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  1. On 4/1/2016 at 7:25 PM, Sheila Marie Green said:

    To lovemarie, This is one of your  thoughts that really  give marks to everyone. You're  right it's better be unknown  so there will be peace and calm in one relationship. Happy fools day to you too!  AND More power!


    @Sheila Marie Green thanks.. and maybe I think that kind of relationships are applicable to all especially Celebrities.... In their world, surroundings can make you or break you and others choose to be Quiet for the meantime... ...But I believe in the saying that says, Love conquers all... Have a goodnight my dear...:wub:

    @junerain7 I agree with you Ate...I know it cannot be hidden for long but maybe for a while???LOL..mwaahh! 

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  2. https://youtu.be/FxJLOHTF-qA new MV by NodeZero... Fight scenes..

    @littlesame Thanks for the weibo Photo of Megan and all the translations.... It is a breath of fresh air for me reading the trans from River's interview..... (giggled!!)   River really knows her well...(of Course, no doubt...) (giggled)

    @MayLthank you for sharing the Photos from IG..(hearts).. I love it...

    Let me share to all of you a simple thought: (either me or you or the others can relate to this)

         I want an unknown relationship. Not a public one where everyone has to know. I will not say that I'am single nor will I deny the fact that I'm taken, but nobody has to know with who and what goes on between us.

         I think the quietest relationships last the longest. The number one thing that ruins relationships are their surroundings.

    Good evening everyone... Happy April Fool's Day...:lol:








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  3. @vini24 @christinag welcome.,welcome dearest........:wub:

    @niq8803  "'WE CHAT"" pictures of Megan.. Thank you for this...My smile extended to my head when you said from your post '' so WeChat it is'', ahahahahha... Did we miss a thing from River's interview?? hahaha, of course noT.. I like this picture of her, she is so young and carefree back then...  And Thanks for sharing Megan's English interview. Wow! She looks pretty in her rock and roll suit...  What can I say? Very Good English... Loving and Adoring her more and more each day....


    @littlesame dear, Thank you for sharing  your "RM Date" here with us.... I'am imagining myself  again with you present at the FM, wearing shirt printed with RM CP in it and meeting with our co-captains, thanking them for the job well done, hahahahahahahaha...( imagining it to be real... forgive me for my addiction, I'am a die hard fan, I hope you understand, LOL...) It would be one of my priceless moments in my Life if I was there but ???  hehe.....Thank you for handling those precious letters to them, I appreciate it very much... There is one thing I was touched from your side note when you said, I BELIEVE BOTH PARTIES ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE GOOD AND BAD FRUITION FROM THEIR RELATIONSHIPS. RIGHT TIME, RIGHT PERSON, AND RIGHT AMOUNT OF TIME FOR US TO FALL AND LEARN. WE DO CHANGE FOR THE BETTER.... I'am a great believer of this... It takes two to Tango... Relationships need teamwork, good communication and mutual understanding. You support and you learn from each other.  We fall, we rise and we learn... Mistakes are the best lessons and Experiences are the best teacher. There is another thing that struck me and made me laugh early morning when I read your post about Megan's hardcore fan who showed at the airport to see River that makes His fans wonder....hahahaha...  This hardcore fan is awesome!!! hahahahaha.. Imagine how Famous he is in her Magnetic field... (magnets,lol) See how River's Impact on Megan's world!! i died..LOL Thank you littlesame for sharing again your stories, thoughts and experiences.. I'am grateful and it made me happy..you ROCK! :lol: ChuYan/RM forever...:wub:

    I have here a positive saying that I wanted to share with you guys...

    "The best kind of relationships begin unexpectedly. When you get that astonished feeling and everything happens so suddenly. That's why you don't look for love. It comes to you just at the right time; the time you never thought it would have."


    https://youtu.be/peaUgQuxpZc Mv credit by NodeZero from YT...enjoy... 

    Have a great day everyone...:wub:


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  4. @Sheila Marie Greenyes, I feel sad to see her cry in the vid,. But she is still beautiful whether she has a short or long hair... :heart:

    @junerain7yes, it is... made me Love RM CP more and more each day...:heart:

    @chunrren10little sis,...:blush:My heart skips a beat for them too!!

    "'Naughty, cutie, playful River.... (laughter.....) I hope you enjoy this video as much as I DO...enjoy my BFFs....:wub:


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  5. https://youtu.be/GuBtTxmVkZc

    My multi talented actress,,,:heart:

    @niq8803Thank you for sharing the photo of River at Guangzhou airport... love to see him smile... flash back from the time that he wore Megan's shirt with a hood...hahaha... 

    @rukiaichigoThank you for the amazing GIFs... looking forward for more..LOL...:blush:

    @littlesame Thank you for sharing River's weibo update plus his cute Picture....when I saw his picture, I told myself,  maybe there is a 13 yr. old boy trapped in his body...hahaha..(laugh hard).. he is just so adorable being himself. Looking forward for FM BTS this week, thanks for the info:wub:

    @chunrren10 little sis, thanks for the Showbiz Fb picture... :heart:

    @JenLlove the OPENING CREDIT PICTURES from your blog... waiting for more translations... take a rest dear....:heart:


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  6. @littlesame Thank you dear for the video,translations and for the updates... I appreciate it.. ..

    @niq8803hey dear, thanks for the translation..https://youtu.be/xsQvX5p64-4, this is the song you are referring to?Finally waited for you? right?it's beautiful..Can I cry also? as what @chunrren10said?:wub:... and by the way @niq8803 i agree with you... i really think it is a couple shoes!!! goosebumps, goosepumps..:lol:

    @JenLdear, i'm an avid reader of your blog, i enjoyed it very much...thanks for making it possible..

    @kiraningdearest, i'm an avid reader of your blog as well...i had fun..thank you....

    @chunrren10 i mishuuu chun!...:blush:

    @MilynS mommy mai, thanks for the updates...mwah mwah....:heart:


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