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  1. I think it more realistic for three guys that have been together for along time to rag on each other...Kit seems the grown-up in the trio..lol I keep saying to other folks...the author picked the actors for her characters. Who am I to say I don't like what she wrote and she doesn't know what she wrote..it's kinda ignorant if you ask me...yet folks are still saying they got it wrong... That is so cute..I saw it earlier -- actually the director did that one himself !
  2. I remember that contest...I think every 13 year old fan voted a 100 times each to make them win...if you've never been kissed, then that's what you think a kiss is...a sad situation. I'm quite sure that kissing won't be an issue in 2M2. The director has already stated his feelings on what a kiss should be. LOL
  3. It's more of the repetition nature...and how it clings to your brain. I've got my fingers crossed it doesn't appear...I suppose I can just ask the director...LOL
  4. It will give you sense of the director's style. Sure...and I'm not going to look...that song is like this"
  5. As long as Aam doesn't include that 12345678 song...I'm good. That sent me off the deep end. Well...I can give you a hybrid- view. All I remember of the original is that song..and the awful kiss at the end. The rest of the episodes are a blur...perhaps because it was so slow I aged significantly before the series was over...I swear it was shot page - by page...In contrast, 2m2 is kinda new...I knew the characters, but I'm seeing them in a different light - not to mention it's moving along very nicely. What made me take a renewed interest ( because the other one is on my do not watch again ever list ) was 1) the director. I was familiar with his work from the movie he directed Present Perfect and knew he would have a cinematic approach. 2) In addition to the director, he and the scriptwriter were out gay men so the lens they would use would be based in reality not fantasy. 3) the Author herself was involved in selecting the actors that best fit her vision of the characters in the novel. 4) The transparency of the entire production and the fact that they had money to spend on the production ( use of more than one camera ). So far, I'm enjoying the series - something I couldn't say before. As for the novel, I read it after watching the first one - mostly to see the entire story. All I was left with was poorly written sex scenes ( you can't write what you don't know ) no fault of the author - she didn't know... In all fairness, it might have been the translation...which was..anyway...that's all I remember.
  6. Sure..turn about is fair play...Kai will feel the sting of not having Third....it's coming.
  7. The director is telling the same story in 3 episodes which is kind of amazing considering it took 13 episodes to tell the same story before. Starting from E4 will be the Ming/Kit and Forth/Beam story and some Phana/Wayo. The other thing is this, the writer of the novel 2moons had a hand in the selection of this new cast. They match her vision of the characters she wrote in the novel.
  8. Preview for Episode 6 and the English sub of the preview. Bone reminds me a bit of the TWM story arc..LOL. And have we talked about An and Too ? Hummm.
  9. I don't so much mean blankets...but more to the hugs and pats and there there is will be better kinda comfort. Because, Kai is going to be an absolute richard simmons...he's going to the next level. Well it's like this.. which hurts worse: to gently pull the bandaid off or just yank it off and be done ? It's like that !
  10. Wait no longer...( will Third EVAH stop crying? ) Next week promises to make all of us bring comfort blankets for Third...and maybe just maybe Third will finally and (almost) completely wake up !!
  11. Just a couple of tidbits....this show will air on Saturday...OG is back on ( they were just there two months ago) And this is just a cute OG compilation - recent stuff.. Enjoy...Epsiode 5 is about to get fiery !!!
  12. I'm sure I'm not the first to see the symbolism in the cups. I was was excited when Kai gave Third the bag...I figured he had r-e-p-l-a-c-e-d the cup not repaired the cup...My first thought was what a cheap bastrd...2nd thought was, he doesn't see Third as anything more than a cup that can be fixed...glue will do it...and we all know glued cups don't last long... so we'll see how long Third lasts before the handle breaks again.. The screaming girl...perfect casting...she was right out of reality TV. Like Taylor Swift said, " You need to calm down" Something tells me though, she's coming back... oh joy...
  13. Is it time for Kai's wake up call yet ? And I'm about to take Third to task too ! Actually, that we can feel this way about characters speaks to actors behind the characters...they are doing a great job...
  14. And has has great legs... There are a lot of Thai variety shows where actors appear...this one is always funny !
  15. We are going to be breathless by the end of the year...so many really good series on the horizon!
  16. Well this is his partner for UWMA and as the first cpl of the series I think he will have a chunk of screen time. TBH...this series carries a lot more weight than the series that Plan and Perth are doing.... Oh !! Wait !! they aren't doing a series...so yeah they might have to back off to someone else...Coolheart got a new team to play with.
  17. I was happy they didn't drag it out...it was so angsty in the novel...you were calling both of them Boo Boo the Fool while reading....LOL Although when the tables turn...it's gonna be something I think. We'll see tomorrow. lol
  18. Don't forget he has a lead in UWMA ( Until We Meet Again ). Looks to be good
  19. Oh that's a nice thing to do..although in the latest IG pics...Gun looks a bit done with it all.LOL Well, just jump right on in...and yeah there are tears and they are Gun real tears... he has to cry like 29 times in the series...he's only done about 5...but he's good. Definitely going to break Art's WTD crying record. LOL. I've just finished Trapped and the final live..I'm tapped so TOL will be something fluffy for me. Everyone is waiting for him to get through this part...cause right now...Kai is on the shite list... Off has to feel badly that everyone despises his character... Ummm I don't know..check his IG
  20. That's a good thing...LOL. Now that Trapped is over I can give TOL my full attention ( until something else comes along - I'm so shallow) btw..Gun was just in Paris this week...seems like gmmtv is doing a European work thing...was in Zurich,Paris, not sure where they are now..
  21. See, I found it brilliant. If you haven't ever watched the movie 10 Things I hate about you...then that scene maybe didn't make sense..however, If you know the Ten Things movie...to incorporate that into a Thai BL series was brilliant...both scenes were about trying to attract the attention of another. I thought Gun did an almost perfect copy of Heath Ledger (RIP ). I think Heath would have loved it...I can force see other movie references appearing ... it's just a wonderful approach to producing a series...
  22. Just a FYI...Gmmtv is subbing TOL within 24 hours after it's aired it's on YouTube. The subs are rather excellent - reading less like translated and more like conversational English. So far, it's another good series...I haven't been disappointed since #HCTM, Trapped, now TOL and fully expect 2m2 to be the same. The all have great directors !
  23. Fully agree ! I think it's going to be an enjoyable run. Trapped ends in another week so having another quality series to follow is refreshing. I have to say that Gun did loose the Drama Queen crown this week to Chris from Trapped...however I'm sure Gun will get it back next week !! And TOL will be subbed by Gmmtv ( they have learned finally ) and it won't take weeks...looks like the turnaround is just a couple days. It is posted to YouTube same day without the subs. With 2moons2 just around the corner they had to respond because 2M2 is going to be aired with subs on Youtube - no waiting.
  24. It did not disappoint...loving this series. This has not been subbed yet.
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