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  1. It only applies to waiting....most of the time...I'm probably closer to KK...kindred spirits it you will....
  2. Actually...this is the KK/Techno Theme song Fans standing in Unity...waving rainbow flags ! Shouting K-K-T !!!! High Hopes got too have High Hopes !!!
  3. Yes, I'm waiting with an abundance of patience. An abundance - a really lot of patience - ginormous amount of.patience.
  4. Subs are up ! Love by Chance Series - EP12 [EngSub by JayBL / KorSub by Haru] EP12-1 https://tv.line.me/embed/4363771 EP12-2 https://tv.line.me/embed/4363773 EP12-3 https://tv.line.me/embed/4363775 EP12-4 https://tv.line.me/embed/4363819
  5. I'm not sure about a sequel...I think there was convo when IAYK came out...but I havent' heard anything since then. I think the Best/Mark combo was the best too..Mark has the same kind of swag in LBC...lol Agreed. The Tin/Can horizontal dance will make screens go up in flames...
  6. Yes, I knew you would pick the latter more than the former... No they wear the tight pants nicely.... and dance well too !
  7. So Saint had his FanMeet Encore yesterday - and apparently has a new stylist ! and new MV
  8. Are you willing to wager your Fujo card on that ? cross-over...beach was also the final scene in MIR2...
  9. And I forgot to add Waterboyy the movie. Mean has been around the block a few times... We'll with all the drama going on it feels as though they took a page outta the 2M playbook.. In the spoiler, P'News tweet ( translated by Lazy). That the director has to say something is sad.
  10. Excuses...excuses...you have to pay attention... LS, MIR and LBC are a trifecta...there are cross overs with music, actors, scenes, locations, and props. And, there is one maybe two more.... btw Mean was also in MIR. His characters name was Champ . OK so it's taking me all day to get to E12. It was something about this episode that made me think of Yaoi Manga characters...you rarely see them rarely live action. The Tusundere CPL ( Tin/Can) - I can think of a few manga's where there was a cpl like this who hate, fought, feel in love, and lived happily ever after. (Junjo Romantica) I will say this, Tin is smooth...he really knows how to get some air between those lips in a kiss...nice ! Guess we'll have to wait until season 2 to see what Can does with his.. Dominant/Submissive ( Ae/Pete ) - anytime the word punish and sex goldfish are in the same scene you got a Dom/Sub relationship. the Goldfish are cannon. And finally...'"Abandon hope all ye who enter here'"
  11. Are u public ally saying you have never watched or don’t remember lovesick? Give me your fujoshi card right now. LS is cannon
  12. You are correct...on both counts... So with the girth of experience he's had... I am expecting something beyond the lippess I have wayyy to many of those little cards...and yes, they are also made from this substance. I have secured the PLASTIC in sheets..as to cover a multitude of things including the keyboard. Did you know you can use this PLASTiC to cover....never mind, another convo another place...
  13. I have found this marvelous new discovery....it's call PLASTIC...ever hear of it ? Well it seems to repel most everything including spewed coffee..and other liquids that could destroy a keyboard works wonders....so I'm ready for ya
  14. You know this isn't Mean's first rodeo....here's a flash to the past...and look who he's with. This is from >>>>>>> you outta know this drama...
  15. 2.. It's sad, when two elephants fight, it's the grass that's destroyed...
  16. At least it's noted that it's the managers. thankfully Saint and Perth aren't sabotaging themselves.. folks know it's the managers.
  17. You know it's a full moon...and BL drama is doing the most...all over.
  18. That's for sure...we'll see how if it changes overall because all production houses should pay attention to this kind of situation...they could be next so be proactive and take responsibility.
  19. As if that would happen ( ooo do I sound cynical ? ) and the fans would listen...and based on what I've observed over the last 48 hours... I doubt it...they pimp these guys out like Ho's to every crack and crevice in Thailand in the name of fan meet...to perform...not sure how much safety is a major concern although maybe now it may be.
  20. If I had to give my cat a personae...it would be Emmett from QAF !! LOL I suppose later today there may be additional info on what's being done. I feel bad for them because they seemed to be schlepped around the country so much...
  21. He's a coon cat...so he talks..a lot...so he just sits and dishes to anybody that shows up....if they knew what he was saying they would run...it's like a talk show ! I hope that counseling is part of the protocol..I know here when ever accidents like this happen...the counseling protocol kicks in immediately especially when they were " on the job" - work related .
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