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  1. What I got to understand is person tend to to forget that rm is not a show that only consist of jk and jh, but that of 8 members and it is also not a show that revolve around SA either. What I don't like is anytime jk has interaction with any female whether it's jsm or someone else then here comes all the negativity, yes we ship them but that doesn't give us the right to decide who he is close to much less interact with, shipping is suppose to be fun but some people tend to suck all the fun right out of it, and take it to a whole new level and get trigger hurt whenever he is seen interacting with someone that is not jh, which is wrong on so many level. First it was hjy now she is out of the picture, jsm takes over, then am guessing hjy sister will soon join the list too now that jk is training her, when are we going to stop with the childish attitude and ship with positivity instead of always thinking negatively. If that is the case I think most of who are not even sure anymore about SA should just give it a break instead of having a mental break down over whether they are together or not and stop dragging other woman into the equation everytime jk is in close proximity with them, this is the reason why trolls always find themselves here on the forum because we leave room for them to enter when we show how easy it is to be insecure all the time, if that wasn't the case do you think they would be brave enough to do so, so instead of looking for doubt where there is any, think about why you join this ship in the first place. Also another thing I want to point out is that whenever they have their individuals events, why are persons asking why isn't jh or jk with each, we need to understand that both have their own thing to do and is not at liberty to join each other in every little thing. Also instead of complaining about lack of SA interaction be happy that we get to see them week after week whether they are interacting or not. At the end of the day it's their life and not ours we have no right to meddle in it just because we want them to end up together, am sure we wouldn't like it if suddenly someone start to dictate our life by telling us what to do and who to date, am pretty sure it wouldn't sit still with us, so in this world of shipping if you don't have the heart to stand the out come don't start to begin with that will save you a world of hurt when things don't go according to plan. So let's support them whether or not they end up together and ship them the best we can with less negativity.
  2. @heynell all I was saying is that we were all so thrill reading about different prospective from different people until this article appear, to which dampen some of our mood and more likely if possible, could we keep those article to a minimal here as not to attract negatively from person who are not a fan of this ship and are looking for a way to put us down thinking that the only woman jk should interact with is just jh and her alone. And when did I say am getting a negative vibes from here I only stated that it would reflect negatively on us when these article keep on popping up here and person showing their discomfort when other woman apart from jh is link to jk cause haters will take it the wrong way and assume that we are hating on whom ever jk is paired up.
  3. So much for a cheerful forum for the last few days just to be ruined by just one article to which we don't know the full story, but instead of waiting for the actual event to take place we are jumping to conclusion. What happen to watch first them make judgement later. Why is it everytime an article like this comes out you have person's saying why is jk like this, i feel bad for jh, what did he do for you to feel bad for jh, jh isn't complaining so why are we. Again may I asked why do we keep on getting articles like these in the forum when it just reflect negatively on us here, and also leave room for other to come and say whatever they feel and those who hate us already, thinking that we hate other women just because they are paired with jk, I wish we could limit posting these articles here and concentrate solely on sa but that is just another wishful thinking on my part. I think it would be kool if we all could be patient and wait the extra day to be worried over nothing at all, instead of bursting blood vessel and venting frustration toward jk asking him why, are we not a bit tired of the why by now. So why don't we find back our happy place before this article surface and remember why we are here in the first place.
  4. @12345aa Sorry Satan not today, just stick to lurking I think that's better for you, no need to bulls**t here, am also sorry to say you are in the wrong line so kindly turn around and go back to the exit cause we are sick and tired of person's acting like a jh fan just to hate on jk. Am pretty sure you don't see anyone in here talking bad about jh nor or we putting her down, if you haven't realize by now, this is a forum where everyone comes together for the sake of those two, so that must say a lot, so in all honestly if you have nothing good to say just don't say anything at all. What not enough space left in sbs Insta so you choose here instead, sorry to say you are way out of line and out of space and all these negativity plz keep it to ur self and stop trying to act like you are looking out for jh by being proper and prim.
