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  1. This was a fb live today ! It's on yt 2 hours if you have nothing else to do...
  2. was just going to post this...great minds et.al....lol
  3. Let's hope not...we all know the way that Ae like to punish. If he saw that I'm sure Pete would have to give up the Benz for this :
  4. You know, there are people called Continuity Editors...their job is to make sure everything in a scene is the same no matter how many times they shoot the scene and there isn't random s*hit ..guess they don't hire them in Thai BL...I know P'new likes to shoot live...but really - that was a distraction. I'm trying to keep in mind that LBC was supposed to air in May therefore all the filming for this was done months ago. When MCOT dropped the series they probably had to edit the h*ell out of the series ( which is apparent at times ) to air it someplace else. in my opinion they could have left the Tur story until the " imaginary season 2" and just give us the full KKT storyline. I always keep two or three other drama's in my wheel house running at the same time - this is entertainment, not my life...if I'm not entertained..then I got other stuff..they could surprise use in the last episode.. but I wouldn't put a dime in that dollar..
  5. Ah...homeless guy I thought it was just a staff person who got caught in the filming...and it was easier to just stay there...cause wasn't he still on campus while he was having a bipolar moment ? Oh this is going to be a real rainbow and unicorn moment...I can tell... whereas, it looks like KK is at the entrance to Hell "Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate". Sigh, the tension is mounting
  6. and so...KKT gets another 240 secs of screen time.. this is good - wouldn't want their storyline overexposed...
  7. Ummm...well that remains to be seen...figuratively speaking of course..
  8. Oh my !!! What a big thumb hand you have... THAT is noteworthy
  9. I with you... THAT is never to be trifled with, given up, nor eliminated...either here in this current life...or the next one....THAT is cannon !
  10. Oh no...not monkhood...there are things you have to give up...and I'm NOT giving up THAT !!
  11. Well you do hold the keys to the kingdom...so it makes perfect sense.... M nature and brain are KK all the way...
  12. It only applies to waiting....most of the time...I'm probably closer to KK...kindred spirits it you will....
  13. Actually...this is the KK/Techno Theme song Fans standing in Unity...waving rainbow flags ! Shouting K-K-T !!!! High Hopes got too have High Hopes !!!
  14. Yes, I'm waiting with an abundance of patience. An abundance - a really lot of patience - ginormous amount of.patience.
  15. Subs are up ! Love by Chance Series - EP12 [EngSub by JayBL / KorSub by Haru] EP12-1 https://tv.line.me/embed/4363771 EP12-2 https://tv.line.me/embed/4363773 EP12-3 https://tv.line.me/embed/4363775 EP12-4 https://tv.line.me/embed/4363819
  16. I'm not sure about a sequel...I think there was convo when IAYK came out...but I havent' heard anything since then. I think the Best/Mark combo was the best too..Mark has the same kind of swag in LBC...lol Agreed. The Tin/Can horizontal dance will make screens go up in flames...
  17. Yes, I knew you would pick the latter more than the former... No they wear the tight pants nicely.... and dance well too !
  18. So Saint had his FanMeet Encore yesterday - and apparently has a new stylist ! and new MV
  19. Are you willing to wager your Fujo card on that ? cross-over...beach was also the final scene in MIR2...
  20. And I forgot to add Waterboyy the movie. Mean has been around the block a few times... We'll with all the drama going on it feels as though they took a page outta the 2M playbook.. In the spoiler, P'News tweet ( translated by Lazy). That the director has to say something is sad.
  21. Excuses...excuses...you have to pay attention... LS, MIR and LBC are a trifecta...there are cross overs with music, actors, scenes, locations, and props. And, there is one maybe two more.... btw Mean was also in MIR. His characters name was Champ . OK so it's taking me all day to get to E12. It was something about this episode that made me think of Yaoi Manga characters...you rarely see them rarely live action. The Tusundere CPL ( Tin/Can) - I can think of a few manga's where there was a cpl like this who hate, fought, feel in love, and lived happily ever after. (Junjo Romantica) I will say this, Tin is smooth...he really knows how to get some air between those lips in a kiss...nice ! Guess we'll have to wait until season 2 to see what Can does with his.. Dominant/Submissive ( Ae/Pete ) - anytime the word punish and sex goldfish are in the same scene you got a Dom/Sub relationship. the Goldfish are cannon. And finally...'"Abandon hope all ye who enter here'"
  22. Are u public ally saying you have never watched or don’t remember lovesick? Give me your fujoshi card right now. LS is cannon
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