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  1. Ahhh thank goodness looks like our Dr Oh will come back swinging, hope to see her fiery spirit back up! Honestly, I was really concerned when everyone kept dropping little hints here and there that she was hurt, the one about her child and her family... but I think now it will be brought back as her mother bear instinct, she's been threatened and she isn't going to stand for that. For one, I have to say, I'm a little bit confused by where our reporter-jin woo line will be going, looks like they've both owned up to using each other after all... Haish. But, we got our brother storyline back up again, and look someone finally made the connection with the joint operations and the end of Sun Woo's life. I'm really sad though... ah why no happy ending for Lee Kyu Hyung again? Was really really hoping. I'll keep hoping, they said if he can get up and walk again, he could survive, please, if nothing else, at least have Jin Woo around more. Talk more, hug more, anything, (gosh if Jin Woo doesn't find out faster...) please don't let it be too late for them. I do want to see a close to the entire death of the original hospital director Lee though, I can't believe it's been months but there's been no investigation? Also (oops) I've been reading HAHA but I see most people find the autopsy picture stealing pretty unbelievable - I think the sd card might turn out to be a problem in the future. When Ms Reporter eventually runs their story, I hope that the photographer will be okay. [gosh, I found the ninjas after Dr Oh terrifying though, not on their own, but when she was so afraid I was afraid too. Perhaps the dress may be dramatic but imagine man, people dressed in black like that banging on your door in the middle of the night] Lastly, President Goo - everyone knows he will turn good eventually, but ouch man, Dr LNE really took that personally. I think Jin Woo may have an inkling that the President has a reason for firing them (he said to his chief I think), so that is good to see. [really last thing, come on, give the Organ Transplant Director Sun Woo Chang/Worker Ant more screentime. His 1 minute was so precious and important, he really shows the dynamic between the hospital and its management, also, please don't cause more people from President Goo's side to leave when everyone is turning against him.]
  2. Oh my so many new developments... I think, Jin Woo is still all the same, hard-headed and unswerving in his path for the justice he thinks is right. I don't think he thinks of himself as a good person? (Ah, I was so uncomfortable when he just went right up to the parents and wanted an autopsy like) And, he's quite vengeful, our dearest Dr Joo was the one to suggest that Director Oh get to announce it herself - it would make more sense and carry more weight for her to say it, but it sure looks like Jin Woo can't look past her title. I'm worried for our Sun Woos. Jin Woo might not be afraid, but they will go after Sun Woo first - I was waiting for Dr Joo to tell Jin Woo that Sun Woo will be in danger, but I guess Dr Joo also wants the truth. And our Sun Woo Chang will swoop in and save our President Goo from the big bad President Jo... ah please keep them all safe. Also, President Goo, atb protecting everyone but in particular Dr. No Eul who seems to have found her strength, not in taking action herself but in pushing people with more power to take action. (These protective relationships are so precious) Lastly, Oh no Director Oh, I hope you'll be fine, you gave me back that hope that you're not 95% bad, there's still a chance, you still have your medical pride, but if you're dead then that's no good. Also, that preview gave me the creeps...
