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  1. Yep it was about as real as you can get... what I find funny in reading comments on various sites is that everyone wants to see...then when they see...it's too much...
  2. I dunno... it depends on what you want to know...and why you want to know...I love learning for learning's sake..but I am also in control of what I learn..for instance, I would never be interested in a Yuri series...on any level...contrasted to BL which is in my wheel-house, a lived experience. Take the Goldfish... I know what it means...and I know what's happening...no mystery there...well, for me. I don't watch BL for the carnal knowledge... I always ask myself, now that I know this..what am I gonna do with this new found knowledge ?
  3. Oh yeah you would....I point you in the direction of Ep 5 of WTD and Together With Me - those are the bench marks ! Yeah because some productions block viewing on YT from Thai and other countries that get LineTV. So, the YT views are mostly international at least on the first airing. It may change after that..
  4. Image and type casting. mainstream will hire a BL actor because they bring viewers with them. Mainstream viewers don't always watch BL so theirs no benefit to put a mainstream actor into BL...you go where the money is. Well...I find most bedscenes in Thai novels pretty laughable...they are like descriptions of what is going on... I suppose I can't be too harsh as the writers can't write from the lived experience...although, there are a couple female writers of non Thai SS novels that understand that it's not a passive activity - with pretty music... No worries, remember, that's on Line TV...UWMA also airs on YouTube..and Line. Line does not include international viewers since most can't access Line TV without a VPN. So I pay very little attention to the numbers game unless it's in the billions like many Chinese series....
  5. I haven't started the series...backers of BL want themes that are universal...I'm sure it was difficult to find backers for a newbie director and predictor. Additionally...the theme...it prolly wasn't what they wanted their names attached to...although they might not say that...they'd just say no. Ah that was a great read... but you forgot the bedscenes which everyone seems to have a thirst for.. you might have had to do chapter 2 !
  6. Yes he did and it was evident in the production of LBC. Not to mention he as an experienced director with an eye for how scenes should be played out. Mame was just the writer. The danger is when the writer becomes producer and the director has little experience in directing a large production. I think that's evident in TT ( overall theme notwithstanding) She tells the director what she wants to see and he points the camera and shoots...does he own any filters ? A director gives orders...not takes order... So my guess is that if there is another LBC2 - P'New will be in the drivers seat... completely. Not to mention I read that she is financing TT which accounts for a lot. It's like this, the success of the Marvel Universe in addition to the stories is that the production quality of each movie is comparable. You can count on it...the same should be for the LBC Universe...jes'sayin... <note> I'm only talking production.. Of course....let's be clear, it's all about the money. UWMA is a high end production...check out the backers...and it's working...and the story line is cool too ! Passion is fine - but sometimes, you have to have the cash to make it happen according to your vision...without it...you get make-do. Are you up to the task ?
  7. I saw some of the photos and vids from that event...they looked like colleagues...fellow actors... not your imagination.
  8. The question is who would do it...the writer holds all the rights...would be great if she let go and sold it ...the latest iteration isn't that impressive...not sure P'New would touch it again...not unless it was fully funded and he had the kind of backers he has for UWMA...remember he paid out of pocket to finish LBC...he's not doing that again..
  9. Oh no anger...I just thought somebody got to read that...( won't be me- I've seen a preview of the text I think that's d'rigor for all shippers in fandoms ( I call it obsession - but who am I ) ...only a few things missing and two of them I don't want to know about... but they still do that with QingYu and it's been years since they have been seen together...yet, they comb their hair to the same side the other day...
  10. It's ok...you must give us a book report...after you read.
  11. In case you want more of the LBC Universe aside from LBC and Tharntype, Klengla/Techno story has just been released in English and you can buy it here. Just sharing the info...I have no plans to buy it https://www.mebmarket.com/index.php?action=BookDetails&data=YToyOntzOjc6InVzZXJfaWQiO3M6NjoiNzYwNzQ1IjtzOjc6ImJvb2tfaWQiO3M6NjoiMTA4MjY2Ijt9&page_no=1
  12. The P'New Universe returns...guest appearances Plann, Mean, Perth...and couple more...
  13. I think that TOL is one of the best adaptations of a novel that I have seen to date. The amount of creativity that went into turning a novel from a page by page regurgitation into a unique visual series is awe inspiring...they took a theme and wrapped it around the novel. I wish more screenwriters would do the same instead of showing me what I already read. This is a great example and the editing is spot on. l
  14. Well you gonna have rainbows and unicorns of course, a side of angst, with a healthy dose of cuteness, followed by a bit of carnal knowledge and dashes of humor. Enjoy !!!
  15. Extreme cognitive dissonance ! Cause the " Uke " ergo wife must be " soft" smaller, chaste, and display vestibule virgin mannerisms of which Forth shows none..Forth is manly... Beam is... I think Beam also has experience as he was into women before and now he's into men...(trope) as such, he has a working knowledge of the basic framework... even though access points were different. Actually, most of the Thai BL series were written in the last 5 years...ancient times to be sure...of course there was no expectation for adult males to read or even watch BL. In their minds..this is how male-same sex relationships work kinda like a Primer. Still better than a sling... There is a phrase used to describe that behavior in KD's. The whole feigned chasteness reaction But yeah, that's how you're supposed to act..right ? Green light is given for 2M3...
  16. Sorry I mean original as in 2M2...not original as in S1...my bad in working..as I read it now...I see it has a double meaning...
  17. And the US being the litigation capital or the world...lawsuits would have been filed...public stuff is just too ugly...although there are those who thrive on it...I'm happy the boyz keep working...cause opening beauty shops don't pay the bills
  18. No...I'm gonna say drama, drama. drama...it was tacky to say the least...there's more to this than meets the eye..and we may never know the truth...I always think that Twitter is the cowards way out...every body doesn't need to know...I liked the director...only because I knew his prior work. I might not have watched 2m2 if it wasn't him directing because 2m for me was..........anyway this is like reality TV let's see how it plays out...it is the entertainment business - things change over night !! Money does talk. A lot will depend on what the sponsors think and feel...if they start pulling out...lot's of things change.
  19. Confirmed...there will be a TwoMoons3....with the original actors..(only the director was changed). And yes, there is drama...there are speculations as to why but no definitive statement as to why the current director was replaced. Snippets of original convo below...you can follow the threads if you choose... Where's RuPaul when you need her...she'd get these Queens in order....<sigh>
  20. That is all I have, I'm sorry..I will admit that I have no emotional tie-end to the original - however, I do understand your POV. Well there's already been a S2 so it's been five years that we are waiting for a S3- well we did get reminders...however I do get what you are saying. funny you should mention them - they both will be on School Rangers this week...Captain being the guest player... ah well , it's over now the #TheSixMoons ( as they are called now) are wading into the special appearance, fanmeet, etc waters...until the S3 which there will be.
  21. Love the proverb...I think we may be moving in that direction. 5 years ago it wasn't even in the wheelhouse...so step by step !
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