathised with his lack of luck in rating for his recent dramas and with this case it will really be a big blow to his career. As Fans.. we should just standby here and wish that time will heal all and there will still be a chance for him in the future. I will still support and watch his drama.. if he does have chance to act again in future. maybe after a long break... stay strong
  2. Hello @Lawyerh yes... I am excited for his new drama. I really prefer to watch modern drama than historical. Lets hope this new one will be a good one with more Romance in it..
  3. yes - CAN'T WAIT !! for next month looking forward
  4. yes .. good news for us - Fans for Hyun Bin we get to see him in Drama plus Romantic Drama with Son Ye-jin I think they make good couple and will definitely have the best chemistry.. CAN'T WAIT !!
  5. Really Happy for SJS -- Finally we hear good news from him .. Congrats and all the best for your Relationship... now he gets to enjoy companionship to spend his weekends and holidays... its really been a while since we last heard about his relationship. Well .. if the rumours are real that he is planning wedding soon.. we should all wish him all the best …. I sincerely feel he is really ready for a family... judging from his fondness for children in the dramas and movies... Congrats to the Girlfriend.. --- you have got the best Gems in the world to be your boyfriend and future husband.. he is definitely the Best Catch .. and definitely a good father...hahah waiting for Good news soon....
  6. @Lawyerh hi - FGTD was funny - he was really good for that role - I like that actress - she’s good and they have chemistry too - but abit disappointed that there wasn’t much romance in the story . tink he felt abit old too acting with the younger actors n actress... Children of Lesser God - still in the midst I don’t expect romance here too - but well happy to see him !! I m giving Capital Scandal a try - tink he had great chemistry wf Han Ji Min ( a little short for him) . I m enjoying it so far -
  7. Just finished his old drama - be Strong Geum Soon - see the younger and Cuter side of KJH ... i m now watching Capital scandal n children of God - well as I discovered him only recently, i have lots to catch up on this vesaltile guy... must say he has really improved n matured thru the years ... the younger days was funny n yet charming .. the recent years acting showed his wanting to do more challenging roles ... i am am still enjoying the mischievous and funny side of him .. looking forward to his new drama but I hope the new role - please do not have too many suffering scene - at least shows us more of his Romantic side ... as we all know age is catching up for him - there’s less chance for him to do the young n energetic- dying for Love type of role - Just hope this new drama he will have good ending n not the usual open ended ending ... abit depressing!! good Luck
  8. @Lawyerh totally agreed with you... watched 1 episode of Feel good to die yesterday and already liking it .. very light and funny .. I tot the actress is very cheerful ... KJH really showed his pro skill - did a good job on putting up that jerky personality... which really made people sick !!!! Well Done... what a boss !! hahah
  9. Hi there, thank you for welcoming me into this fan club .. yes I think I will start with feel good to die .. tonite since it's his latest drama.. will take your advice !! actually to be frank I chance upon KJH when I watched incarnation of Money. tot he was very funny .. then I saw the softer side of him at Lie to Me.. though it's quite a typical Korean love story ... that gave me a reason to chase with Monster.. which convinced me he is very Versatile.. and of cos charming ... even when he suffered - the viewers can feel the hardship .. only wish he had better times with the female actress... Sung Yuri both of them made a better pair than him with the actress from Lie to me (she is a bit young ) ... anyway ... I will start the two dramas that you recommended.. n be back with my views meanwhile hope he will take up the new drama ..
  10. Hello , I am new to KJH - just started to follow him last month when I bounced on Incarnation of Money - then to Lie to Me and just finished Monster... Only can comment based on these 3 drama. Well .. I think he is versatile in acting.. puts in his most effort in any of the character he acted. that's very good. Though I like Lie to me - light and easy.. I guess he looks the best in Monster and also his charisma and acting skills come in strong.Maybe he was better in other dramas - I have yet to watch and now I m searching on which one should I start on ... for him. will appreciate any suggestion from all of you since you have followed him all these years... heard he will be accepting a new drama (or considering one) end of this year. I hope to see him with Romantic ending … especially after seeing the pain he went thru from Monster.. which is very frustrating. hahha
  11. This Drama gives us a chance to see So Ji Sub versatility in acting ... we get to see his "Cool guy" side , his funny side and his "fatherly" side . make us love him even more !!! The writer had mentioned before when he wrote the story - he had So Ji Sub in his mind for the main role !! I truly agreed with him His agility and fitness have really made it so real and his Love for the children had definitely enhance the story . Make us all believe that this handsome guy is really ready for a family ... I am not surprised this drama has won him even more fans - compliments also to the actress and kids who help make the drama funny and enjoyable !! well done to all the other cast !! There are a lot of scene which he is willing to try like those dressing and funny role which shows his versatility in acting !! well done !! Please continue to enjoy the drama
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