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  1. E7 ...intense !!! EP.7 1/5 https://tv.line.me/embed/4412254 EP.7 2/5 https://tv.line.me/embed/4412256/ EP.7 3/5 https://tv.line.me/embed/4412257/ EP.7 4/5 https://tv.line.me/embed/4412258/ EP.7 5/5 https://tv.line.me/embed/4412259/
  2. Who are you ? LOL...loved the final one... I'm gonna get me a flashy thing if I don't get an HE on Friday... About Tin-Can, for the 13 episodes I watched, there was not even 1 hint that something bad is going to happen. I think its just a promotional scare. Well...they are doing a frakken good job at it...May all the scenes are from the Director's Cut...they are sharing with us before hand....UGG!!!( and not the boots) btw that was the 2 minute kiss scene I understand...( when shooting) the director never said cut !! LOL And..ahem...that is MewArt not Art-Mew...get the tag str8..... and yeah I agree. And right now I'm on BL overload..think I'll do the flashy thing again...it didn't work totally ! Just trying to get to Sat..my twitter is blowing up between, TWM3E7 today, 2M2 finalists tomorrow and LBC on Friday....Flash me now !!! ( only is you. are a boy !)
  3. Adorbs ! A lot better than this....every place I turn...this vid...it's leading me to believe one thing...and there's no evidence to say differently
  4. Yeah...something about the composition... At least we got photos....
  5. Trust me if we knew the outcome of the last episode, we would have beat that horse to death again. If you go by the novel then there is an HE for everyone. However, the trailers show us tears and angst for TC ... so the ending at best is a crap shoot- we will be happy, sad, glad, mad, or pi*ssed. Pick one...I have high hopes ( not playing the song but you know the one) for a HE wrap up !
  6. Yes, teacher. This is all I got, P'New the director did not release previews for the last episode he wants it to be a surprise so the best we can do is speculate about the content of E14. and from LBC on fb there is this: "Two update news from Khun New #aloneww 1. We are planning to use a new Hashtag for the last episode on Friday, starting from 0:00 in BKK Timezone to midnight. I'll let you know later. 2. He's going to have the first workshop for the new series on Nov 17. Not 100% confirmed yet. By the way... It's not the 2nd season. I cannot say anything now. Just wait for the official confirmation from Khun New I'm just trying to give you guys some update about his works I've heard." and on Sunday they will air the directors cut in a theater - don't know if they will be release to the general viewing population later or not - nothing has been said. That's all I got...anybody else know more ?
  7. Yeah but we don't know what it is...and it's not season 2 ! It's actually kinda scary.... @dramaandfood could it be KKT ?
  8. Well here's the 10 hour version...it will take you far... Very. excited. with what's to....arrive.
  9. It's a combination of all three l...an expression of our deepest emotions...waiting to be set free...like the ending of LBC without KKT ! And I have a couple of special ones for Thursday ( finalists for 2M2 ) and Friday ( End of LBC). We will go out in a blaze of glory...no sadness or tears here...I ran out of sympathy last week.
  10. 'HIStory 3: Trapped' has picked their actors there will be (2) cpls. Not six or eight...20 episodes I think..
  11. And Lazy always comes through and quote myself... " until the next best ever comes along...which it usually does." With this an HIStory...I'm stoked...2M2 better step up to the plate or it will be blown out of the water in 2019. Speaking of which...nah...I'll save it for later...
  12. OK...all 4 new BL's from Gmmtv in 2019. Sorry to lazy to0 use YT...I used the list with links I found.
  13. It actually looks like KMA without the other people....just da boyz... And let us not forget HIStory 3....2019... @Kim Soo-Lee. you're right...2019 is gonna explode !! I'm waiting for confirmed pics of the actors for Trapped... one guy is hot af... if he is part of the story....
  14. Eleven minutes and Eleven seconds ( 11:11) : KKT - Episodes 1-12. THIS IS ALL WE GOT...CHERISH THIS VID... Oh there's more....it's like an explosion this morning with series intros...would you believe Ohm and Singto together in a series ? Gmmtv has leaned in really hard.
  15. And just when you thought your Friday's would be become an empty jar..... Every Friday 20.00(Thai time). Only on Line TV:
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