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  1. I think that TOL is one of the best adaptations of a novel that I have seen to date. The amount of creativity that went into turning a novel from a page by page  regurgitation into a unique visual series is awe inspiring...they took a theme and wrapped it around the novel.  I wish more screenwriters would do the same instead of showing me what I already read.  This is a great example and the editing is spot on.

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  2. 26 minutes ago, dramaandfood said:

    I am pleasantly surprised.:) Now I am wondering what they r going to do for the remaining episodes :joy:

    Well you gonna have rainbows and unicorns of course, a side of angst, with a healthy dose of cuteness, followed by a bit of carnal knowledge and dashes of humor.  Enjoy !!!:D

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  3. 4 hours ago, dustinmyeye said:

    I wonder what the reaction would be in the forums if Beam described Forth as his wife ?

    Extreme cognitive dissonance !  Cause the " Uke " ergo wife  must be " soft" smaller, chaste, and display vestibule virgin mannerisms of which Forth shows none..Forth is manly... Beam is...:ph34r:


    3 hours ago, dustinmyeye said:

    I think in part because Beam has no experience in the matter (er ! if we are going to do this can I be the active guy ?) whereas Forth does at least have some and has the confidence to lead the way.

    I think Beam also has experience as he was into women before and now he's into men...(trope) as such, he has a working knowledge of the basic framework... even though access points were different.:joy:


    3 hours ago, dustinmyeye said:

    Part of the problem is that the books from which some of these series are being taken are quite old. Written for a different time and a very specific audience. The authors probably never dreamed that their works would be read by adult males, which is really weird, when you think about it, because the subjects of their stories are (certainly in this series) adult males.

    Actually, most of the Thai BL series were written in the last 5 years...ancient times to be sure...of course there was no expectation for adult males to read or even watch BL. In their minds..this is how male-same sex relationships work kinda like a Primer. B)


    3 hours ago, dustinmyeye said:

    He had some explaining to do on his wedding day when we gave him a ladder as a present :D.

    Still better than a sling...:phew:

    3 hours ago, dustinmyeye said:

    There isn't an ounce of raw animal magnetism in his body. For somebody who chased down his prey for years he is remarkably chaste now that he has caught him. "No, no P'Pha we must not kiss in the seclusion of our own bedroom. Those bottles of water I kept trying to give you were not phallic symbols of what I wanted to do to you. In fact P'Pha, what does phallic even mean ?"


    Fingers crossed then that "To be continued" means that the green light has already been given.

    There is a phrase  used to describe that behavior in KD's. The whole feigned chasteness reaction But yeah, that's how you're supposed to act..right ? :lol:


    Green light is given for 2M3...

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  4. 1 hour ago, gogole mongol said:

    Finally, the snake is eating its own tail!!! Original cast from s1 or from s2?  ha ha ha Finally again, i agreed, it is not because of actors or director problem if i slightly appreciate this serie, but mainly things change constantly. I don't need to know the reason why things change from a season to another one, i just notice production considered (intern.) viewers as the fifth carriage wheel!

    Sorry I mean original as in 2M2...not original as in S1...my bad in working..as I read it now...I see it has a double meaning...

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  5. 22 minutes ago, Kim Soo-Lee said:

    I'm not a great Twitter fan, but communicating with fans is ok, but when it comes to communicating with each other it should always be off social media and in private. Having it on public show isn't a great look for either of them.

    And the US being the litigation capital or the world...lawsuits would have been filed...public stuff is just too ugly...although there are those who thrive on it...I'm happy the boyz keep working...cause opening beauty shops don't pay the bills


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  6. 24 minutes ago, mellialuna said:

    That's such a bad attitude.

    I know you will tell me, money, money, money but it's just nasty!


    No...I'm gonna say drama, drama. drama...it was tacky to say the least...there's more to this than meets the eye..and we may never know the truth...I always think that Twitter is the cowards way out...every body doesn't need to know...I liked the director...only because I knew his prior work. I might not have watched 2m2 if it wasn't him directing because 2m for me was..........anyway this is like reality TV let's see how it plays out...it is the entertainment business - things change over night !! Money does talk.:phew: A lot will depend on what the sponsors think and feel...if they start pulling out...lot's of things change.

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  7. Confirmed...there will be a TwoMoons3....with the original actors..(only the director was changed).  And yes, there is drama...there are speculations as to why but no definitive statement as to why the current director was replaced.  Snippets of original convo below...you can follow the threads if you choose... Where's  RuPaul when you need her...she'd get these Queens in order....<sigh>






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  8. 8 minutes ago, gogole mongol said:

    Well, this is technical explanation, so on this point of view

    That is all I have, I'm sorry:(..I will admit that I have no emotional tie-end to the original - however, I do understand your POV. 


    10 minutes ago, gogole mongol said:

    Imagine Captain and White replace by shacking rookies, for pass from s1 to s2!

    Well there's already been a S2 so it's been five years that we are waiting for a S3- well we did get reminders...however I do get what you are saying.  funny you should mention them - they both will be on School Rangers this week...Captain being the guest player...

    ah well , it's over now the #TheSixMoons ( as they are called now) are wading into the special appearance, fanmeet, etc waters...until the S3 which there will be.

