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  1. 3 hours ago, gogole mongol said:

    For Cooheart, i need to see him outside of LBC world, where we didn't had too much possibilities to deeply appreciate what he is able to done for us.


    Well this is his partner for UWMA and as the first cpl of the series I think he will have a chunk of screen time.  TBH...this series carries a lot more weight than the series that Plan and Perth are doing.... Oh !! Wait !! they aren't doing a series...so yeah they might have to back off to someone else...Coolheart got a new team to play with. :joy:




  2. 4 hours ago, mellialuna said:

    About the show, I like the second episode, not the first one, I understand the director has to show the situation, the relation between Kai and Third, but it was a little bit too much. 

    I was happy they didn't drag it out...it was so angsty in the novel...you were calling both of them Boo Boo the Fool while reading....LOL Although when the tables turn...it's gonna be something I think. We'll see tomorrow. lol

  3. 3 hours ago, aniola said:

    No, it's just a vacation.:) Every year P'Tha (director of GMM) is picking someone and taking them to Europe. It's Gun, Krist and Niti this time.

    Oh that's a nice thing to do..although in the latest IG pics...Gun looks a bit done with it all.LOL


    3 hours ago, aniola said:

    P.S. Btw, i haven't started watch ToL yet, i'm still trying to find courage to do this.:ph34r: Probably still not ready for rivers of Gun's tears.:D

    Well, just jump right on in...and yeah there are tears and they are Gun real tears... he has to cry like 29 times in the series...he's only done about 5...but he's good.  Definitely going to break Art's WTD crying record. LOL. I've just finished Trapped and the final live..I'm tapped so TOL will be something fluffy for me. Everyone is waiting for him to get through this part...cause right now...Kai is on the shite list... Off has to feel badly that everyone despises his character...


    2 hours ago, mellialuna said:


    why do I know that after he left? :tears:

    Ummm I don't know..check his IG:P

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  4. On 6/11/2019 at 2:42 PM, gogole mongol said:

    BTW, it is not a long one, so you can be sure i will not have nightmare because of that! :joy:

    That's a good thing...LOL. Now that Trapped is over I can give TOL my full attention ( until something else comes along - I'm so shallow):D

    btw..Gun was just in Paris this week...seems like gmmtv is doing a European work thing...was in Zurich,Paris, not sure where they are now..

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  5. 28 minutes ago, gogole mongol said:

    For this second ep, there is a weak point which is the stadium karaoke scene, that lowered the emotion intensity, so it's more a fun one which can be cut imho! BTW, the love's battle just start!!!

    See, I found it brilliant.  If you haven't ever watched the movie 10 Things I hate about you...then that scene maybe didn't make sense..however, If you know the Ten Things movie...to incorporate that into a Thai BL series was brilliant...both scenes were about trying to attract the attention of another.  I thought Gun did an almost perfect copy of Heath Ledger (RIP ). I think Heath would have loved it...I can force see other movie references appearing ... it's just a wonderful approach to producing a series...:D




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  6. 20 minutes ago, gogole mongol said:

    After different dls, i finally got the actually best eng sub version (on KA site, with HQ), and just have a rapid look at first scene between White and Gun. For now, the scene is set! I will watch it after supper,  and i already love it. It is exactly what i was expected, as it's the serie needed for replace since LBC ended!

    Just a FYI...Gmmtv is subbing TOL within 24 hours after it's aired  it's on YouTube. The subs are  rather excellent - reading less like translated and more like conversational English.  So far, it's another good series...I haven't been disappointed since #HCTM, Trapped, now TOL and fully expect 2m2 to be the same. The all have great directors ! 

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  7. 14 minutes ago, gogole mongol said:

    Very intresting start with this 1st ep! Heart break and tear drops already on screen! Enough to satisfy my drama quest.

    Of course, we all knows Gun is a top/good actor, but now, Off follow his steps! I appreciate White presence, even he is not too much on screen into 1st ep, but i guess this will change with ep 2! I also like the humour touch inside the subject. More than positive beginning. Thumb up!:thumbsup:


    Fully agree !  I think it's going to be an enjoyable run. Trapped ends in another week so having another quality series to follow is refreshing.  I have to say that Gun did loose the Drama Queen crown this week to Chris from Trapped...however I'm sure Gun will get it back next week !!


