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  1. It was hard..and they have been under the radar. I still check in on Weibo from time to time - but considering the status of where they live. It would be hard. Oh how I wished they and MengRui were in Thailand - what fun they would have. I guess I see Pete as this guy ( first and foremost) who has lived a different kind of life. One that isn't rough but as you say refined. He's soft spoken, thoughtful, polite; why would he need to know how to take a tram, train, bus, or taxi if he drives a Benz ? He is who he is...unfortunately, he will be termed the " wifey" ( oh how I hate that term) because he doesn't have edge. Actually, he's a lot like Phun from LS if you think about the character's complexity. And yes a contrast to Ae which really is nice. I think it really comes down to understanding that there isn't just one type of Gay guy ( nice he came out too). Uke/Seme is not a personality trait..it's what two people choose to do behind closed doors in bed...nothing more. LOL Yes !!! Can is going to be a fun character. I liked Rathavit in the MIR series - a bit of comic relief then and I expect now in lbc. All in all I have and I'm sure I will enjoy the rest of this series. I like what the director is doing, the camera work, the overall high quality production. I loved the fact that when they were in the coffee shop, there were actually other customers....LOL that's not always the case ( think KMA). It's exciting times some good BL's coming up soon and here's the thing I most appreciate, more gay guys are watching and commenting. Not a problem...the East Coast here in US is pretty steamy too...more than usual it's been 30 to 35 C the last few weeks...ugh ! So stay cool as you can...
  2. Hey there my friend ! It's been a while since Qingyu ( my original ship) ...this drama has the fastest sub turn around that I've seen - this was under 12 hours. You can also watch it raw at http://www.one31.net/live. if you have a VPN. The fb page will give notification of subs...it's great that line works outside of Asia for once with VPN so I'm excited. Loving this Bl series. I read the novel so I'm pleased to see that the director didn't film this page by page.( like another celestial BL drama) and will take on producing a complete ensemble drama. Even enjoying MT..although the pacing is a bit slow but it's gmmtv...their pacing is always slow ( ie. KMA. Will check back in from time to time now that my Soompi notifications are back up and running- hope you are doing well
  3. Hy welcome ! And yes you have completed your task...I could see the notifications of someone walking through the forum. Glad you took the time...there ar ships...and there are special ships...Ruiwen is a special ship !
  4. When ever something good passes my way I always think of this forum...I think the best fans sometimes are those who sit quietly and watch... I don't need to see him leaving an airport, going to an airport, washing his hands...or other stuff...I can respect his privacy and know when he shares stuff..it's worth while. I like see you post also...you always bring clarity !
  5. You have to look at it this way. TWM2 Was the story of how K7K met again and started college of course Yiwah was there. None of the people in TWM2 were in Bad Romance except for Yiwah and Cho. Bad Romance ( although hit came first ) is really the sequel. TWM3 ( the Next Chapter really occurs after Bad Romance...the the only characters that travel would be Yiwah, and Cho who were in the first two, and Dr. Bright andFarm who were in TWM2. So aside from those 4 characters, it seems you get a brand new cast of characters..and also looks like Parents. Korn's sister wasn't in Bad Romance. The other thing is TWM3 is an original script so there is a lot more freedom in the story telling.
  6. Hunt and Steven will be on in June. ! Yesterday was a great show. Oh and there will a HIStory 3. One story will be Trap ( which didn't make it into H2). I guess we'll hear about the rest later.
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