  5. SPARTACER QUESTIONNAIRE 1. Who are you? Name, age, hobbies? As much or as little as you want to say. My name is Anya , Enjoy Reading, Socializing and Listening to Music. 2. How long have you been watching RM? What got you into the show? Since November of 2014 3. Who's your favorite RM member(s)? Has this changed over time? SJH, KJK ans HAHA along with YJS, its not that i don't like the rest how could i when they are the reason why RM is what it is today but those three are my pick regarding my favorite. 4. How long have you been shipping spartace? Do you believe they're dating? What convinced you? Since then in 2014 the way they act around each other their close friendship from earlier episode and the fact that jk constantly praise jh when given the opportunity. 5. What's your favorite spartace moment(s)? What made your heart race? What made you laugh? What made you think "no way they're not dating"? When KS wanted to change body with jh and jk was all up in his face asking why he wants to do that like a jealous bf, also when he was on KG case in regarding where he should kiss jh during the snow white episode and i can't forget the han river scene where they fell into the water and they both used the towel as cover to hold each other hands 6. What's your favorite spartace episode(s)? If you had to show a new RM fan some episodes to convince them spartace are dating, what would you show them? Episde 21, 104,111, 129, 138, 228, just to name a few 7. Which RM member is really the president of the spartace ship? And who's the VP and who's the treasurer? HAHA: President reason been now a days he is so pushing for jk and jh take the latest BP episode when he asked him if he stared dating jh when they attend Mama in 2013 . As for VP: YJS and the JSJ. Treasurer Maybe KS or SC 8. What's your favorite spartace fan video? This one with the song thinking of you and the one that has byul song, I thing i love you 9. Any spartace fan fiction recommendations? Nope 10. If you had to pick a song that best describes spartace, which song would you choose? She was pretty and we just to name a few. 11. How would you honestly fare in a game of nametag ripping? I think i can stand my own ground
  6. @saissuspicious All i was saying is that why do we let this love line get to us when we know that it is just that a love line i wish we could just see the positive and not let the mere mention of HJY get to us, yes i realize that the forum have been slow but that doesn't mean we should make it up with bringing up HJY, if we continue like this then we are simply telling other that it is ok for them to come and talk about things that are not related to SA. I never said that anyone was been disrespectful towards her we on the thread don't see it that way but non shippers of SA will think differently if her name keep on popping even when it has nothing to do with jk. all i am saying is to wait and see what sbs plan to do with jy appearance on the show before jumping the gun this also goes for the award show as well. Don't get me wrong i like reading your comment and cause all, also when a lot of SA shippers are getting frustrated you always give words of encouragement to calm hem down, all i want is for this forum to think positive and stop drowning them self in sorrow while thinking about the love line and have positive thinking and go back to our happy place.
  7. @saisssuspicious i didn't say we couldn't discuss his love line here, but if you realize, that love line is been mentioning non stop on this forum when we should be talking bout SA instead of HJY/JK its like now this forum is strictly about the two and not about JK and JH, at that too the lease little mention of HJY, i was just stating that we tone it down now, because a lot of person's come here to read about SA not the love line between JK/JY. And as soon as we think that topic is close and done with,then here we go again, what if JY and JK this, what if they that, honestly it is getting tiring, KJK went a head and denied anything that could possible happen between the two why can't we just take it at that and not get jumpy at the mere mention of JY, yes she is fixed member but what can we do about it at the end of the day it was her decision to join and i doubt she join because she want to continue the love line with him, all i am saying is that before jumping to conclusion lets us all wait and see how this thing play out, love line or not we all know jk stance on the matter. I understand how the mc love line affected jh before hence the reason why she is shying away from any right now, when it comes to the two they themselves know what is best and the reason why i asked to put in prospective as to why jk say what he said regarding the two and their love line, not just on RM but also on the very same show that JY will be a fixed member. So i don't see why the constant bringing up of the love line here, also when it come to love line we should know that it is just that a love line.
  8. I don't know why every time i open this thread to read about SA there is always this mention of HJY, yes she and Jk has a love line from RM day which eventually find it way over to MUD and even if they still have one on the show that they are both on, why does it matter when JK just a few episode ago when all out with the help of JS to say that there is nothing between the two and they don't contact each other when filming is done, even on MUD it was also stated that the two are just business partner and nothing else, so why all the negative post, it seems like this thread has became a forum for the HYJ/Jk love line and not SA anymore, so can we cut down on the HJY topic please because as of lately all i can read about is HYJ this and HJY that, if you guys are so insecure in this ship maybe this isn't the place for you to be right now. I want back that happy forum where we can come and talk about SA and not that of his love line, and now it is getting out of hand now that she is joining the show. Even if they do tease both mom with the daughter and son it not like it's there place to say alright my son will marry such and such, even now JK mom isn't getting drag in when asked such question and she also stated at one point when asked to choose between sayuri and JY she said that it's up to her son, because at the end of the day he is the one who will live with the woman he choose, so even if they do tease the mom on the show that doesn't means anything, cause at the end of the day they are not the ones who will be choosing partners for their children and we all know that what is been shown to us is just for entertainment, i just want to open this thread one day and not see HJY name been mention is that too much to asked for. And we all know that this is a public thread where other people from other ship come and read what is written here so please don't give them more reason for them to come and hate on us by saying that we are hating on her because she is in the same show as him, we our self don't know why she join and i doubt she would just pick up herself and join just for a fake love line. So why don't we wait and see instead of always making assumption and her motive for joining. I just wish this forum would top becoming the sole topic of HJY, because honestly to god i don't get the negativity and why she is constantly brought up when she in't even doing anything wrong but jut joining a program to which she has all the right to. Sorry for the rant but someone has to say it. LIKE JK SAYING LET BE POSITIVE.
  9. Jk and haha sweet little moment from BP. Cr: to owner.
  10. Agree and when they told him that they should date even haha, but then haha said you two can be friends and he agree to that part but the thing is with this ep even though he is in a love line we get to see a little SA moments which rendered in speechless and could do nothing but asked if haha was writing a novel which followed by a slap with his paper And as you had stated he wasn't angry nor did he stated that she is family or co-worker we just get shy smiles big and bold. Even in the car on the way when haha try to set him up he seem angry so I guess it haha wants to keep jk suite just mention jh and that will do the trick cause when it comes to her its a no comment and while haha talk about the wedding hall when haha said he deny that rumor and asked you deny right and he said am denying which doesn't even sound like he meant it but he had nothing to say to the rest so am guessing when they do announce they probably will say they started two years ago or something along the line.
  11. You can watch videos on V LIVE. https://www.vlive.tv/video/95687 Omg got to love haha
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