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  1. Well..maybe he's still thinking with a moisturized brain... I just think that those of us in or have been in a mature relationship want to school him a bit. Ae needs somebody to tell him to stop acting like a Di*ck and man-up. He has someone precious so treat him like a precious person ( oh that was so KD) rather than object.
  2. Ummm I don't know about AE "suddenly" realizing that. I think he's still too possessive and jealous. He'd rather wrap Pete up in bubble wrap and keep him from the view of the world right now. it's gonna take an outside force of some kind to make him realize he should be proud of his man not jealous, and know that Pete isn't going anywhere. He hasn't relaxed into the relationship yet.
  3. Yeah it was...maybe Pond knocked some sense into his head ( or blackmailed him). Or maybe Pete did decide to push back. Or maybe, family friend showed back up and rather than leave Pete with her..he'd take his chances with his friends and took him. Something changed his mind..
  4. But didn't Ae tell Pete at the library he wasn't going and then reinforced it when he told him they would go some where when he came back from the Beach trip with his friends and Pete smiled sweetly and said ok ? Somehow that didn't feel right - in mind my I thought Ae was being a tool and Pete was enabling him...Love my be blind but it ain't stupid ! Pete should have pushed back on that...
  5. I actually liked Can's mom who was also in MIR2 with Plan. She played the mother of Yok, one of his friends. It was nice seeing them back together - they had nice chemistry.
  6. That's true...but first you'd have to get both of them on the screen at the same time...
  7. They said there would be cake...I don't even have a plate, nor spoon, nor fork !
  8. Since we're putting honesty on the table...I must have read the " winter trip to the North" an excessively amount of times...it took a while to understand the hard ship Xia Yao suffered when he visited Yuan Zong.
  9. I'm actually waiting for a Monday/Tuesday CD to begin on Monday ( see spoiler) that will add balance. Yep waiting sucks ( and not in a good way) Sadly, there hasn't been a lot of other drama's out where I could slot LBC in between. Legend of Fuyao ended right before LBC or that would have been a nice drama setup. So I'm hoping for T/C and K/T for the next three weeks and I have no patience for the Yuri type drama over Pete. Fatigue is setting in... I'll add that to my watch list. I remember him from Love 020 and LLIT !
  10. I also think that depends on whether it's a drama with multi-cpls or with one central cpl. The ensemble drama's seem to have the most problem balancing... Actually I think AB pulled it off - then again I read the novel...so I could " insert here" into the plot holes of the story. Right now, the LBC unicorns are line up outside my door...I'm just waiting for some spicy T/C action or better K/T (which prolly won't happen and that richard simmons me off) to make them go away. Too much sugar can make you tired...
  11. Off topic...if you're into CD's ( the world isn't total BL..LOL ) then...
  12. Why yes, yes it does. I give you according to Webster: Fluffy - adjective Definition of fluffy 1a: covered with or resembling fluff 1b: being light and soft or airy : puffed up a fluffy omelet 2: lacking in meaning or substance : SUPERFICIAL sense 2c 3. Unicorns & Rainbows awwww- so sweet ( my definition added) Some dramas are fluffy more awwww - so sweet moments than angst like LBC. Other drama's like, TWM3, and WTD there's more angst than awwww-so sweet. And those like <I'm struggling here> maybe LS have a balance between awww and angst.
  13. Well you do know they practice a lot in workshop..so if you thought he had " experience " then as an actor he did a good job !
  14. They were the originals that 's for sure - of course they knew each other for 4-5 years BEFORE Counterattack and roomed together in the same dorm at college....and if not for the country they live in...they could have joined the family like MA and BNY and PA...time will certainly tell.
  15. Seriously and No. edit They still follow each other on Weibo though it's what friends do
  16. the eye's told the story... QingYu did. Not so sure about Ruiwen. Own them...keep them in my Elite OST playlist...lol
  17. Yeah, you had been rung dry...with no moisturizer when I met you.
  18. me ? I never would have mentioned the Line addicted stickers
  19. Oh I understood perfectly what you were saying. Not to worry. I mention that in a post above... I wonder if fatigue is setting in...it's normal. The challenge for any show ( BL or otherwise ) is to keep the audience engaged. Will be interesting to see the numbers for E11..
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