    And TOL will be subbed by Gmmtv ( they have learned finally ) and it won't take weeks...looks like the turnaround is just a couple days. It is  posted to YouTube same day without the subs. With 2moons2 just around the corner they had to respond because 2M2 is going to be aired with subs on Youtube - no waiting. 





  8. 1 hour ago, mellialuna said:

    IF it's closed by the book, there is indeed a lot of angst. That's why I hope it's not too close.

    I'm happy Earth is in the series. I saw a lot of pictures with the cast on IG so I figured he will be on the series.

    If you remember... ( Novel Spoiler)


    Kai found out that another guy  was interested in Third and got jealous. So there was some angst there because Third was ignoring Kai. So I figured they cast  Earth in that role which is nice to see him finally in something and get some exposure. 

    Earth was a little more than a walk-on  in LBC so this is good. There's that scene in the trailer where Earth is talking to Third and the other three guys are jus standing there..:joy:

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  9. 2 hours ago, mellialuna said:

    It really is! I have a lot of expectation with this series, since the first trailer. I hope it won't be too close from the book!

    For long I thought Off isn't a good actor, but he's improving, so I'll looking for it!

    I think it's the same director as HCTM ( he did all the My Skyy's) so yeah he understands the concept of adaptation which really means he has a lot of latitude. I read the book and there were places it bogged down so hopefully he skips over them...LOL


    41 minutes ago, aniola said:

    I've watched the trailer 4 times and all i can see is ANGST.:ph34r: LBC and HICTM spoiled me and I'm afraid now that i won't get enough sweet OffGun/KaiThird-moments.:lol:


    One can not live on fluff alone...sometimes you need something to chew ! LOL I think it's going to be fun...:joy: 



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  10. 15 hours ago, aniola said:

    I can't get rid of the idea of ghost-double-date with Thun/Met and Khem/Ngoon.:lol:

    That could be quite funny to say the least !:joy: I think a HCTM2 is in order ( to finish the novel of course ). Ohm and Singto are under the gmmtv house so it's possible - they do have a nice connection and flow. 


    2 hours ago, dustinmyeye said:

    I just wished they had binned the over the top instrumental bit in the middle. At first I thought it was somebody in dreadful pain. There were times where it was used to heighten the emotional tension and I found myself thinking, for goodness sake just go to the hospital and get it treated. Then I realised that it was an instrument - my apologies to the artist concerned.


    LOL...although that seems to be the norm in a lot of Thai instrumentation . Not sure sometimes if its the actual instrument ( non western ) or just too much top. Not every vocalist can have BTS's flawless falsetto, so I think they use the instruments in lieu of...there are times I think, could ya add a bass line riff to that ?  LOL I listen to quite a bit of Korean, Chinese and Thai performers ( including Kpop).  However,   I do give credit where credit is due -  it seems of late that there is a trend for ML's to do OST covers; actors expanding their repertoire and since gmm  has music division - why not !  

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  11. 4 minutes ago, aniola said:

    Every time i listen Singto singing i just can hear how hard he tries to do his best. And his efforts pays off. He did nice with the song, and i like a capella part in the end.

    I was impressed with the ending..because it says a lot to stay on pitch ....I wish they would drop the register...his voice would really open up

    5 minutes ago, aniola said:

    But I'm actually mostly curious about Khem: can he see all ghosts now or only Ngoon?:D

    I think that was Karma.  Payback for how he acted with Thun....LOL. I'm thinking only Ngoon...but they certainly left enough for a season 2...there is still the rest of the book to do.

  12. 2 hours ago, dustinmyeye said:

    I actually meant the arguments on court. I watched some of the BTS clips that have been subbed and they all mention how they suck at basketball. Last night I laughed because right enough, they do. I don't think that they managed to get the ball in the net once. It made the 'competition' scene between Thun and Prince even funnier because as Prince launched the ball I was thinking : god knows where that went ; it sounds as though it hit the wall rather than going through the net

    Ah ok...yeah the on court convo was angsty...and necessary to move the story forward emotional conflict always works ! I also think the reason we didn't see more non-playing was the use of more than one camera...they could make the edits so it appeared they played well although their shooting form told you they didn't have a clue..lol


    2 hours ago, dustinmyeye said:

    I watched the odd episode of Sotus raw but as I had no idea what anybody was talking about it was a bit pointless aside from giving me a hint as to what was going to happen.

