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  1. I'm working on 2017 and 2018! It's a slow process so if anyone wants to help, please let me know. The links to the posts are all on the first page of this forum!
  2. The fans were very angry with how the whole firing went down. People were spamming "#SBSOUT" out on IG (to the point where the RM IG took posts down), even k-netz were angry about what happened; people were threatening to boycott SBS shows, etc. Then people got the name of the person working at SBS who was supposedly responsible for the decision (likely multiple people approved it but whatever) and we all know what angry fans can do when they go on a witch hunt. That person got demoted, I believe, and then it became best to let it go. So like @kook_mong said, I think "staff" is a general term. We'll never know who exactly on the staff contributed to the decision or what, and it's better to let it be.
  3. My condolences to her family, and I hope their wishes for a quiet funeral are respected. Sulli seemed like a cheerful young woman from her guest appearances on RM. It's terrible and tragic what has happened. Please be mindful of your comments online. The celebs do read them, and it does affect them.
  4. Ep 472 15:72 - When KJK says the members are acting up now that they're in Anyang, SJH says, "Just like Anyang Hothead". (KJK's nickname) 15:44 - KJK teases her, aksing if she works at a laundromat, and then he compliments her, saying she's strong. YJS helps her pull the slingshot, but KJK talks her through it which he didn't for anyone else. 22:09 - When KJK talks about the mother of his high school girlfriend's restaurant, they show a shot of SJH laughing. 22:22 - SJH starts to mention a bus station, but we never get to hear why she's suggesting that as HH keeps talking. But just from this segment, HH and SJH are the only two that suggest specific places in Anyang for KJK (because they know KJK best of the people there). JSJ suggests the more obvious/generic choice of a school. Edit: Someone told me that, on MUD, KJK told a story about a girl on a bus that he had a crush on, and SJH was likely referring to that. So either she watched the MUD episode or KJK told her the story in private. 26:27 - When KJK gets annoyed when JSM gets scissors wrong, SJH pushes his back. 28:18 - SJH puts her hand on his shoulder when he's confused about the game 48:30 - SJH might have been smiling while KJK was talking about his maybe-date under the cherry blossoms. It's hard to tell because the camera angle perfectly positions her face out of view lol. 49:29 - SJH asks him if he did b-boy dancing. And when he says what D.L. Boys stand for, she kind of gives a little smile that she seems to be holding back on for a moment. There's no reason for her to hide a smile, but for some reason she does. It's interesting. At the end, KJK splits the money with SJH and HH (the two people who remained loyal the entire time). This was actually a really good ep. The chase at the end was exciting. And I'm super happy they gave KJK a proper special! Now I just want to see SJH as the spy again or in another special. It's been a long time.
  5. I think the spartace ship got a number of immature MC shippers when MC came to an end, and then gained more fans when they became an official love line on the show. It happens. Unfortunately, we can't control everyone. In my opinion, the best thing to do is find a corner of the shipping fandom that you like and hang out there.
  6. Since the beginning? Wow. That's impressive! What drew them to you back then? I also dislike spartace fans bringing it onto RM related SNS. I also dislike spartace fans tagging the RM members in spartace-related posts. I don't mind it too much when it's positive, harmless things like "spartace fighting", but I don't like when shippers tell them to get married or insult other people they're in a love line with. Shipping can be fun if we're respectful of everyone. I like this forum because we're more removed from the RM members' social media. (Though I know we have some silent readers from IG.) Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
  7. I thought I'd share this with y'all. It's a video about spartace in hangul (so most of the comments are from korean fans). Right now, it has 1.6 million views! From what I've been told, the comments has a lot of people watching this and waking up to spartace as possibly a real relationships. There are somethings you spartace do that you just wouldn't do with a big bro/little sis. I thought y'all might find it interesting. (Also, it's a really good video even if you don't understand hangul.)
  8. I'm working the list. It's slow going, but I'm debating just positing it incomplete and adding in the episodes as I go. Ep 82 feels like it has so many layers to it.
  9. @Adines Nugraha Oh yeah I forgot about that one. I'm trying to keep the list limited, because there's for sure other episodes I could add. I left out a lot of early day episodes, and I guess the Liger episode (ep 95) or the piggyback episode (ep 103) are pretty big spartace episodes from the earlier days.
