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  1. I don't know who did the subs for TWM..it could have been Tul who is fluent in English. I do know that Joss and Tay are fluent at gmm...so maybe DBK could be subbed as it airs.. I know 3 will be free was subbed before TOL this week.
  2. And you see, what you have just described relates only to str8 relationships. Until same-sex marriage was legalized and recognize, the most the average gay man could expect in life was to find that lover, partner, or special person who you could have a life with. I grew up never thinking that I could be a husband or have a husband. It just wasn't in the wheel house.It wasn't and option. Str8 guys on the other hand knew that the culmination of a relationship would result in him being a husband and having a wife. Times have changed and here in the US and other countries ( go Taiwan) same-sex marriage is legal - which means there is a generation of gay boys growing up with a choice to marry or not - a choice that never existed before. So the terms used do have deeper meanings because it's about life choices. I think the only BL series I can remember where the cpl ended up married is History2: Right or Wrong. The rest have cpls landing in the cone of silence. Even tho most BL's are blue shorts or college - they never go the last mile to marriage...a future fast forward. So it suggest that words like " Fan " Boyfriend are the height of the relationship. That's all there is. done. I think the closest we got to it was maxtul's Japan FM where they had a faux wedding. ( they did look good in the tuxes). Listen thanks for the convo...it's nice having a discussion that raises itself above...OffGun are Real !
  3. Well HCTM still has story left - so that wouldn't be that difficult. TOL on the other hand ends where it ends..then the "special chapters" although it seemed to be left with a TBC ( to be continued) I'm thinking more of a brand new series written from the imagination of a screen writer. There is no novel to follow or read and maybe just maybe you could get a multi-episode weekly BL series that lasts longer than 12/13 episodes. Oh those subs were so bad that I didn't even consider them English - I watched them raw. I guess my point is if Mello and Thunder can put out subs at airing - then a mega company like gmm should be able to do the same thing...having more resources. I don't think they have totally bought into the impact of the international audiences...which is ok in a sense, their shows and series were't made for an international audience to begin with...however the world is watching and many people just don't watch and wait for the subs. That's missing revenue. Additionally, YT is the last stop for them...if you have access to Linetv or other channels via VPN you can catch TOL earlier.
  4. Because....LOL...In High School...I would not have a fiancee', husband, or partner, or lover...I would have a boyfriend. For me, the difference is boyfriend does not have intimacy attached to it...nor the deeper level of commitment. If I call you "baby" then there's more to it than eating popcorn and holding hands Anyway...I can appreciate Forth and Beam - they aren't caught up in the semantics ...it's more about are we going to go with the feelings....Forth has already declared " Mine "... And it appears that Pha is anxious to make Yo " his " too ! I think that convo came after Forth's sharing of what he and Beam had done...and Pha is thinking " I'm behind the 8 ball here... they weren't even in a relationship. LOL. Being a boyfriend doesn't (always) include a " mine "....and in the gender-fluid non binary context, introducing someone as " my important person" is used to eliminate gender naming. I've hear that a lot. So think what it comes down to is the level or intent around the kind of relationship. It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out...and I hope they don't. make Yo into the "vestal virgin" complete with rainbows and unicorns...he's a guy and if you feel emotionally and physically drawn to another man...you know it...so the only decision left if whether to act on it...( too much begging in the novels)
  5. Ah..never say that - we are all here and have something to add ! Perspective matters The only difference is history and those stories can be told. Definitely ! You can tell the series that have an abundant cash flow from marketing to post production. And I would assume the actors are paid well. Theory of Love ( TOL ) HCTM ( He's coming to me ) 2m2 (2Moons2).Together with me ( TWM) ..the down side of being into BL dramas everything is reduce to acronyms . Gmmtv is ( I believe ) the largest company and they have just gotten on board with YT and subs. Some of the smaller houses figured out a while back where and who the viewership is. TWM was really one of the first BL series to air fully sub. Gmmtv ( for as large as it is ) hasn't gotten to that level ( yet ). Remember the novels ? They are written by females for females - aged (15 - 18 ). They aren't written for us gay men and for years gay men didn't watch because...oh so many reasons...however that is changing. Even fb and ig groups have more gay guys contributing. Another thing is you have more out gay directors who are taking the novels and putting a male POV out there. Same story just viewed differently. So yeah, the winds of change are happening. The first half of this year we have had some outstanding series which have captured the attention of a wider viewing audience. I hope that can continue with the line up we have for the fall and winter. ( or sept - December) Sure that too ! Although I jus dropped 70 usd to get the covers of OffGun from their most recent magazine shoot...collectors item... and that's something else has changed, a willingness to ship internationally. While I may not buy a fan meet ticket, I will buy merchandise and goods..and that's money in the coffers for them. I do stand corrected on one thing - the Taiwanese BL's ( History ) do have a wider audience.
