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  1. The way Kengla is looking at Techno and the positioning in bed leads me to believe that Kengla may have given Techno the keys to the kingdom . I mean all we got is Kengla doing the talking. Pitcher's could have changed....we'll see hopefully. On my first glance, I thought it was a rug...then after you said that, I looked closer and realized they were wooden slates...LOL and they do tear up you ankles and legs...had that set up in college. Looked cool but hurt a lot... Agreed. I think unless they went into production with a 2nd season in the bag...decisions had to be made about the story arcs including bringing forward stuff from other books to this season ( like the Tar story). So I'm just waiting to see what P'Knew in his directorial wisdom decided to do. Although I can't help but think.... ...the next 3 episodes are going to be KD prototypes for angst...cause he haven't had any..
  2. Dude ! how could could you ? Zhang is hot AF. As CD's go, TKW isn't bad. He was also tasty in TMOPB as were several others.... Welcome back ! the T level has increased again !
  3. well the fact that there is a Wednesday in-between now and Friday helps.
  4. It's actually a funny show...there are some...quite interesting situations which occur...
  5. Sure ... they both could become bottoms The visual on that ...lmao
  6. Of course not....it would be a nice change for a while in the typical BL trope...But here's the other thing...they are both technically str8 and technically tops...so it could be a challenge for both..the field is wide open...could go either way..cause it's not about personality or size ( height)..
  7. Well...what else do the IC boys have..they need some excitement in their lives...of the locker room type... Can may be the power bottom we've been looking for.....
  8. That and TinCan...Can looked pretty forceful when he dragged Tin into the locker room...I was thinking.. go boi - be in charge and Tin looked altogether surprised...by the fact that Can could yank him like that ( no pun intended-well, maybe, but no) And KlengKla...just love the edgy frankness...
  9. you owe me keyboard...cause all I was drinking is now spewed across it and it was a good vintage !
  10. I suspect that they would be more concerned if it was a girl/guy relationship at that age. Social attitudes and all. My son your son..cool...My son your daughter...not cool. And I'm sure in the contract there are conditions set. I also suppose if your child wants to act in a BL...then you have to come to terms with what that means...I'd have a hard time seeing a 16yr old in TWM/WTD...it's a bit too edgy.
  11. cr:twitter There's a beautiful BL " first night " bubble floating over all the BL lands... and I for one am not going to prick it !
  12. I have to admit I thought this is where you take me after such a wonderful scene ? Might as well have Pete's mom walk in ( you do know that all mother's in BL have keys to their son's apartment - it's. trope..LOL). That would have been a funny afterglow... Seriously, I get the contrast..one guys sweet dream - the other guys' nightmare. I think it was a jolt you had to think about the transition and why. LOL .
  13. She needs to know....and it will be an event. Exactly, his A$$ would have been. kicked out... Mission Accomplished ! cr.twitter
  14. Well...it's almost time....thousands maybe hundreds of thousands of fans all sitting around their tv's laptops, and phones...waiting to see two guys, as a fan on another forum said " do it " Anyway...I know that this was posted as a Episode 9 Starter Pack: But for those who can't use that pack and in the pursuit of gender equity. I share with you ( just received this) Episode 9 Starter Pack #2. Nothing like choices.....happy viewing !
  15. Well, I wouldn't compare 2M to LBC...2m was and still is a hot mess not to mention you can find a fully translated copy of the 3 books for 2M online. I'm sure with all the hype this is getting...she might not have the same kind of problems and if what I tried to read withTinCan is indicative of the kinda of translations out there...I'll wait until something comes from a publisher. Although the chapters I read back in May were translated with perfection...don't know who it was and the site is gone...
  16. I hope they are the tiger shrimp they are sending...the little pink one are only good for salad... Well you can always unwrap a hot 밤고구마 the affect will prolly be the same
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