  10. We have a lot of new people/new episodes since we made those episode lists. I'm actually curious what everyone's top spartace episodes are now? I definitely have to adjust my list. Here's mine: Ep 163 - This is one of the most obvious episodes to me in terms of revealing spartace. KJK completely upstages the other two teams in the opening to win SJH's heart (he princess carries her and she chooses his team). Production makes an excuse to give the other teams a second chance so the show can have its MC moment. But KJK continues to go over the top treating SJH like a princess, and while I'm sure it's for humor, he was the only one who never complained and devoted himself to her as the princess. Ep 178 - The RM vs Production team episode is always on my list. It's the episode where SJH takes care of KJK, almost to the exclusion of the others, after he gets out of the boat when crossing the Han River. And it looks as though she holds his hand underneath the towels. Ep 213 - KJK and SJH got paired at the end of the race thanks to some help from SJH's friend. But also, KJK protected her during the Red Clay fight, SJH laughed loudly during KJK's acting scene, and they were suspiciously awkward and held hands briefly when they were partnered. LKS even slipped up and thought it was "no fair" that SJH and KJK were partnered. Ep 230 - No one else ever talks about this ep, but it was the one where the RM team versus the LKS-lead guest team had to figure out answers to a survey about first loves. SJH praises KJK when he says he does the things women like in a man, and after watching high school girls talk about their crushes, KJK and SJH immediately turn to make eye contact. It's a really subtle spartace episode, but if you watch it with "hawk eyes" it's a really interesting episode. Ep 258 - The Police vs Mafia ep (this is an underrated episode in general, in my opinion). It's the ep where KJK and SJH compete against each other in the convenience store race. They don't even treat it like a competition and giggle the whole time. When KJK hides behind SJH, the editors even caption it "We're just friends". Ep 285 - This is a super important episode to me. It's the mystery box episode where SJH was afraid and asked KJK to help her (not LKS or KG). She cried, KJK supported her, YJS teased her that she looked like she was giving birth, etc. It came at a time when non-spartace shippers insisted KJK and SJH weren't close because they didn't have highlighted moments on screen, and after that episode, people had to admit that KJK was one of the closest members to SJH. Ep 436 - Suddenly, spartace IS legal. They finally (after years of hoping) got to be in a couple race together. And, by pure luck, they won. The RM cast teased like they'd been waiting for this moment for years, and it was great. Sure, I prefer their subtle interactions to the love line moments, but this episode was an important one, and we FINALLY got our couple race. And it was everything I'd hoped it''d be.
  11. The general belief for the firing is that SBS wanted to move RM to a gag show. KJK and SJH don't do gag humor, so SBS cut them from the cast. Also because they wanted to hire KHD, and next to YJS, KJK is the second highest paid member. So cutting KJK also makes room for KHD in the show's budget. There was also some speculation that there was a power struggle among SBS's higher ups and KJK-SJH supported the wrong side (idk how true that is - just something I heard in the rumor mill). But while those reasons exist, it's ALSO possible spartace dating contributed to the firing. (I don't believe it was the main cause. They would have been dating in secret, and don't forget that everything is about $$$). But it may have been a case of "We need to cut KJK because of his salary. We might as well cut his gf too. She'd probably leave with him if he got fired anyway." (I assume the execs in charge of the decision were sexist.) Which would, in a way, explain why SJH didn't even get a phone call and had to find out she was fired through the news. Just my take on the incident in addition to @mn0096's post. Talking about the firing scandal still makes me mad to this day, so I can only imagine how painful it must be for KJK and SJH. We may have gotten to see snippets of how close they truly are during the incident, and I remember KJK's company would release statements for both of them, but I don't think the cost was worth the moments. I'm glad they got through it, and I'm glad fans banded together for their sakes.
  12. Spartace are different from young idols. Idols tend to be late teens, early 20s and often insist that they won't date and their fans are their gfs/bfs. Idols tend to have young fans who tend to buy too much into the fantasy they've created of their idols. Spartace are both older and have talked actively about their dating lives. So none of their fans have the same "my idol is my bf/gf" delusion that idol fans tend to have. KJK also talks often about wanting to get married. So KJK and SJH fans are aware that marriage can happen unlike idol fans who are often giveb the promise the idol is single. That's not to say there aren't immature shippers who will act possessive if KJK and/or SJH announce marriage (this includes spartace fans if they don't get married). That's where most of the anti comments will come from, I suspect. Immature shippers who can't accept they were wrong and move on.
