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  1. Yes the THIS rendition of the series is worthy...I watch at 8 AM...and had to be late to an appt...just to watch. It was worth it...and might I say - it was done better than the novel...
  2. Yes I'm watching 2M2 - I think it's fabulous ! The next History is suppose to release in Sept or October I last heard.I will fill in with Romil and Jugal ( Indian BL )
  3. And to be honest...in my humble gay opinion it is not exceptable at all because I feel it's trying to sexualize and or feminize the relationship between two males. I have never in my existence looked for a man to call my wife..<shudder>. So all I can do sometimes is to " consider the source" of such thinking - acknowledge that it's flawed - and hope that it will change. I think, even though we are all in the BL fandom - it doesn't mean we have to drink the koolaide... that is, accept some of the schlock that's put out there especially if you are a gay man in the fandom; in fact, it's really time to challenge the status quo and question the tea that's being served...we can all agree that the destination is romance...the issue is how we get there, the journey. Oh..ummm..not sure how to explain that...it's his sense of being..the way he manages his space, the predator like personae ( and not in a bad way...) cat like. I have not been able to see other Bl characters from various series in the same comparison - Ming is perhaps the first that I could call Brian...
  4. True - it's not like the dialog is deep..it's pretty basic - no real in-depth monologues.. so after a while, words and phrases pop out. I just take that and move along - I'm more intent to learn mandarin. I've found tho my ear has become more sensitive to tonal sounds so the by product is understanding bits and pieces of Thai better.... Here's a brain twister...watching a BL with Thai audio, and Chinese and English subs... that hurts sometimes..LOL
  5. I think the actor development division of gmmtv is no joke ( reminds me of JYP). Earth has been around since Waterboyy with no real ship and a moderately small fanbase. White comes with a huge fanbase ( LS).And since they haven't left acting, bringing the two of them together albeit brief in TOL was testing the waters....I'd say we'll see more of them down the road...
  6. I stand corrected...was in a bar last night...music was popping, place was hopping and there, there in the corner were the guys playing games. I cracked up remembering what I had just wrote...so yeah they do... why ? Wasn't curious enough to ask - not to mention it was a str8 bar and life has taught me you don't go rolling up to any guy to ask anything... In the gay world, no. body. that I know of... Perhaps, but could not " wifey " also suggest the same ? I suppose he could have said, " he's my uke " cause that's the real implication there wifey = uke. Hummm - so even Forth had that mindset.... Nah just leave it in the corner...so somebody else can use it - if needed - we still have four episodes to go... While he was never shown with another guy - his interest in Wayo kinda set the table. So it wasn't a big leap to Beam ( as another guy). If you read then novel.. Beam was a playa - ladies man ..so any internal conflicts he had about Kit and now Forth suggest to me that he was Bi - Additionally he also had an understanding about the physiological aspects of MM sex enough to ask...( another thing...who asks ???) Hummmm interesting question. Aside from the Emmett's conversion therapy story line...there weren't any women ( ok Justin's bf). In the context of QAF, Forth would be ripping Beam outta the arms of another guy - and popping him too ! lol. An interesting compare and or contrast...although I think contrast would be more the order. Although Ming does have that Brian vibe going on....
  7. Not going to hold my breath on that one...
  8. 1) Curious str8 guys ( because watching to women is their biggest fantasy around the world ) Str8 women who were curious about what Lesbian relationships looked at. 3) Lesbians 4) Gay guys with Lesbian friends who forced them to watch...LOL Target age : 18+
  9. And here we have it...the story on the last scene...just to refresh your memory.... And here is what Off had to say about it ! And #ฉันเสนอ = I suggest ( what Off said ) is trending on Twitter....
