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  1. me ? I never would have mentioned the Line addicted stickers
  2. Oh I understood perfectly what you were saying. Not to worry. I mention that in a post above... I wonder if fatigue is setting in...it's normal. The challenge for any show ( BL or otherwise ) is to keep the audience engaged. Will be interesting to see the numbers for E11..
  3. There wasn't any analysis with this chart or how this data was tabulated. I'm going to guess that its good. The person failed to do subtotal for each episode ( vertically) however it shows that LInetv is getting over a mill views per episode and the first part of each episode is getting a mill + on it's own. I'm not so concerned with YT. Apparently E6 was a fav...LOL followed by 7 and 9. It's interesting that E10 has the lowest number of views of all the episodes...I wonder if fatigue is setting in...happens with tv shows... viewers get tired if new content doesn't appear - that could include storylines or characters, or just tired. Overall...I think it's good...good enough for a second season ? Dunno the criteria; still a wait and see. I would love to see the China stats..those usually hit the billion mark
  4. Someone is keeping stats on LBC views. Blue over a mil, yell = less than 1 mill. Ep 8-10 have not been loaded to the official LBC on YT yet. Data as of 10/17 cr:Twitter
  5. No name works. And that's why there's Google... Sports and Education...of course, why not? Makes sense to me - no judgement. " and will Kengkla tap it ?"... Oh this is one of those phrases that you come understand by context and correct spelling. Easier to believe than not - takes less energy. Sometimes, things are hiding in plain sight..
  6. Well being a B who likes B's having the term Perv attached is a bit unsettling...I would prefer Voyeur if any Look it up ! Ok I wasn't being fair. Not everyone...some folks here may be waiting to see what pattern there is on Pete's PJ's and what side Ae parted his hair, who won't be wearing a white shirt, and will Kleng tap it ! Oh of course..Aliens are the biggest watchers around...so why not ? That's P' Voyeur, P' V-o-y-e-u-r. I have watched more than some ( all ) and yeah it's been obvious from jump. Happy to welcome them to the family.
  7. For the Pervs, Voyeurs,Viewers, Fans, oh you know who you are... E11...
  8. It was #fatedtoloveyou...we knew that from the beginning...just had to wait around for them to know it...and they did ! Hand ? Oh right...it's not a closed forum.. Perv !!! I always found that word interesting when used in conjunction with BL...I think the word to be used is Voyeur..LOL. Is not everyone just waiting for the " moisturizer scene ? And didn't every get ded on the bathtub scene ? And don't the FunFacts+18 make you giggle ? Uh huh..it fits - not only that it's a universal term... ! Well if it ( the tongue) stays there ( in the mouth) ...it's not a kiss..it has to relocate to another. mouth . Oh it was clear from the beginning...the GDar was all over that. Yeah the workshop was something ( wonder if they have any for LBC?) considering they had only know each other for 3 days...it was meant to be.
  9. They get no slack. As Tin says, if there’s no tongue it’s not a kiss!
  10. ...and posters, postcards, and chibi's of the CTL and ROW cast... I have a Main Coon cat..15 lbs
  11. Actually, it's HIStory3 because CTL and Right or Wrong were the second installment. The 3rd installment will be two new stories. I have names, but not sure they are final - confirmed. Names change even during shooting. And CTL will be a movie to close the story line. All of those are slated for 2019. My source is very close to what's happening. btw: I received the History 2 DVD set along with the Fandy ID card for my bd - don't be jelly
  12. Correct... 2019 might be a bumper year.. for BL, CD's and KD's... We know HIStory 3 in 2019 for sure...CTL movie and two new series.
  13. Which one was that ? I've got a bevy of them.. New one launching next week Monday.
  14. Well...if you ff'd through some parts you are not going to get your Fujoshi membership card doing that - so the tell me... Well as long as you don't expect them to do something " gay " you'll be ok... I'm also going to say that you probably have met several gay people...we're pretty regular folks...except for who we love. So if you're looking for a gay thing...you might miss some of us. Fully agree on that. I've met a couple...not here of course...
  15. No, I can't say that I have heard of that or any drama like that nor would I ever go searching for one... Well yeah...much more than that...I would suggest that you don't watch WTD or TWM2...it's not unicorns and rainbows..they bring FunFacts +18 to life... and yes, you would be quite ded. And here's the other good news...you met some LGBT people right here in this forum... and we don't bite - well we do, but not girls ! And speaking of fun facts....only if you are 18+
  16. Yeah, looking forward to this story line playing out...it's got some teeth ( no pun intended - yeah well maybe) in it...a little more grounded in rw. And being the BLH that I am...I just want to see my trashy boi's (K/T).. I get the feeling..just finished watching a livestream of my ship... nothing beats real romance like that Terminologies ? Don't worry she is rather oblique...never using the real words anyway... Gatopia...yeah I sometimes wonder if the author is really female - the fixation with gay men is mind boggling...My mind couldn't even begin to fathom the lives, loves, or sex between two women. I have lesbian friends...but it stops at friendship..I don't even want to know more <shudder>
  17. This was Tin's third suggestive comment/action which is leading me to think... E11 Preview... The Moisturizer Cometh !
  18. Oh my mind is clean... Told ya...bigger tub needed !
  19. Seriously, I wrote TPTB and asked...the possibilities are so many...it's worth asking..here's hoping to get an answer...
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