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  1. I tried, I didn't do well...I've learned.... Yes it does make sense..thanks !!
  2. I make a note to self...no deep thinking or writing before coffee at all...
  3. Correct ! Sorry I. mis-read and thought you meant at the same time !! LOL I think was I was trying to say is that, not making a decision about something is still making a decision. Need more ice LOL Here in the West I've run into individuals who identify as non-binary gender fluid. They don't identify with any gender nor are they attracted to any gender and are perfectly happy. So it could be the case for Ae. ( before Pete). Pete became the identity trigger. Now if Champoo floats his boat too...then we have something else. I can imagine him not thinking at all..maybe in this BL series this is the exception to the " gone gay for you " trope...LOL. Still waiting for an author who doesn't need any of the tropes to tell a good BL story
  4. The "family" section is cheering loudly and waving rainbow color flags !
  5. I've had Bi friends - and they have had male/female relationships but never at the same time. I think it's more of who you are attracted to at the time.
  6. I don't think Ae every saw himself making a choice sexually which, really is a choice not to make a choice. ( does that make sense ?) So Pete, in some respect is causing confusion for Ae he doesn't any a frame of reference. He is drawn to Pete - his awakening if you will and is just trying to figure out what all of that means...so ok, maybe gay. Now if he sees Shampoo as " only a friend ". The yeah it's pretty clear he's family.
  7. <Shudder> the thought gives me hives - . That's the reality of it...in Yaoi and BL it's the fantasy...the trope. For it to make sense in my imind..I just say, they are Bi. Although not explictedly said...it allows me to accept the characterization. Pete is gay--Ae is Bi...in my mind it works.
  8. Perhaps although I was left with the impression that she acknowledged she wasn't the one...yet never truly accepted it.
  9. Hope so...they all can't be a Yiwah. The female antagonist role in these BL series I see as so unnecessary...but part of the tropes...I mean, a male antagonist can accomplish the same thing in a story line...ie. DBM. So here's hoping that Champoo will be tolerable.
  10. I breathed a sigh of relief...although I still have (3) ships sailing that week back to back... So, fun fact ( I guess)...
  11. btw does anyone know the state of this: and 4 days to Nirvana aka LBC !!
  12. The soft-subbed version. lyrics on the screen in English ...so you can sing along ! This is only on fb...not YT. They still want to get official views for the original...please don't re-upload this anywhere.
  13. yep ! all 63 in about four days. I cut my teeth on Chinese Historical dramas 60+ so those number are nothing...although they usually give you 4 1 hour episodes a week...they fill up the space while I wait...so while I hunger for the next episode of LBC...I'm snacking in-between...LOL. I'm sure the actress is wonderful - but she play the Mother B from H_ll with vigor. Thankfully LBC doesn't have one of those ( yet). Yeah KD's take mothers to another level...then humanize them at the end. But I will still respect you in the morning... This is going to be a in your face couple ship they both are strong personalities in their own ways..nothing tentative about them...so giving up and giving in will be a journey. Looking forward to this one too !
  14. I actually binge watched Life is Beautiful a few weeks ago after someone in another forum mentioned it - afterwards I wondered if they modeled Pete's (MT ) mother after the mother of one of they guys. She was brutal..but in KD's it's an art form. ! YOU FORGOT ABOUT TWM3 and LBC same night ?. it's ok...once. Gawd I hope not the same time..I'm gonna have to join QueensRUs support group !
  15. Yes, and it's the contrasts that now make the two series so compelling, might I even add brilliant on the side of the director. I've uncovered a few more ( not that I went looking)...but a scene in LBC triggered a scene from LS. Not only is LBC entertaining to watch on it's own merits, this partnership ( if you will ) with LS levels it up to a thinking series..lol Very much so and yes, LBC has bumped my #2 down to #3 and bringing truth to the table I have to admit I am a member of the .001 percent who didn't care for Addicted or 2moon .Even so, I have utmost respect for those that do. Yiwah rocks ! Of course you realize that TWM3 airs on the 28th, which is a Friday as does LBC. Gonna need smelling salts, a fan, and my man...
  16. The director said as much in an interview...you will see the connections between LS and LBC...totally agree with the kiss scene in the car...LBC is executed exactly like that scene in LS...reaching back, lips touch etc..only diff is...well - you know..! Actually, if you have photomemory from watching LS more than 10 times you'll notice that scene construction is very similar for some shots...even the camera work..( long shot/close up , slow , mo ) are being echo again... It's a great production team...and yes, the message is heard loud and clear.
  17. What a BL should be...fun, refreshing, pleasing to the eye, well produced and directed with spot on music. Am I throwing shade ? Yes I am.
  18. Which would put him perhaps back in middle school. It will be fun....that scene from the MV I think.." put up or shut up" ...see how he works the that... a DF is the worst...
  19. Ae/Pete with out question ! I'm kinda in the Techno/Kla camp..I've always been drawn to the " bad boy" and Kla is just so calculating...I love it...then TinCan, an original Tsundere cpl no less...that will be fun..they are str8 out of a manga...I'm just hoping they spread out the angst...it's BL..there's angst...hope it's not all in one episode...that's a recipe for ded. LOL
  20. I admit I did cringe a bit on the chopping board diakon radish ( I think ) and carrots aren't the softest to cut but they did a great job...I am continually amazing at the amount of cooking that is done in one sauce pan not only by them but other cooking vids I've seen...LOLI think they were in an office only need a burner and a pot you can cook anywhere ! . Saint and Perth are good together...I really like the off screen connection - which confirms the on screen connection. on another cpl note...I found this TinCan FMV ( fan made video).it's not long, good song, nice images...well constructed..enjoy
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