  10. I thought it was rather daring positioning...Pha's chest was a bit higher...I guess Wayo being all innocent didn't ( or did ) realize that the lower...well you know...I thought, dam this is awkward.....Pha grabbed his keys to leave like there was a fire...and perhaps there were...matches had been lit ! I think you discuss a lot of stuff in a bar especially with friends...so I thought Forth's/Pha convo was normal...what wasn't normal was Wayo sitting n the bar playing a video game. Seriously ? Who does that ? It was such a Dad/Son moment...""here...the grownups are going to talk now" The leap and I mean leap to The big question : is there an audience for GL written like BL ? Makes my skin crawl...just reinforces ( imho) the stereotype that in a male same-sex relationship - one guy has to assume the role of a woman.It's the feminization of the roles and a real lack of understanding that is evident when I hear that word...wife. Would it have been so hard to have Forth say, " he's mine, he's my husband ? " And I don't care it was the dialog from the novel...it's still wrong ! <gets down off soapbox>
  11. By now you should know... well remember the target audience is 13-18 (girls). so boys are viewed differently than men...( ok don't start..LOL ). Most of the BL coming out this fall is blue shorts or college. even though too started out that way...I'm appreciative for taking us 4 years in the future...it brought close and they were adulating by then. When you find it...let me know...or sa why don't you just start a forum... HCTM--was different which made it work - and the OS cpl was nice... You mean this : The thought bubbles were all over their heads...no doubt what the next scene could have been....might I say, for gmmtv...it was erotic AF. !
  12. omg..they did us a solid...they. musta been up all night ! Thanks 1
  13. it was athough I wondered why they chose a long shot...in further away they would be in our countries. LOL Yeah I'm pretty quiet and reserved...but today I was shook and fanboyed my A off during TOL...when I start talking to the screen...I'm in fanboy land...and I talked to the screen a lot today...between TOL and 2M2... Here is the scene from the dock with Too and An subbed...fresh off the press from a fan
  14. This episode was like an Hot Fudge ice-cream Sundae. The subs is the cherry. I couldn't wait...I'll get my fruit later...Truthfully, even with subs there was no question as to what was happening...What was said, How it was said, and what happened after...2 out of three ain't bad...LOL
  15. True, True. WTD was business based and was more ML than BL...I understand fans went blind over a few scenes.... Sotus S. ok...lol True again...I guess one of my issues is that they make the BOY into a Eunuch...and well...we know that by 13...anyway...they seem to throw a blanket over the feelings that do exist. They don't sit on a shelf until later...but hey..we aren't the target audience...LOL I hope everyone get to the last episode of TOL... I believe that water fell from my eyes in a couple of scenes...ok I'l be transparent...I fanboyed on a serious level....It's clear that OG has this symbiotic relationship that shows in their acting...it was so good !
  16. Here's the research ...Well why would they ask our opinion..we should be thrilled to see ourselves on screen Like Trapped. Wise ? Maybe. Rich...ha ! shipping costs...outrageous ! But my sense is that they are at the pinnacle ...so might as well get something collectable now...later it won't matter.
  17. And they must take place in middle school, high school, or college...Oh wait...if it took place in say, at a place of employment it wouldn't be BL...it would be ML and that's a whole different genre - LOL Old news...now it's about TayNew...LMAO It's all about redemption...of all the d**khead characters I've seen he's the only one that has the possibility of redemption...theory being, if he's never known love - when he finds it he will change - cause love changes you... And Third fell into him Freshman year LAFS...he'd have to pack up and leave to even begin to let Kai go...and that's not happening...so it's waiting for Kai to wake up and meet him where he is... and there we have the novel/series...with some stuff in the middle. We'll see what happens in a few hours...
  18. I now have coffee on my keyboard....again ! What makes this even funnier is OG actually played this game on their reality show last season There actually is a guy on YT that edited thee entire season and took out all the side stories from season 2...funny thing, it actually hung together... So true...there are BL series that I have watched..3-4 times and others I'm still trying to recover brain cells from watching. And here's another random observational piece having nothing to do with the conversation but it's 7AM here and the coffee hasn't kicked in because I had to go and make another cup : why is it that at Thai Fanmeets, special Siam Mall appearances etc...you see no guys ? I mean I know I wouldn't plot down 250 usd to go and look at two actors on a stage...nonetheless you rarely see any at these events. A very different view from Taiwan - you always have guys in the audience...on stage playing those games ( pocky stick has to go ! )and generally interacting.
