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  1. 2 hours ago, littlesame said:

    Oh, because I saw you used simplified Chinese so assumed you're from Singapore or China. Btw, we are doing an international fans project for Bromance Asia tour, you're welcome to submit a letter or message to the cast, or to any individual actor from the show.

    Here's the email: bromance.fans.project@gmail.com

    @littlesame Can we start sending it from today? The deadline for submission i think is on the 16th right? Thanks a lot...:heart:

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  2. 1 hour ago, junerain7 said:

    This may be hilarious but reality wise, is an F or G cup on a skinny girl possible? I don't know :sweatingbullets:

    One of the things I like about Megan is that she is confidently beautiful and proud of what she was born with. A lot of actresses are pressured to get enhancements to draw more attention so I believe that it takes a lot of willpower to maintain one's stand not to go under the knife. The philosophy of loving one's self and for people to accept you as you are. She had pose for FHM to show off her assets - creamy white flawless skin, long legs to die for, an exquisite face and a sweet smile that oozes with womanly charm: the epitome of beauty. But even her poses were conservative. You don't have to undress to be sexy and to catch attention. Rather, leaving something to the imagination is sexier. 

    But then again, love conquers all. When you fall in love, all those ideals just crumble away. When you meet the one, there is no checking the list anymore. You just fall in love no matter what. It's a mystery. Like how we were drawn to Bromance. Setting aside perceived loopholes in the plot, suspending reason and simply riding in the roller coaster of emotions as we hang on to every episode and BTS. It's like magic as Megan said.

    Again, although this maybe a bit funny, please allow me to speak my thoughts, cup size won't matter in true love. If Baron falls for Megan, cup size won't be an issue. We've seen it in the BTS, he has consistently shown his interest in her as a woman and it is not simply lust but fondness, admiration and respect.  Love goes beyond physical characteristics.

    Personally, I like Megan's physical frame. Nothing is lacking. She is perfect as she is. 

    @junerain7 You hit me right there girl!!!! big checK... I totally agree!, 1Million%... Mwaahhh!!! 

    Pinay hug!!! 


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  3. @Sheila Marie GreenHelloo there... Your novel says it all.....:blush:

    To all my bffs, i just want to share my own thoughts....nyahaha... 

     If we dig deeper, the way they treat each other is a different level that no man or woman can fathom.. Especially thEir kisses which i assure you are the evidences...nyahaha.....I can't get over with until now.. 

    The aura i felt and the chemistry I saw from them gave me A Bizarre feeling that i think all of you can feel and understand  as well....

    who you are,what you are from your past, is not  a big deal if you are in love....that is what we call true love... As what the saying goEs: Love conquers all... Same for our RM CP...Hopefully...(Especially they are ceLebrities...it's rare to find true love in that industry)

    To all my bffs, i hope our intuitionS are true about them... Nothing can make me happy than to see Them together as a real couple...

    :heart::heart: have a fine and magical night bffs...mwaaahhhhhh!!!:blush:

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