  3. ^ Gosh, JYM in SFD is not innocent at all. I consider that one of the most major deviations I've ever seen in an actress. Granted I didn't like her character, but she was good at it. Hehe but I'm rooting for a season two! Though the ending was a little flip-floppy I expect wholeheartedly a season 2 that will tie up those ends. The Sunbae did irritate me at the beginning, but I honestly appreciate how he came to realise his mistakes. Somehow I feel like korean dramas rarely have that - they have the 2nd lead being absolutely humiliated in front of the female lead and the male lead. But in this case, Kang Hyun ends up very solemnly realising that he's been emotional and wrong. That's good, but I would have much preferred his character redemption to be earlier. And minus some of the family drama with Han So Hee... maybe it's a little cold (hehe like that autopsy table) but I don't think she had that much of an emotional connection to Baek Beom. That triangle complication took up too much time And we didn't get to see Prosecutor Do and Eun work more together to actually grab and prosecute the chaebol kid. For now I content myself with thinking that he died. (Hah, come S2 and surprise! he didn't) Eun Sol in ep 1 was unnecessarily blur, I have to admit I was surprised when they didn't wear the covers and gloves and stuff, uh, but I mean since for them blood poisoning sets in less than 30 minutes... I"ll just let that slide. For the rest of it, I was intrigued by a new aspect to criminal-medical dramas. Still looking forward to a new season and more application of Eun Sol's reading of people. Someday I need to find out if people can be so emotional in court, but I thought it was beautiful, the way she riled the chaebol kid up. On point
  4. Ikr he's darn cute, but I think, honestly that's one reason why I'm not sure he would make a good director. He's very soft - up against Goo, I don't think he can actually push for ethical standards or resist effectively to even do the job he would have been placed there to do ie. protect the doctors. That said, I am interested in seeing his presentation, his and Dr. (oops, Director) Oh's presentation on how they want to fix the hospital. bebe, you've given us lots of cool ideas to think about below, but particularly on the 3d machine's end, I don't think it benefits only her. Of course, no one can deny that Director Oh is crazy ambitious, but it's in part the nature of Neurosurgery and to a smaller extent, surgery. I don't know how fast that machine can work, but the machine replicates organs for surgeons to trial and test out how to operate before major surgeries. Neurosurgery (and again, surgery) is risky, but neurosurgery even more so. Poke a little nerve wrong and the patient can be paralyzed for life. The machine benefits her and her surgeries but also that of (if no one else) her patients. But bear in mind, neurosurgery cases can take days at a time (legit, the doctors swap out in the middle), with the surgeons spending hours not operating, but just exposing the correct part of the brain to operate. They can't risk things. That said, I do think the machine will help other departments as well, those working on high-risk surgeries would likely use them as well, not to mention students (this is a teaching hospital) will get actual experience - I very much doubt they use real human organs to experiment on since those are in short supply. ^ If we do black-white terms, I'll just say Dr. Joo and Jin Woo? But tbh wait till the next episode and they'll do something questionable and we'll be stuck again (oh my they made me split my reply up) But this, I have to say, honestly it's true, that's kind of the problem once profit and money comes into a picture. Like people who do community involvement. Do they love the community or is it just for a resume? Does it matter as long as society benefits? Questions... I want it tooo 6 more episodes it can happen: Maybe to uncover the truth behind the previous director's death? ^^^^^ @tzupi OmO Where have you been all this time gosh yes I agree! Okay tbh yes, maybe it's a little of my bias that I love strong female characters regardless of ethics. I can't say selling the insurance is okay, but if the director is going to do it anyway (regardless, obv, looking at Goo he's that kind of person) at least she reaped some indirect benefit for the patients as well. Without her, nothing better could have happened. I see your point here too, but ohno not Dr. Joo that will be so sad (honestly lol I'm surprised nothing has happened to any of his patients. Additionally I doubt it's just he's bad at distribution but that because he's not from the same school, his subs might not even listen to him well so he can't really trust them) (Ah... I think the limit is on the number of quotes in a reply, but, what to do? Y'all have so many interesting thoughts!!) Hmmm I didn't think of it like that, but certainly, it is very possible Dr Oh wants to use it to enable herself to gain more fame. But, I doubt that it will be specifically for rich/foreigners type of thing. The nature of neurosurgery is specific to diseases and disorders in the nervous system, there aren't (m?)any opt-in surgeries for neurosurgery that help like plastic surgery would. So, while it's true that the cost may be high, patients in neurosurgery are never there because they want it, but because of need. Whether she will discriminate base on status... we'll see later. For now, I keep my hope in her being a generally professional person. She rejects the homeless and those who attempt suicide, whilst Dr Joo doesn't ever. That's one big contrast between them that we can consider in discussing