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  1. no..I just charge the keyboard like you would your phone...then it it's wireless once it charges....I can move around with my keyboard.
  2. TG they are wireless...but I have replaced a couple...I'm usually having morning coffee when watching these series which come on at night in Thailand....no way around it...!!
  3. Remember, men have a different kind of leg strength and the element of surprise also helped !!
  4. Yass...she know just the cut to sub !!! Loved her comment..leave that girl and go get your man ! I spit coffee on my keyboard again !
  5. Even the hospital room was in a real hospital...not to mention those shots of blood and the wounds were so real..my stomach jumped...the production quality of this series is so high !! When you have good production and a good story...you move from a mediocre series to an outstanding series...this one is definitely the later...
  6. Me too ! It was kinda difficult reading and asking myself why are they having the vapors and acting so fragile ? LOL...I'm sure I skipped over a lot and in terms or order...for me it's not that important. More that it happens, less about the defined steps...And yeah Nine nailed it ! They have moments but for the most part they are acting their buts off !!
  7. Yeah I agree ! Hoping they bring An and Too to the table...to enrich the BL aspect of the series....
  8. yeah sleeping would have been much better. I read it also ( once ) and honestly thought who writes this schlock ? The intimate scenes read like a manual for assembling a bicycle Yeah real life will mess with ya... - glad you're doing better...cya when I cya !
  9. 2moon2.. And the question on everyone's mind is, will MIng get his man ?
  10. Annyeonghaseyo, Nihao, and what's up dude ? Yeah it has been a while...but glad your voice is back !! Yep this series is sweet and just beginning...I'm having great time with it ! Check in more often...my notifications are always on !
  11. Sorry for delay in responding...went on a mini - vaca and the beach did not have wifi- so... yeah my reaction was based on reading the novel...however there is always so much in these novels - you wonder where directors will draw the line - what will they include and what will they exclude and secondly how will they present what they include - so placement goes with adaptation in my mind...I wasn't surprised to see them - just see them so soon... I mean let's be frank...the novels are not pulitzer works of fiction -'and can be read in a few hours...so a good director actually make it better in the series....
  12. I will only say that it's not new, but the positioning in the story is...
  13. yes it was keystone...I think we could figure out that Kai had seen the video on Thirds computer so al his actions after that were contrived. We now watch Kai struggle...interesting that he had to " run away" home to get clarity...but sometimes that's necessary even though he didn't tell anyone. Looking forward to Saturday.... I'm hoping the next time we see Third cry is tears of happiness - until then..we'll see the director said Gun had to cry on demand 29 times during this series...he's come close but I think he still has some to go
  14. This is a leveled up BL...Gun and Off are phenomenal in their roles...it's an excellent production. Hope you enjoyed ! Fair warning..it's angsty but good.
  15. You got cute for sure...and even some fluffy, unicorns, and rainbows... and I mean that in a good way. No hate...it's clear the 2m2 team invested a lot of time and money into this new cast...I they all play nicely together..LOL
  16. I know part of the reason I am engaged is because of the director. I followed him in the progress from the beginning especially when I knew his other work. Also. knowing the author was involved in the character selection was another reason. So I've gone in with a different expectation around the storytelling. E4 and beyond are the breakaway episodes...never been on screen before - so I think we'll see him go hard as a director he had some definite ideas ...LOL
  17. It's another reason I like directors who can read a novel and then do an adaptation so you don't loose the good stuff. The plot now reminds me of the teacher student plot from TWM3....Only diff is Pan an Bone didn't know about each other...so deal with it honestly...no game playing.
  18. I have to admit that I'm enjoying this series - perhaps because I thought the other one that each episode of this one is so refreshing.
  19. I think when Too had to get computer charged was the first inkling...yeah 2nd lead syndrome for these two is real ! The only scene I didn't like was Pan showing up at the shop...both were surprised in the class room especially bone...the she shows up at the shop...and talks about him skipping class...like really ? Why she avoiding the real topic (their interactions at the coffee shop )...so typical.
  20. The author choose the actors because they matched the characters in the novel she wrote.
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