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  1. I read that early this morning on FB; they got the info from a person on Twitter. I'm still waiting to hear that from a primary source. I have yet to see that news quoted by anyone else besides those two. Although I did see the words movie format not series...So I'm hedging my bet until " official" info surfaces...
  2. That's keyboard #2 Hey welcome ! Yeah, there are several of us gays hanging out here... you know how it is...there's always a bunch a Queens on deck ! We are in different time zones but we are here talking about BL- LBC in particular and other random off topics...so dive in don't get your speedo caught on a rock...the water is fine !
  3. SK is up...that means it's Friday someplace in the world...I am hopeful. ..LBC is not far behind ! It's National Coming Out Day, got a new shipment of Tea and just bought Kim Sung Kyu's True Love...Life is Good....since you gave a cookie...I'll give you one ! lol
  4. @Kim Soo-Lee did you want to know this ? ( Off Off topic)
  5. Oh honey...this queen doesn't have that much patience or time for 10 volumes...5 perhaps but it would mean giving up my BL entertainment...and that is unacceptable so I'll just stick with the Sun. ...and if radar's are broke...don't fix them...it's better that way ignorance can be bliss.
  6. Well...I could give you a 25 page essay on the subject...although somehow I think that would be too much for this forum.... Not to mention..some things just can't be explained...they just exist like the sun. Ok we went full circle... Yeah..shipping is fun...I got my dingy's, canoes, row boats, those ships in dry dock, and of course...my Battle ship ! It's all fantasy - I got enough in the RW to worry about...
  7. I'll be honest, I'll talk about who it doesn't ping for rather than who it does and even then with caution. It's kinda like outing someone which isn't cool. If you're in the closet - you're entitled to stay there until you're ready which kinda is the story arc of TWM3...the struggle is real. Which by the way...
  8. That's the one I saw earlier... think it was removed. The idea of acting is make feeling believable...so if he didn't have ant feelings for Saint - so what they were acting. The fantasy angle of BL goes over the top sometimes. And here's the other thing...LOL if an actor IS gay...unless you come with the same equipment - you have no chance of flipping him...( another Bl trope gone bad). Now if they would just hire out gay actors for these roles...all of this nonsense and speculation would be moot...just an idea..
  9. If you're a Gay guy, you're born with it...dunno about the other thing...
  10. the simplest way I can explain gaydar is this: You see the sun, you know it's the sun - no question, no guess work, you just know. Even if it's cloudy, you know the sun is there - it's a given. You know a guy is gay period - there is no because.... does that make sense ?
  11. He did an excellent job. The reporters were doing what reporters do...they don't change. As you said it's up to the artist to learn how to maneuver in those situations.
  12. Good..The journey was light and fun...and there was an episode when I yelled at the screen...that's not the one you want or need...just wait. Ok I know that was an oblique comment but you know what I mean... pre WTD To be a good performance actor means believability... and he's doing a great job with that and knows that it's a performance Not hardly... Data: Late Autumn and GFB are on record as the longest KD kisses.both over a minute. Tar is out has a bf.
  13. Subs are up !! International Ep.3 eng sub Part 1/5~ https://tv.line.me/embed/4188891 Part 2/5~ https://tv.line.me/embed/4188892 Part 3/5~ https://tv.line.me/embed/4188897 Part 4/5~ https://tv.line.me/embed/4188894 Part 5/5~ https://tv.line.me/embed/4188898
  14. For some of us BL is our lived experience as well as entertainment ...so we can choose with gay abandonment what to will watch... Last link is from Weibo...not sure it will open but its cute to see them all breaking moves...LOL
  15. Was reading on twitter that allegedly he has been getting hate mail from fans because he said he didn't feel anything when he kissed Saint, it was just a role he played an that he loved his gf. Of course, I can't find the tweet again...so it stays as allegedly.
  16. I'll admit. I didn't watch.Checked out the website ( which is very slick btw) and OST and trailer and to quote, " you have been weighed and measured and found wanting " It just didn't grab me...so I had another cup of coffee and waited for TWM. It's early here...no sense using the morning ( 8 AM) for something I'm not hooked on (yet). On another note...found this .. before LBC, before WTD, there was The Journey you might be surprised with some of the members and who knows who !
  17. I"m debating...my teeth already hurt... on another note...love love the new Super Junior/Reik tune...fact they may just provide the balance I need to fall into another Dream...
  18. The way Kengla is looking at Techno and the positioning in bed leads me to believe that Kengla may have given Techno the keys to the kingdom . I mean all we got is Kengla doing the talking. Pitcher's could have changed....we'll see hopefully. On my first glance, I thought it was a rug...then after you said that, I looked closer and realized they were wooden slates...LOL and they do tear up you ankles and legs...had that set up in college. Looked cool but hurt a lot... Agreed. I think unless they went into production with a 2nd season in the bag...decisions had to be made about the story arcs including bringing forward stuff from other books to this season ( like the Tar story). So I'm just waiting to see what P'Knew in his directorial wisdom decided to do. Although I can't help but think.... ...the next 3 episodes are going to be KD prototypes for angst...cause he haven't had any..
  19. Dude ! how could could you ? Zhang is hot AF. As CD's go, TKW isn't bad. He was also tasty in TMOPB as were several others.... Welcome back ! the T level has increased again !
  20. well the fact that there is a Wednesday in-between now and Friday helps.
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