her character as well. Ah... I see! It's... it's quite comforting to know teachers can think like that. For students like me, it's great to hear, but sometimes I don't think so myself. It's as if giving the 'top in level prize' to the student who worked the hardest but didn't score as high as another. It's not what they want. Particularly for doctors, there's a reason why their passing grade isn't just 50%, can't be that they kill half their patients right? I think for Director Oh, her version of love is tough love. She's afraid that her kids will go out and kill people if she's not tough on them. They can work hard but if they don't save people they cannot be doctors. Sorry can't help myself but uh, we're also suspecting LBH of embezzlement and fraud ^ I realised this summarises my long chunk above :') Talent and hard work are considered together, to guess where a student will plateau to decide who gets in, but hard work alone does not get places further than talent and hard work Hmm well this way, she's also responsible if there are many bad doctors, right? In one sense she's covering her own a*s, but she's also protecting the patients I don't think he left at the end, but yes, it is implied? That said, the way she talked about it made it sound like they should have known, and after it (with that kid still at the front) she re-lectured them on the thing again, telling them what to look out for. Additionally, none of the other students reacted (perhaps a loss of nuance by the writer) in a negative light, they were all chastised together. Ahh I don't remember him teaching, but I remember the time where there was a guy who said he wanted to do it, because 'he can't always be afraid of (some type) surgery". Dr Joo said okay, but I don't think he gave it at the beginning. This is something I don't think Director Oh would ever do. She would ensure the kid trials it with her on the new fangled 3d machine replica and then goes in. Without a volunteer, she would pick and make sure all do something, forcing them to overcome fears rather than letting them avoid it. From the sounds of that scene, again, Dr. Joo is very soft, kind, patient. He will wait all the way until the kid says "I want to try." In a normal school setting, perhaps that's okay. In a cutthroat world... not so much. In an ideal world, perhaps. I hope to see some soon! That said, elitism is bad when it breeds intolerance or closes itself off to change. I think Director Oh is very different from the traditional sense of elitism where 'our school is the best' I feel that she respects Dr. Joo as a surgeon and would not think lowly of someone who proves themselves to her. ^^^^ He's a good guy, but Director Oh is better at protecting with her own power, I feel. OnO didn't think of it like this. Let's hope she does something so the plans cover more... :(( Ahh have written a lot but thank you all for the medical explanation as well and @bedifferent this all just breaks my heart I swear if Sun Woo doesn't get to walk at the end of the drama and dies instead I'll be so sad :(((((((((
  5. My thoughts exactly. Poor Sunwoo Chang. Legit hope he'll have a scene to his own. Also hope that nurse friend of his doesn't rat him out... looks like the roof top scene might end up being a problem Also, lmao they threw us that herring in the preview for ep 9, and everyone was so surprised they told us that Dr Joo would win. Though I'm glad Dr Oh will get more limelight, and I think her way of getting the 3D machine was absolutely perfect for her character, the ending of ep 10 does make me a little bit concerned. Though that patient is dead and nameless, using the machine on that patient, then dissecting them to check and see how the machine works is a little iffy. (Just my guess here) Looking forward to a confrontation, but honestly I hope that Jin Woo and Dr Oh will be able to get along eventually. Dr Oh is a harsh character but I think that in this case, her ambition has led to the best possible outcome for the hospital. If in the end insurance and everything would end up becoming forced upon the hospital, at least they got something that will be useful out of the deal. I don't trust the Hwajeong Group Chairman, and I don't trust Chairman Goo either. Both, a little more on the bad and unethical side but both still confusing characters as they are - I don't understand how someone who looks like a puddle of goo ( ) near a puppy can say things like that and plan things like that. A little worried for the developing relationship between Jin Woo and the reporter who managed to get her story out. I would love to see more of her and her work as a rebel, but I'm concerned that she will be put into trouble and then Jin Woo will be the one doing the saving, cause, we need more females to stand up on their own. Can't be letting guys stand them up all the time lol, but yes Jin Woo, you did very well, going to find her :))) @dzareth Hmm as to the love line, honestly, President Goo is pretty darn infatuated with Dr Lee. I'm not sure if she reciprocates - that's the problem when you have characters who care too much about everyone, everyone gets signals that 'she loves you' but she just loves everyone and I'm confuseddd. Maybe she thinks he's a puppy? (Special shoutout to our Jin Woo-Sun Woo moment [yes gosh I am a huge richard simmons fan of Lee Kyu Hyung I don't even know how to describe why but his acting touches my heart], our Ms Kang [love her too] - Sun Woo moments and last but not the least Sunwoo Chang-President Goo rooftop scene again~)
  6. @triplem We got a hint but we got let down (it was for a good reason) but also hopeful that it's foreshadowing for better developments!!
