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  1. Happiest day in the last one month Read that this is the email address to send all the evidence of defamation to uaacaps@naver.com Everyone, please start flooding that inbox with your screencaps / links of all those nasty rumours !! Kyo Fans fighting !!
  2. Cr: en_junio Twitter Dear friends ,  An appeal for help from overseas fans has come from the Korean fans of Bo Gum's Encounter drama, please click on the spoiler if you would like to help. Thank you ! 
  3. Cr : en_junio twitter Dear friends , An appeal for help from overseas fans has come from the Korean fans of Kyo's Encounter drama, please click on the spoiler if you would like to help. Thank you !
  4. Cr: en_junio twitter Hi friends, A request for help from overseas fans has come in from the Korean campaigners. ☆ Petition event for release of Encounter Blu-ray/DVD We have started an event to petition the production company to reconsider the release of Encounter Blu-ray/DVD. We are planning on collecting (handwritten) letters from Encounter drama fans and delivering them to the production company. We hope many of you will join us in this event. Event : 3/3 ~ 3/10 23:59 ■ Check the link below for more information. - http://cafe.daum.net/boyfriend-dvd/n9LA/2 - https://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=dramaboyfriend&no=51623&page=1 If you click on the link for gall.dcinside, you will see the English instructions further on in the post. In summary 1. They would like us to download the ' purchase order form ', write our names, sign and email it back to them. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1I5pdYQ_dRtEjf_clSezSOAmnCSe30zFD/view Pw for zip file - 0124 If you cannot access the zip file, use the links below to download the pdf files instead. A) petition form https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zHSCBKqSUKVc1xjJt8U3dZEBA-vk9cJ0/view?usp=drivesdk B ) instructions https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WxBokJrOUJ3Mqjv2LL35GgUqMgeGpyt6/view?usp=drivesdk Email address to send the forms to - dramaboyfriend@gmail.com 2. The Korean fans will print out all the signed petition forms and present them to Studio Dragon. It is NOT a real order form and does not make us obliged to buy anything 3. Please also include a short message at the NOTE section - e.g. a couple of lines of pleas / reasons / threats (lol) to petition studio Dragon to reconsider. Deadline is 10th March 2359hrs, Korean time. Please pm @thepixies or myself if you have problems with the links . Please help our Korean friends by sending the signed forms back to them and spreading the word to all your friends on social media who would like to help. Thank you everyone , let's support Encounter as much as we can !! Cr: DC gall
  5. Hi friends This post is related to the Encounter drama that Bo Gum just completed .. pls click on the spoiler if you are a supporter of his Encounter drama Thks !
  6. Hi friends This post is related to the Encounter drama that Kyo just completed .. pls click on the spoiler if you are a supporter of her Encounter drama. Thks !
  7. Hi friends, List of international drama fans who want to appeal for Encounter D-cut DVD/ Blu-ray Our Korean enc drama fan comrades are working hard to reach out to the production company by calling, faxing and emailing the various companies involved these last few days to appeal for the production of the dcut of Encounter. Thepixies and I will try to collate a list of international drama fans who would like to help them in their cause. We will send the name list to the Korean side and hopefully that will give their fight for the dvd more weight and significance. We are in the midst of liasing with the Korean fans about our intention. Please pm me or thepixies with your soompi handle / name and your country if you are keen for your name to be on the list . ( adding your country is optional if you are uncomfortable .. but it would help to show the production company how widespread the love and influence Encounter has all over the world ) and it may translate into $$$ in their eyes .. and hopefully change their minds.. lol We will likely post the name list ( minus the countries ) on the thread when it's completed, unless there are major objections. Please also ask your other friends who love encounter to join.. better if you can help collate a list and send it to us. We would like to do what we can to help our Korean comrades so that the DVD will become a reality !! Please help to spread the message on social media/ other forums as well and send us your names or a list of your friends'names ( doesn't need to be from soompi ) Thanks for reading
  8. @stardustvoid according to the D-cut weibo post .. they have stated they will not provide additional scenes or BTS in any DVD they will release in future ( IF ANY) ..so my guess is if there is any DVD at all.. it will just be what was screened by TVN. Nothing else. @gumtaek I think someone mentioned another cable tv drama ( by bon/ studio dragon ) with similar / less ratings also is getting/ has gotten a D-cut.. so that shouldn't be a good reason. And I'm quite sure that the current demand for Enc D-cut already exceeds what is needed to make it commercially viable.
  9. The DVD fictitious survey was conducted by the Korean FAN cafe that is spearheading this Dcut request so those Korean fans are equally heart-broken and upset about this decision . They have spent a long time and effort liasing with the production company and relevant personnel .. only to be told that this is an executive decision by Studio Dragon .. no reasons given . Actors and agencies and PD have NO objections to the dcut at all .. so NOT a problem there . Demand is also not an issue . The PD did say he did not have many additional scenes to add... but that's ok. I think many of us want to hear the PD, writer and actors' commentary because this is such a beautiful drama that I'm sure there are many details they can share with us that we may have not noticed. I'm sure the BTS ( if any ) can be edited to reduce any worries about further rumours / hate comments. Korean fans will still appeal, so as international fans who love this drama so much, please let us also unite and email Studio Dragon AND all other associated companies Bon factory , CJENM etc. http://www.studiodragon.net/front/en/about/contact Or if anyone can liaise directly with the Korean D-CUT fans at daum cafe and let them know that international fans are also hoping to help appeal. Our numbers will give more weight to the Korean fans' appeal and hopefully have some clout in persuading the production company to rethink. Please also spread this request to your own countrymen who are fans of the drama to help as well, if you can. Thanks PS ; is it common to reject a request for D-cut so early ,just a few weeks after the drama has ended ? It has not even be publicly aired in most other countries yet .. so demand will definitely be higher subsequently
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