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  1. I just crammed all the episodes in these two days, in a way, I'm glad I found it late - then all the subs are ready and waiting for me to binge through all of them. If not, the suspense (or heart attacks, literally) might have killed me. Before going onto thoughts about the show itself, I'm quite surprised and I'm still looking, but does anyone know the actors who played the two of our actually important prosecutors, Prosecutor Yang and No? We have a name for the dude who didn't get any character redemption arc, but not for the other two o/o Hehe I actually placed the following review on AsianWiki, maybe in the future more people will come and see this show: " The dynamic here between Choi Do Hyun and Ki Choon Ho is really good, and extra kudos to are needed for Yuri and Mdm Jin. Yuri grows on you after a while, though yes, it was a little annoying at the beginning. Mdm Jin is just a showstopping team-carry though, with the way she's saved the while group multiple times. Her portrayal of a mother in this show was very strong - the indignity though is that this page doesn't list the son, Prosecutor No, or Prosecutor Yang either. On the pivotal scene about the heart though, while I feel that Choi Do Hyun cried a lot during the show, at that one scene, it was very well done. Hoping for a second season, though with the main case tying them all together gone, I doubt it can happen. " But all these said, I'm very satisfied with how the relationships in this drama were conducted. I was very worried that the opening meant that CDH and YR would kinda fall together over time, break up over the course and then get back together, but that would just have detracted from the whole thing. Above all, I enjoyed how CDH's work ethics were brought out, especially wrt taking on the Han case - that he told Mdm Jin upfront and apologised, even though he had already said yes; then later when he told Yuri what he knew, even when Detective Ki told him not to. Like small things like these somehow are part of the character CDH who also utilised the double jeopardy law at the same time, to reveal justice. Detective Ki noted the irony that he who pushed the hardest for Choi senior's arrest is the one pushing for the retrial, and well, honestly we don't get to see this often. Most of the time in these shows, everyone apart from the main cast is incompetent or corrupt. But the police force crew who stand by Detective Ki never falter. I was worried, I confess, at one point in time that Detective Seo (junior of Ki, but oldest around) would turn or some funny thing the show tries to throw us. Also had been worried that Mdm Jin was seeking revenge or something, but thankfully not. Overall, very worth the watch, sans the rushed attempt to make a fulfilling ending. Haish. We just want character redemption, happy endings and bad guys behind bars. I still can't hold out for a season two, but if it comes, yup I'll watch it.
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