  7. We'll keep waiting!! In the meantime, someone (hehe) has written two chapters of a possible sequel when Shi Joon gets released on Fanfiction.net ^-^
  8. @piekeboeboe @purpose We can only hope :') I don't need a No Eul love line, sometimes caring people can't pick one person to love more, they want to love the whole world. @dzareth @loopo @wanda77 Waiting waiting but it can't be just me wow I have never seen a preview that gives away such major plot points, I can't believe that they let us know one week in advance that Chief Joo would win o.o I guess that means that the Chief of Neurosurgery will get to move up the ranks as well. I hope, earnestly that she keeps to her conscience and her poster tagline that what she does cannot be quantified by money. Right now, at this point where No Eul is still a little shaky, I want Chief Oh to be kept as at least one strong female lead who isn't used for romance. @Jusyed Sun Woo :(((( Ahhhh he confessed. Yes, I do agree he might know the answer in his heart (I'm calling it, it'll be a gentle down turn) but we have yet to see if No Eul can see beyond his disability. We have been getting a couple of Noona romances in the k-drama scene recently (don't watch rom-coms but have heard) but in this case, I think it's a no go. Whelp, there goes our perfect ending for Sun Woo, I was really hoping it was just idolatry/love for someone who mothers him but I guess, they just had to and I'm sad. I'm sad for Sun Woo and I'm also sad because they've put No Eul into a position where her romantic choice heavily affects the show. And if now, she ends up agreeing to date him out of pity that's even more painful - let alone if she ends up with someone else (oh I hope, please don't Jin Woo, just stay siblings with No Eul and stay with Sun Woo he's so precious) But darn if ep 8 wasn't highly emotional. When Jin Woo shifted Sun Woo's hand, I really do commend whoever who directed/decided/suggested that Jin Woo hold Sun Woo's hand with his other as he shifted his grip. If not, I think my heart would have stopped and I think Sun Woo (as a character, this is a show) would have felt extremely insecure in the moment for fear that Jin Woo would let go of him. It's symbolic in the sense that Jin Woo really loves Sun Woo and consciously or not, he wants to keep assuring Sun Woo that he will be there. It's smothering but comforting and to a certain extent, ep 8 has shown us that the brothers are emotionally dependent on each other. Also yes man, you ghosted on the lady reporter twice, it's a decent thing to find her in person to apologise. (Go for that romance if you must and use all your cheesy lines, rather than fall for the childhood friend which will complicate things, find someone outside who inspires you and forces you to be honest) Much appreciation to the existence of the reporting aspect, where there are undeniable in the storyline. Also, @bedifferent you mend my heart, when Sun Woo looks up at Jin Woo I keep hoping they will both have each other at the end. Also curious to see more of the President Goo's thought processes - between seeing numbers and finances and using people because it suits him and 'acting' and 'being' human. I love how this show makes us consider and reconsider characters.