  6. Sorry bad sentence...there is more to the story in HCTM and I would hope they finish it..that flushes out the "new relationship" and other things. The closest to a multiple episode/multiple season BL series has been LoveSick , there were 12 Episodes in season one and 36 Episodes in season 2. TWM has had 3 seasons of maxtul.( hearing rumblings about a 4th season). But that's about it for longevity. I see two problems with the genre: 1) Most if not all are based on BL novels- when you run out of novel you run out of story. It would be like trying to make another LOTR based solely on characters - it would require an original screenplay. Shows like the ones you mentioned are original - you can just keep writing episodes until you run out of ideas or the rating drop ...LOL Not so much with these BL series - they are done when the story is done. Now the brilliance exists when you have directors and screen writers who can adapt the novel and give you a little more ( HCTM, TOL, 2M2) and still they face the same when the novel is done. it's done. 2) Most of the actors are st8 guys trying to break into the business and will give one or two seasons - after that they want to transition into mainstream series. They don't want to be locked down into BL...It's not like you have out gay actors in these roles...who could perhaps hang in there for the long haul...Since no one has come out...I can only assume ( gaydar not withstanding) they all are str8. MaxTul maybe the exception - legends. They go all in and do what has to be done..and get paid and they do other series/movies too that are not BL...but they know where their bread and butter resides. So maybe, there is a screen writer out there will to pitch something original ( trope free). Only time will tell until then...we go with what we have. Now I am hoping that TOL will have an extended last episode like HCTM...longer than an hour. That would be nice.
  7. I was glad that the truth came out about Ching Ching...intitally I thought maybe there is more than meets the eye...but since Kai didn't defend himself...I figured he feel off the wagon..so I'm glad it was Ching Ching who initiated... Very true...I felt the same way about HCTM. There is nothing much left of the story after E12 other than the " special chapters: If they can close the loop on Too and Un in E12 then I'm satisfied.
  8. Perhaps it's a cultural/linguistic thing...I mean I use "baby" as a manner of speech " boyfriend just seems too juvenile ...like something I might say if I was in middle school which I've long sense passed. I think the director also is trying to make the language contemporary and heavily nuanced. Less of the formal English and more of the conversational style and closer to the way you would actually hear college students in the west speak. Thai is a difficult language to translate into useful English, Mandarin is actually easier...some of the translated BL novels make me cringe...especially when they are translating intimate scenes...most of the time I'm laughing...cause I'm thinking...no two guys would ever say that to each other....So I tend to read the novels and skip the the skinship parts because they are mostly lacking. I actually only know one female writer that can write the kind of scenes in her novels that leave you breathless... she has done homework and truly understand male x male relationships and uses "baby" and " pet " "lover" ..all terms of endearment. Well for Pha...in the school setting boyfriend is a unviversal phrase...but doesn't really capture the deeper emotion.
  9. Gonna say Director..when you consider the setting ( bedroom, bed, etc. ) " be my baby " is a lot more intimate..." be my boyfriend " is a lot more public as we saw in E7. To introduce Wayo to his classmates as " this is my baby" would be awkward for Pha...in private yeah...he's say baby ---he'd get all unicorns and rainbows... Kindred Spirits !
  10. Will have to go back and look at E4 first.
  11. Very New York City/LA vibe..depending on where you hang out. Very urban ! He definitely has a Biker attitude...no unicorns and rainbows...in fact I am impressed that Pavel is Forth is Pavel...there is compassion - along with that edge.
  12. Eventually..eventually...in the real world...round 2 !! ( yes I said it ) this was really one of the best filmed scenes - I think that's really when Kit moved from in like to in love...he was swept away ! Wellllll I have been know to spoon a cake or two..but it also required substantial amounts of a beverage... it was cute tho...what else could Kit do and still be tsundere. LOL
  13. Yeah it was a bit over the top - but I think it was nervous energy - watching yourself make out with another guy when you know thousands are watching that scene not to mention the hype that surround the scene for a week...I'd be doing the most too...not to mention, he's so Alpha...he's Got a real "western vibe" about him..which can be hard to take if your not from the west. !