  19. One of the things I really liked about TOL was their marketing concept for the series... and no, I did not do this compilation....some fan with lots of time on twitter did it ! A great cast ! And the Pan/Bone side story...was exactly that..a side story..didn't spill into the ML storyline.
  20. Seriously ! Awful is an understatement...based on what I've read, seeing it on screen it would be like watching Circus Soleil .." how'd they do that? " I guess they expect a QAF moment..LOL and that was ground breaking also on cable..although I will say WTD and TWM came close. The buzz right now for TOL is " will they include the " special chapter " aka the "do it" chapter in the final episode. So I guess we will see tomorrow ! The actors and director from Trapped got a severe beat down from fans because of the absence of " that scene" in a particular episode. it was epic blood letting...director had to shut down her IG..it was terrible to say the least.... Yeah I guess audience matters...the bigger question is what matters with the audience...lol Awww you can't argue with Shake...you hear the intro and you know ! One of the best. I really like Getsunova's OST for TOL...and I think when ever I hear Fake Protagonist/Hero I'll think TOL ( which I think is what is supposed to happen with OST's ..lol) . They have used the song with so many different renditions...which doesn't always happen because the song isn't constructed well enough to just pull out a measure here or there...not to mention, they are one of the few groups to re-cord and release the OST sung in English. Ok see now...I've got to go and pull up the Shake MV...
  21. then, you'll like this...
  22. Then my go to would be " my partner " that says our relationship is such that if we wanted to get " married " we could - however we choose not too - we do everything a" married " couple would do only we don't have the paper ! Which historically is what you did before marriage was legalized LOL I was thinking like a fast forward - to the future. We never know if cpls stay together or not...so if they did a graduated ( college ) and have jobs scene...you could close the circle... Don't be...LOL it was non sequitur...I think I had just looked at OG on twitter or something... it was early..not enough coffee I think that's one of major differences in the US...we don't have the nong, P, senior levels titles..I use Bro daily to another guy. I don't have to k now them..depends on the situation. I have a " senior "...it's not about age it's more about position, role, job title. I've worked in situations where my boss was younger than me, most of the time you call them by their name...Bob, Greg, Mary... Yeah...I do find it odd for Yo to call Pha " brother" but I figured it was something in translation. Actually, the eng " brother " is old school...like back in the day..to use as a greeting...nowdays...it's used in religious organizations mostly. Good parallel. funny thing...I was reading an interview with the author not long ago...and she said...that's how the Pha she wrote acted...Yo doesn't know that he's in total control of Pha because Pha goes soft ( no pun intended) when ever he's with Yo. So yeah...what what see is what she wrote ( like it or not )
  23. That was what the director of the first 2M required. That has never been said by the director of 2M2 who is and out and gay. What we do know is that the author had a hand in selecting the new cast according to how she envisioned the character profiles in the novels. After you read 3 or 4 of these novels...you realize that they are going to the same well for their " research " which is pretty bland if you ask me - I only know of one female author who get's it right. Apparently, THAT scene is this Saturday ! Yep ! that's how I felt with the first one...I could hear the pages turning. It wasn't the actors fault - it was more that I felt the production quality was mediocre - poor setting, bad lighting, camera work was flat...I tend to look at the whole production. Don't get me wrong, I've seen some brilliant indie films shot on an iPhone - so it's not the content but who is behind the camera. What initially drew me to the second one was the fresh and cinematic approach. I knew the director's work and wanted to see what he was going to do with a BL series as his background was movies. I haven't been disappointed. Not to mention, he's very transparent; by that I mean he often posts the schematics for certain scenes..kinda like Master Classes..lol which I know everyone isn't interested in - but there are some who like to know what went into constructing a scene - how many camera's, what were the angles and why. So in my mind 2M2 is and entirely different production with no comparison to the first one.
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