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  1. btw,,,the director for this and all the MySkyy episodes is the same director who directed Loser/17. So there will be some nice continuity .
  2. They are going to be ok...have to look beyond the situation to the resolution. Edge of 17 isn't bad....they will close the loop with Our Skyy...we were left hanging a bit...
  3. Episode 9 B1 >> https://tv.line.me/embed/4543008/ B2 >> https://tv.line.me/embed/4543009/ B3 >> https://tv.line.me/embed/4543012/ B4 >> https://tv.line.me/embed/4543013/ B5 >> https://tv.line.me/embed/4543014/
  4. Oh I suppose if I had been home...boredom might have set in...although I have 4 episodes of TEL2 to catch up on...today's TWM3 episode. And of course Friday...and tomorrow at 9 PM BKK time....the 6 new moons will be announced. ...So there's enough to keep going for the next few days...I'm sure there will be wailing, thrashing, and/or celebration for the announcement of the final 6...it will make interesting reading around the net for sure ! Twitter ought to be smokin'
  5. the good news is...all those individual clips made it into the series... that yt vid is a compilation of scenes from various episodes.
  6. I do like BOF...the story was typical KD angst, mothers from hell hound, and mean girls personified...and I will admit - I watch it for da boyz... #Iamshallow. Loved some of the sweaters in Heirs...owned a couple...that's about it.
  7. Well the way to get it out of your head is to watch the 25 one hour episodes...it's like cleaning your palate for the drama....( did you believe that ? ) There are things you must do...in the KD world. It's like this...BOF to KD is like LS is to BL. Cannon...must be done period.
  8. More like shrimp cause if that's sausage....it's not quite a mouthful..and he'll be humming almost paradise ! ( did I say that ? yes, yes I did ) Stop...Stop now...it will never leave you....one note and you're in the abyss...in the name of everything KD...don't do it !
  9. " Almost Paradise"... I can't get it out of my head...should have never watched that one episode of BOF
  10. thanks for the link...hit follow and relax... It all depends...Bl isn't the only genre I watch so I have to watch for KD's and CD's and then decide if I'm watch RT or binge when they are over...I get annoyed when I watch RT and the ending is flat ( and yes I'm throwing shade). But 2019 looks promising for entertainment !
  11. See now, you could be the first ! Just start the thread yourself...if you build it, they will come... go here... https://forums.soompi.com/en/forum/38-others/?do=add Hey I'll follow...there is tons of time to add tidbits and pics and trailers and, and, and, ...the OG fans are like Army...the thread will feed itself ! Well...transportation is an issue in some countries...flying is not allowed...walking is preferred...but Taiwan walked with all deliberate speed... so #1124 is the tag ! I'm not so sure things are as perfect as we are presented...if you watch the feeds carefully especially the arrival/departure...I've seen some interesting yet confirming behavior by the adults which leads me to believe that something is indeed rotten in the state of Denmark...subtle but there ( sorry don't fix anything) ...so I'm all for letting SS2 ride into next year if it is to be...time heals a lot of sh*it...
  12. It's really not a memorable name, I guess they are trying to find something in English...but the name is.. They're Celebrating QingMing Festival Next to My Grave
  13. And one more BL related thing... November 24th will be the day to decides if Taiwan will become the first Asian country to legalize Gay Marriage ! Su Su Nah and Fighting ! This is will be an important moment to mark.
  14. I do buy photo books...waiting for my mewart one now. Off/Gun's was nice too...My CTL T-shirt and DVD are prize possessions...for now. I"ve watched enough fanmeets over the years and yeah I think by far the Chinese fans spend the most on their idol. 2nd are Skorean fans. I remember one fandom in china got angry at their idols because they refused to take anymore gifts. They don't do the cookies and food route at all...it's more like custom items or designer items. Even the fan meets are exravaganza's... If they come and expect to see the characters the actors played in a series that is an entirely different kind of fan...for some its difficult to separate reality from fantasy which in the long run really damages the actors. Which is why if I want a memory...I'll buy the T-shirt and call it a day...
  15. And well, as a good fan - you have to get the goods...you need a T-Shirt to wear proudly to show your love and support for LBC... It's more than combing IG Twit FB Weibo Billibilli for all things related to your fandom. Ya gotta plunk down some dollars to be a " real " fan... ( so they say)
  16. I LMAO when I read this...then I saw this pic today...
  17. And here's the thing. The drama was already in the can - it was suppose to air in May - so all this drama is mind boggling. And yes, you will be ded when you read the translation of the novel - wrap it in brown paper
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