  14. Cast Reaction to Episode7 ( ForthBeam)
  15. And even then..there is this, dare I say voyeuristic lens which exists - we want to see it all...Case in point...the level of disappointment being expressed by about the interaction between the 2 characters ( in that other 2 series) is mind boggling... I mean when you start a thread that says, " please post your opinions here if you were disappoint in the bed scene..." ya gotta wonder... crossing series are we ?
  17. Did you see E10 ? The answer is there...lol I'm waiting for the shoe to drop ! Kai can't get to perfection so easily....he will Fraake up...and it's coming...Guys like him have to fall down many times before they can walk with out falling...amd where does that leave Third in the meantime ?
  18. ... and there is no pass or fail test in this series ( continued line of thinking from another thread) Ok so this is the live reaction video that the guys did on Saturday it's 55 minutes long..but so insightful about who these actors are...they are watching E6 - the MingKit kiss...lol
  19. very true...and I wish there more BL series that were "no pass or fail test required "
  20. I actually get what she was saying. I also do photography and can tell the difference between a photo I took based on my state of mind...the image doesn't change, but my mind and how I shoot the image changes. Sometimes I don't realize it until someone points that out to me. Lyn was seeing that the photo's Too took when he first saw her..and the photo's he took of her after he interacted with AN were different...in short, the energy was missing. You have to love the subject you are photographing...and I mean love in a wider term, it has to have all of your focus conscious and subconscious...if not, you have a dead image it's pretty, but that's all. I actually thought that was perfect foreshadow of what was to come...even the dark auditorium and the light she shone on Too and Un...a deep metaphor...and she brought closure and insight at the end...those scenes were done well...
  21. I'm thinking more about process - not so much the story arc...the outcome is the same. The girls become the evidence that the guy likes guys. It still suggest that you don't know you are gay until you kiss a gurl...that trope is all skewed ..
  22. True...although Lynn purpose seems to be the typical trope... the girl that helps the the guy realize he likes a guy not the girl... Same thing happened in HCTM. Those tropes need to go.away.
  23. What I see beginning to happen is this; five years ago you would be hard pressed to find many gay men watching BL and those that did ( myself included) were kinda silent about the tropes and stereotypical behavior portrayed. Fast forward, today there is a voice, there are guys who challenge the status quo vocally. Like the whole seme/uke thing ( terms I personally despise). Take Un and Too. You can't label them one or the other - however they are both Alpha men which perhaps is more the norm among real cpls than not. I think that's the pattern of most BL series...the E1 hook isn't always there. Sometimes they count on the fan base to help them over the hurdle especially when it's known actors in the roles; in this case OG was a definite draw. I think the movie concept is really a brilliant marketing strategy. It's a lot better than saying Episode 10. Connecting famous movies to each episode and to the fact that they ( the characters )are communication majors is refreshing and points to the deep thought that went into this series. The director said in an interview that he bought the copy right from the author before the novel was even finished - so it's been in the works a while - so far it's been a nice adaptation - I don't feel as though I'm watching pages turn. Expect the unexpected - lol but I will say there is a HE.
  24. I think the Fujo personae is related directly to Yaoi/BL which is a narrow genre. I don't read Shōjo-ai so I don't know if there are a bunch of Fudan's who linger over that genre. Unfortunately, the fem-gay used for comic relief is based on stereotype and ignorance. There is still that thought which says to be gay means you must be a guy on the outside and a woman on the inside. Somebody has to be the uke and somebody has to be the seme according to the story lines of the past..and sadly that's what feeds the Fujo mind set. Yes I think there is a stereotypical usage of the Fujoshi as comic relief - however..if you just watch the fanmeets of say, OG... the hysteria that ensues is mind boggling for me. And if Off or Gun hug...you could go deaf. That's the image of Fujo in real world, sadly. Although, I think I see a slow change taking place. A bit more reality infused into BL series..and there are no Fujo's in the real world...only fantasy...LOL The closer we get to the real world the less we need those tropes so I think, it's a good thing.
  25. The real pleasant surprise is that they brought that cpl forward in the series early. They are kinda at the end in the novel - so this is nice. Yes !!! Only, Too knows now..and cares - like he said, " I don't know why I came " In and out...that was the second C'ya of the day...first one in 2m2 with Ming ,the second was this one...I always think the stories can flow without them ( unless they are Yiwah or Cake) a comedic presence - other wise..bring them in, move them out - get on with the real story...
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