  13. I don't know about other people on here, but even if spartace have been dating for 7 years or whatnot, I don't think they will admit that to the public. Then, they'd have to explain that they were dating during MC, during SJH's time on WGM, and KJK's time on MUD. It's just messy and confusing, and a lot of people wouldn't understand how to separate work from real life. Likely, they'll say they started dating some time in the last year (e.g. around when the love line started). Most of the general audience will accept that and not ask questions. I think the public response will be largely positive to neutral. We can't mistake the vocal antis online for the general population lol. Most people don't care or will be happy to see them in a relationship regardless of who it was as long as KJK/SJH's partners aren't entirely unsuitable. Spartace aren't an outlandish concept like they were in 2015. They've been associated romantically a number of times. Their announcement would be surprising, but not out of nowhere. From what I've seen, most people dislike spartace because of the shippers, and not because they'd be against it if KJK and SJH announced they were dating in real life. They just don't think it's possible in real life, so they're against the fans pushing spartace on KJK and SJH. The dislike is at fans, not at KJK and SJH. Will there be antis if spartace announces? Of course. But when is there not.
  14. Also, what do y'all think of this? Here is a really rough translation of what happened that I found on IG wht some additions of mine: SJH's poem wishes that KJK "...would meet the women who makes him warm in winter and give birth of muscular babies looks like him". Then YJS and JSJ "tease her that she would have written in the end: that is actually me that stays besides you" Then HH stands and shouts with YSC and JSM "Read the last part!". (KJK joins in them chanting this part, it looks like). So SJH says it "jokingly while covering her mouth with her hand" Then "when KJK part came, he said before standing: yeah I should get married"
  15. @carambsk Welcome! I'm glad you took the time to read up on spartace, and I think we all start off with doubts. I certainly leaned towards believing that they weren't dating when I first started posting here. For me, having a chance to discuss it with other shippers helped me figure things out. So know that we're always here to talk things over with! Sometimes it's important not to over analyze a single moment. It's very easy to take a snapshot picture or a short interaction between two people and come up with all sorts of explanations. We have to remember that they're on a show where they have characters to follow and we only see a fraction of footage from a day of shooting. Just because we want to see KJK and SJH acting besotted with each other all the time, the truth is couples (especially long-lasting couples) aren't going to be constantly gazing at each other and standing next to each other. When you add up all of spartace's suspicious moments (the interactions when they don't think the cameras are focused on them, things other RM members have said, scenes of them looking at each other), I believe it outweighs the few times where the short clips we see make it appear that they're not together. And of course we must remember that if they are dating, they want to keep it secret but also leave open the possibility that they could get married. One thing many spartace fans have pointed out is that if spartace was really concerned about fans linking them together, their agencies could just release official statements (especially when that article with the marriage rumor came out - which was such a bs article lol). Official statements have more validity to them than a comment on a TV show, as the company's reputation is on the line if the statement turns out to be untrue. However, KJK and SJH have released no such statement. Of course, they have said "We're family/friends" before, but that's a fairly standard k-celeb response when they're dating someone, get caught, but don't want to admit it. KJK has said that he will insist that he is single even if he's dating until he's ready to get married. And it's worked for him. There's a reason KJK hasn't had a single public girlfriend in all his celebrity career. The man knows how to date in secret. Which is why it's not all that shocking that we have moments that cause us doubt. And I second what @Adora Dark said. Just to add, SJH almost exclusively teases KJK in love lines, while she never teased LKS, KG, or any of the other members nearly as much. She does tease them from time to time, but she goes out of her way to tease KJK, and she's done so since the very early days. I don't know about y'all, but when I'm seeing a guy, I tease him about other women, saying things like "Ohh so that's your type". It's fun, and a teasing/light expression of jealousy. I think it's a pretty normal thing (at least for me?), and add that to KJK's on screen persona as @Adora Dark said, I think SJH's teasing of KJK with other women on the show makes sense.
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