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  9. 55 minutes ago, gogole mongol said:

    No reason to be confused, they changed cast from s1 to s2, why not change again for s3? It is just a logic question


    It wasn't an arbitrary change.  It was a case of one production company owning the rights to the story, another owning the right to the actors. That happened almost two years ago and from what I read it wasn't that pleasant...anyway. When the owner of the story ( MELLO) decided to continue the 2m story...they went with new actors because they didn't have the rights to the original actors. The current actors are ALL ( remember godt had a different mgt company) under the same company - the ones who own the story rights...so unless one of the new actors chose not to be a part of 2m3--it will be the same actors...and maybe even director - it's just good business and at the end of the day...if you don't make money...you just don't make it.  It wasn't the the original cast wasn't chosen - they just were not contractually available. 


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  10. 1 minute ago, gogole mongol said:

    Unfortunately, one swallow doesn't made spring (french proverb). I need it for the whole world BL production!

    Love the proverb...I think we may be moving in that direction. 5 years ago it wasn't even in the wheelhouse...so step by step !

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  11. 3 hours ago, gogole mongol said:

    It's time for movie/serie's director, sponsors and entertainment channels to ALWAYS think about international viewers, through including eng sub into every production. It will be good for their karma!



    2m2 did set a standard for inclusion of international fans with subs...


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  12. 2 minutes ago, aniola said:

    Yes, i'm very curious too will they hire Anusorn for s3 or not. Because if they don't there will be a lot of noise from his b****squad.

    But i think most important work which should be done is the script. They need to really think how to fill in s3 with plots but do not messed up the characters and avoid unnecessary drama.

    Well the original director, before Aam wrote the screenplay....even though he was replaced as director for medical reasons. Not sure if he's going to do the screenplay again...I think it might be a packaged deal...both are friends.

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  13. 7 minutes ago, Kim Soo-Lee said:

    I liked 2 Moons, but I loved 2 Moons 2. It would be illogical (in my mind) if they changed a working formula. But, as you say we don't know what went on behind closed doors and nothing is set in stone when it comes to the entertainment industry. 

    The production quality of 2M distracted me so much...at times I thought I was watching a 1st year's film school group project.  Yeah I'm queeny like that...if the entrance isn't pretty...I'm not going in !. So when you have a director with a cinematic background..you get a entirely different look and feel...loved 2M2.  I guess the smaller production houses always have to play the game...not like gmmtv who can call the shots... we'll have to play the wait see ....  We know the director is working on the sequel to PP right now...so perhaps when that is in the can , we'll know something. Until then...there's always rewatch !!:rolleyes:

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  14. Seems like the producer has confirmed the same cast for 2m3...no word on director yet.  I think they would be shooting themselves in the foot if they changed...then again we don't know what went on behind closed doors...so we can only wait...:phew:


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  15. 49 minutes ago, aniola said:

    Cake? Are you sure? May be Pring?:P

    Poor lovely Cake.:lol:


    No what I mean is...


    We all know Pring was behind the incident with Park they were in cahoots....and when Cake finds out...she's gonna kick her butt ! Fujo that she is....lol


    7 minutes ago, Kim Soo-Lee said:

    Love that scene and like you, brought back some nice memories. Beam didn’t do much resisting. He moved about a bit and that was it. :D

    the word that comes to mind is virilitas...the scene had it all:rolleyes:

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  16. 5 hours ago, aniola said:

    And when Forth was playing sulking drama queen (sorry not sorry for calling him drama queen). Beam should've hit him harder.))

    Yeah he had that title...he flounced off...in the quintessential dq way.. LOL


    2 hours ago, Kim Soo-Lee said:

    Good to see that Forth and Beam know word "fan". It was nice to have almost entire ep. about them

    that was the best part of E12...


    2 hours ago, Kim Soo-Lee said:

    That punch was a tap, but it was nice to see. I would have made his a** kiss the floor. 

    I was expecting a full on beat down...maybe that's next season when Pha discovers who is really pulling the strings...I expect Cake to go hard....:phew:


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  17. 3 minutes ago, Kim Soo-Lee said:

    wonder how many times they had to do this scene to get it right. If it was me there would be more than a few as I'm a perfectionist at heart. ;)

    I'm sure they had to do it several  ( many ) times...you know what they say, kissing makes the heart grow fonder... and other such things...sleep well my bro...sleep well.

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  18. 2 hours ago, aniola said:

    but on the other he is low key accept that as long as they positions in bed don't change (even thought it happened just once yet) he is a wife.

    and I think that there is the source of confusion and misunderstanding. Bed positions  do not equal wife in a same sex-relationship. It's just a choice...and not the only one :rolleyes: (TWM is closer to reality)...:joy: Here's where I also think the authors lack the lived experience or they wouldn't write these Cirque du Soleil types of  "interactions".  I still hope that Beam man's up and pushes back on the "wife " . WE don't know why Forth left pissed..was it because what was said or because Beam yanked his hand away ?  There's some editing  in the clip...guess we'll have to wait...2 more days...:phew:

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  19. 39 minutes ago, Kim Soo-Lee said:

    but I'm all "man" with all the manly bits, that I fully intend to hold on to. Now and in the future.

    as it should always be...and it's what makes for a good husband !!:rolleyes:


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  20. 1 hour ago, aniola said:

    :thumbsup: It was my second thought when i saw this scene. 

    First one was about that it's so obvious that he is not comfortable when Forth shows off him like a prize. The way he hide his hand kinda tells it.


    1 hour ago, Kim Soo-Lee said:

    I love that and agree with you.:)


    If anyone called me "wife" I'd kick his a** from here to Tokyo. :angry:


    Yeah..it is a dream statement. I just don't think that authors or directors are ready to give up feminizing one member of a same-sex male couple.   Maybe oneday...:phew:

    Call me a wife...and your day will look differently than it began...:joy: It has happened and it hasn't been pretty...for the other person - it was a teachable moment for them !!

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