    I also think what made HCTM shine is that even without the subs ( like in a old-time silent movie) you could follow plot of the story - the dialogue added to a deeper understanding. Some think Sotus is the Holy Grail...others ( me ) think even with subs it wasn't clear - so there's that...raw was painful. 


    2 hours ago, dustinmyeye said:

    I can follow the odd word now in Thai, certainly enough to notice differences in translations for the more familiar phrases. I have enough trouble keeping up with French in my day to day life, so Mandarin and Thai just to watch TV are out of the question. Good on you, even if you do use them on a daily basis, because your English is excellent as well.

    thanks !  it's a linguistic challenge all the way around sometimes...I think it's rather elitist of me to intentionally watch a show in another language then demand subs..when I can help myself a bit...although it seems with the increase in international viewers, more BL series are aired with subs right off the starting block.  I know 2moon2 too will be sub at airing. Not sure what they are going to do with Theory of Love - gmmtv is kinda slow on the uptake with subs...:joy:

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  13. 5 minutes ago, dustinmyeye said:

    As for the director, you are right, you need to pay attention. I think it is harder for us foreigners because we have to watch, listen and read the subtitles. I've just watched it again over the past few evenings. Apart from a couple of moments of basketball angst which I skipped over, the rest is on the button.

    Well considering none of them had ever played basketball..while angsty they sorta kinda ok...along with the tight editing... I usually try to find out who the directors are - those with cinematic background  and/or 3 or more series under their belts generally produce a higher quality and intelligent BL series and understand the phrase " adaptation of a novel " more than those who shoot page by page. There are perhaps 4 such directors out there in the BL Universe.  HCTM director is one of them.  I've learned to watch raw so I don't get caught up reading dialogue on first watch. My Mandarin is much better than my Thai only cause I watch Chinese Historical Fantasies.....but I get by.



    the director for soon to air 2moons 2 has directed one movie,  Present Perfect, and currently has a horror flick ( kinda campy) releasing in Thailand soon.  So I am expecting a very different drama than the original one. 


  14. 6 hours ago, dustinmyeye said:

    Which makes me wonder why they were not offended that Thun had brought a spirit into the temple ?

    Because there was a spirit in the temple.  Spirits are not banned. The temples are places where spirits could be so in the case of Mes, he wasn't out of place. Considering the spiritual and philosophical nature of Buddhism, acknowledgement of the spirit would be more the norm than exception. For me it's when the Monk started to speak about making merit for someone else ...the eye shift of the monk and the camera focus  caught my attention...also his mention of  Karma which considering how everything played out in the end was for all of them, Mes included -  the interaction in the street scene confirmed it for me...

    I really respect this director - he's subtle but direct in what he wants from a scene almost demanding that the viewer pay attention to the minute details, which in this series made watching raw was wonderful.

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  15. 16 minutes ago, dustinmyeye said:

    I'm going to watch the last part again in a while. I think I must have missed the bit where Than's mother realises that her son is in love with her ex. I am not even sure that when she talks about Mes that she spells it out to her son the hint is there and there is the shot of Mes and her confronting each other but I don't remember any dialogue.

    Thun realized a connection though the drawing of the bracelet and the one his mother was wearing which is how they ended up at the grave site. My comment was more in retrospect of how she managed Thun's coming out. Prior experience in the same situation ( and same man - but who knew then)  LOL

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  16. 11 minutes ago, dustinmyeye said:

    I don't know if it was just me but I had the impression that the Monks could always see Met.

    Yep...they always gave me that impression twice at the house and once at the temple...you'd miss it if you weren't looking ...What I don't remember was the 3rd precept for not reincarnating.  I know Thun talked about Mes's red aura and mention 2 of them..the last one was an ah ha ..but it worked. I'm a member of the school of this is the most intelligent BL series that I've seen in a while...this director is seasoned and knows what he's doing. Can't wait to see Dark Blue Kiss which is shooting now with TayNew. See if his magic continues.


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