  9. Read through all these so I can make my ep 8 last a little longer before I have to wait so many more days again for more eps!! I think I want to start off hoping that this time Lee Kyu Hyung (as Ye Sun Woo) gets a happy ending this time. I hope he and Lee Dong Wook (Ye Jin Woo) go off on a holiday somewhere alone, just the two of them and actually get to talk. I get mixed feelings everytime these two interact because Jin Woo is trying to be considerate but it's suffocating Sun Woo :(( Like, Sun Woo has a stable job, has a degree, is clearly mobile but Jin Woo sees him as a child who needs help. (big difference between Jin Woo wanting to help and him thinking that his little bro needs his help.) From ep 7, I have this sinking suspicion the talk about the metal implants and joint surgery have that personal link to Sun Woo. Chances are it's a car crash when Sun Woo and father went out alone, without the brother and then the father died? Just a guess there... And after Secret Forest and Prison Playbook, come on, give Lee Kyu Hyung a character with a good ending pretty please? Also Won Jin-ah is really, really pretty and I honestly admire her bedside manner. It's maybe traditional that it's a female role doing it and this contrasts with how President Goo made the small child cry, but Lee No Eul was created to show that doctors can have a heart. While I would like her more if the romance was a little lighter - it seems a little too quaint for her to be a romantic line to push the President, the Organ Transplant Director and both brothers all at the same time. A character with that much love for their patients deserves better and deserved more recognition for their service to patients rather than just be a pretty face for the other characters to like. Finally I ship President Goo and Organ Transplant's Sun Woo Chang so hard. Ep 7 41.00 to 41.33 just go rewatch it!! I have no idea how to upload pictures here rarw paste doesn't work but they are so cute. I love how President Goo asked him if he was okay first, then Sun Woo Chang threatens to leaveee The latter needs a hug badly. It's a pretty emotionally taxing situation he's in every time he has to work - no one will ever recognise him for the good he's done because he's only doing 'bad' to the patients who get to see him. Unlike the other doctors who can be thanked by patients who survive under their knife, Woo Chang (idk is that his name or did they just swap the surnames around so he's also Sun Woon?) won't get that kind of redemption. Maybe at the end hopefully? A successful transplant recipient? p.s. Please say it's not just me who thinks that Jung Moon Sung as the President of Hwajeong looks like a vampire in his one scene? (Also yes, write fanfiction please. I swear if Ye Sun Woo doesn't get a good-end this time I'll write him one)
  10. @booha Ahhh he pulls off the really pained look well! But for a lovey-dovey romance one so I don't feel like all he got was just a dream... Go watch Laurel Tree Tailors! It's quite long but hey he ended up marrying his female lead irl too so my heart is mended. @snowquality :'') A long love letter to a love which has sailed away aihhhhh @chdom I want one too! I'm not sure if JTBC has ever done a season two, but hey, we can always hope :') Sadly, this didn't make it as big as most dramas that reach a season 2, so, for now at least, it's up to our imagination. Would you all like to write some? ;p @gentlelily12 I get what you mean man thoooo tbh they should have given us a Lee Seung Joo character poster but, that would have given the game away I guess? Honestly like kudos to JTJ's Jung Jin Young and KDJ's Lee Dong Gun ( @me040298 Oopsies thanks for the catch for their fantastic depiction of a push-pull between killing and not, for the sake of a greater good. On this front, they were able to capture an aspect that Yoo Si Joon never gave. Finally, a close but not a close? Thanks y'all for this great drama... off to watch the BTS scenes and wind down from the sadness that was our second to last ending scene.
  11. :(((( Last ep after this let's go! @Maracarrero Lee Dong Gun as Kim Do Jin is really really good! If you're interested in seeing him as a bad-ish guy with the whole bag of feels, try out Seven Day Queen/Queen for Seven Days. He was really good there as well @coolbett1357 I will watch that... after ep 16. I think I will need heart mending then :(( p.s. I watch on kseries because it loads fast enough for me to skip with the right arrow at scenes where I can't take the tension. Then I rewind and watch it slowly
  12. :(((( Last ep after this let's go! p.s. I watch on kseries because it loads fast enough for me to skip with the right arrow at scenes where I can't take the tension. Then I rewind and watch it slowly
  13. Gosh that gave me such hope that they could change the future but then no argh! I was really worried that Jang Tae Joon didn't manage to make the call and Kim Do Jin would have decided it was necessary to kill her - I'm not sure if he managed to call or if KDJ isn't all gone yet :') As much as he may say it, he doesn't see himself as a mindless tool, he also questions them to make sure all his actions can be justified to himself
  14. Looking forward to this! Lee Yoo Young's character Soo Eun sounds interesting. The last time I watched her was in Tunnel and she was really good there, playing the role of a detached and cold professor. While the roles are different, I have a feeling the personality here will be more raw and in more pain - allowing her to 'kill' better.
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