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  1. Yes he does say that a lot...it has a meaning I'm sure...right now I'm banking the jar of stars Oh yeah that scene and the other one...makes everyone a puddle...LOL Oh I was thinking way out there.like reincarnated back into himself as he is now. In other words...he leaves and comes back as himself at this point...with full memories..a gift if you will. Told ya it was out there...ok so I'm gonna go now and watch selected clips of the preview for E8...would be great is a sub was 7 was done tonight ! Can't wait for the cards....LOL
  2. well it was put out there...and is resting..so far this director does waste camera time..on nonessential stuff...it all come back so maybe..just maybe when you wish upon a star...LOL I would agree except, Mes has already say he has broken the rules...using his powers to grasp items etc...so you can't put toothpaste back into the tube...maybe there are a couple other rules that can be broken now...including ( this is far fetched) reincarnating back into your original self/body...I know I'm pushing the envelope here.. Special dispensation perhaps...well see next week for sure.either way..bring tissues.
  3. Oh I so agree And this is so rare in BL the actual " coming out " I thought that scene and those leading up to that admission were wonderful. I also think that at that same moment we all reflected on our own coming out story. It was refreshing to say the least. There is this question that floats through - how do we make this work inspire of the barriers ? Like you said, it's two people trying to connect. I love and respect this directors work. His storytelling skills cut deep and just bring you into what is going on. He really pulls the emotions out of the actors and puts them on the table. Yes, we always want more I think however it ends will be HE. This series is clearly in my rewatch column.
  4. Somehow, I don't think Id have a problem with him remaining a ghost as long as " touch " remained. Of course human would be much better... Well they seemed to have focused on that several times, on than birthday (when they were outside) when Mes left him the jar of stars with the note, and even in flashback when Thun's mother gave a jar of stars to Mens. So I can't think that all this "wish talk" ends in nada...lol I'm hopeful. But don't you think that just Thun's ability to see and talk with ghosts is enough? This supernatural theme was threaded through the whole series. So anything that occurs outside the realm of natural order is supernatural which means miracles can happen. Ah but sometimes first love is the last one... . Clearly I don't think this happens to Thun...I think there will be an HE - perhaps not one that the fans like..but one that the characters can live with which, should be happiness in itself.
  5. I can't help but think about the jar of stars...and wishes and since this is a supernatural series...anything is possible...there's a saying, better to have loved than never to have loved at all..
  6. An ex-boyfriend can easily be a villain too... Kinda would level the playing field. Dark Blue Midnight was also an exception. It's seems this is particular to Thai BL especially.
  7. so true...I watch raw most of the time then follow up with dialog. My take is, if they can't act and show me the feelings and emotions...the words they say become null and void. I'm positive you will become more attentive to the words around E5..... So, continue to eat slowly and savor each moment - it's worth it. This drama is clearly quite an appreciative surprise - acting, music, and directing is on point -no wasted scenes ! I don't I've yet said, " now what was that for ? " Every scene and piece of dialog has a purpose...longing looks lead to something rather than just hang out to dry while music plays !
  8. there are other subbers for HCTM...only they are slower...and to tbh their translation is way better...actually, GMA is coming to Netflix I don't know how soon...I watched GMA well I started at E5 because the trailer caught my attention...so I watched the rest...it was the only game in town so...it filled the void
  9. Actually they need to go to Loreal...for hair color...Captain's hair ( Noh from LS) color is done by them and it's gorgeous. !
  10. Wow ! Just wow ! E5 was amazing ! And Ohm solo dialog on the balcony.....da$m...he nailed it...It was spot on ! The pairing of Ohm and Singto is just so refreshing and powerful ! They brought a tear to my eye...and that ain't easy to do for me...Such an emotional rollercoaster ride...Loved the episode...reminds you that you have a heart !
  11. Apparently, Saint has a new series.. whyRU directed by P'New.
  12. Thank you so much ! How I wish you were translating the actual series - your translation is nuanced and closer to the real way English reads..as opposed to just English words on paper. ( or screen ) Thanks again !
  13. Have you seen their photoshoot for Hamburger Mag ? A three story concept - very well done. cool !
  14. Just watched it again - just to make sure that I hadn't eaten too much - ( there's has been a BL drought lately). It's still good - still funny and well directed. There's no wasted space in filming - everything you see has a purpose like I also like seeing the new Singto ( haven't seen him play a character like this ). He and Ohm play well. Looking forward to this series with and without subs...they act for understanding.
  15. these two scenes had me LMAO....so far, it's a good series, enjoyable - Met & Tun work !
  16. Yeah the Ohm/Singto combination is a draw. They look good together - so let's see if the chemistry translates on screen. And it new - been a while since there has been a new series that I'm interested in so if for nothing else...I'll watch !
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