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  1. And now... My dream monologue would be...Beam saying.. "i'm your boyfriend...not your wife...i can never be your wife...but if you want a wife...go find a girl and make her your wife"
  2. Dude, I'm scared of you !!...but I'm sure...the make up is worth it....
  3. Alpha's... What guys do..
  4. Thank you for the word fix !
  5. I dunno I kinda love the glasses ! We all know or have known that one guy that is slightly off the grid..awkward but nice - the only thing funnier would be white tape holding the nosepiece together...
  6. Guess she never ...and ( the way they write it ..it's more like science fiction - something suitable for Ripley's believe it or not ! ) this makes me laugh out loud !!
  7. Health ? Pfft...Only Frame in MIR. There's this bank Ad here where the tag line is " What's in Your Wallet ? " For most guys the answer is:" more than my credit card..." You have to remember that the writers of 99.9% of BL are women - ergo no lived experience only imagination of what it could/should/must/might be. The use of a condom would interrupt the fantasy, the in the moment, although, .you would have thought Dr. Beam, and Dr Pha would have said holit let me get...So I'm not sure that it's part of thing original thinking in the novels or productions. Although in the novel, the Beam/Forth interaction was dubious consent (little "r") but Forth did think about the lack of...for a nanosecond . Yeah it did have the " taste " ( they used to mark it wrong in school when I put the " u" ..lol) Great song and yeah that's the sentiment of Forth. He's near the line but not over the line... I think it's more about how to write a novel based on equity rather than dominance whether in personality or role in general and especially between same-sex. ForthBeam are the closest...I see ( when I squint) two guys trying to find balance and make the relationship work. It's the sense of reality - and in this case I think it's more of the director's vision than the book in how we see them. I've only read one author who writes brilliantly from a male same-sex POV... she slips every now and then...but for the most part nails it on ALL levels. I don't know if Thai BL novelists will reach that level ever considering the target audience is still looking for the husband/wife construction.
  8. Yeah I suspected so.... and that's prolly the only FM I'd even consider evah !!
  9. Now I will say...I'd buy you Starbucks for eternity for these tickets...
  10. I think it's a widely used trope I've seen it used in many drama's - all bet's are off when daylight comes because what you did the night before doesn't count...it's like the reset button on a copier..it's all wiped out... So one person in the couple has to have this Feigned Embarrassment...Beam ran off in the morning - Yo clutched his pearls called Pha psycho. it's the trope- and being fully clothes is a must. You can't wake up nekked cause then everyone would know...except this one time in LS Noh and Phun...it was pretty clear with only slight FE...
  11. It is entertaining indeed...which makes Forth and Beam a delight to behold...it's like who's gonna lead when we dance..lol You can't imagine how many...TG I have an Apple resource... Well at least you go...I'm not sure even with complimentary tickets I would go...I still would have to look at the same thing and walk away feeling the same way, asking the same question ...WHY TF AM I HERE ?
  12. So who knew they had ice skating rinks in BKK and that Gun is obviously very at home on the ice as well as the screen, This is a talented actor... I'm thinking a Thai live action film of Yuri on ice starring Gun...( click on the ?)
  13. And he is a vindictive little prck...he's not gonna let that slide. Well I think they said it 5/6 times...and at no time did Beam even come close to the " male wife" prototype. Well yes..it does sound like a double meaning...nothing a like a rich double entendre to lighten up a convo. And I'm sure they both ride...a unicorn as it is fitting to do for them..and I'm stopping here as I feel my feet slipping down smut mountain. And there is the problem...it's constantly demanded no matter where they ( actors) are or what they are doing.. Yeah they do. Let's be honest...most of the actors are not singers or dancers...their skill set resides on screen. So I think why am I paying this kinda money ? I can get a nice HD photo and call it a day from google pics. I am in the company of boyz all the time..so so why would I go and see some more. And if the actors were a " real " couple...unless it was work related, they would be hanging out with friends and family...not the fandom. Some fans need to do this...and if it makes then happy...have at it !
  14. I like how your mind works... I think that's why I like the Forth/Beam pairing - just two Alpha's trying to make it happen...both are used to being in charge and now they have to find this happy medium - I get that the struggle is real...no unicorns or rainbows..just raw T driven emotion. BL is just one big psycho ward...( I sign myself in and out when necessary). Fan Service is a way a being for these actors...that's really where the money is made. Mass hysteria is BL's bread and butter ie. FanMeets - Those who do it well and feed the fantasies are quite successful...although I'd prolly draw the line at dropping 250 usd to go and look at two actors on a stage. BNY and PorscheArm keep their private lives pretty close to the chest...they do vids and lives from time to time - but mostly, they control the venues and fans. And compared to the state of affairs in my country... the BL universe. makes more sense kazzsportsday2019 ..coffee - keyboard... Ah now...a good treasure hunt requires the use of all the senses...if you can't see your way...feel your way
  15. He gets no pity...he stays sniffing around Yo...if he really respected the PhayYo relationship he would have backed off like Forth...He's the dangerous kind of guy. Right ! I thought is she in engineering school ? Then I figured, she was just a random pop-up...doing the Fuji thing...it was cute ! And I respect your life choices... Well you know...sometimes it takes the proverbial hammer on the head to make things happen. a definite wake up call...
  16. Saw those this morning my time..at the start of the show Thai time...kinda shows BL is out there !! And clearly I can see why...even the fanboy in me woke up for this..!!
  17. It will when I get going..
  18. Not the gym...but yes this will do quite well...quite well...yes. MarcoPolo and all... looking for napkin for drool.. sorry.
  19. First one that finds it yell Marco Polo !! There must be a fan out there that has everything about him except his jock size...I'll keep looking too...more like trolling...
  20. I keep looking for one of his work out vids he does in the gym that is a bit more revealing, I mean wholesome. No luck ...yet !
  21. ok...I'm loving the soap box...infact..I'm gonna grab that...and use it whenever I get up there....and thanks for the caller thing ( can't remember the name) throat gets hoarse sometimes... It works well...lol
  22. I usually don't quote gifs...but this bare's repeating....isn't that right @Kim Soo-Lee Back in the 1800's when a politician or any had something to say in public...they would get a soap box ( crate that soap was shipped in) and stand on it a crowd so they could be heard and seen and make their personal declamations or say what they wanted to about and issue. " Standing on a Soap Box"...usually means it is a personal POV to which people can agree or disagree. Sometimes I get a case of righteous indignation and have to say something...
  23. OMG. what a study in relationship building. Only looks matter...`well I guess when I was 16...that was my mantra...only hot guys matter..no Brain required...not much has changed since I have become an adult...except the part about the Brain...it does matter the most ! Yes that's very true...the best skill these guys, BL actors especially can develop is the ability to "read the room " really take time to know who their fans are. Like, when I read..." I gotta do my homework". that tells me a lot about who is in the room... I haven't done "homework" in quite a few years so I know the lived experience is going to be different.. Doesn't mean they don't have something valuable to offer...it means the ability to speak from work experience ( everyday 8-12 hours ) is not in their wheel house. And maybe we spoke to soon...one of the unicorn's horns has been cut off !
  24. And just wait until Why RU? starts filiming..the whole Saint/Zee...that's going to be fun to watch too.... It seems to me so far, that their mgt team is working together...they seem to have marketing and promotion down very well...I mean how many series do you know in recent time that had live viewing while the episode aired with the actors ? I think there will be rainbows unicorns and bubble gum all the way...as long as fans let them do their job and not try to make it harder with rumors etc... The press for J9 to be a cpl is huge...I always think, " if they are a real cpl...you'll see even less than you do now ! Being a cpl doesn't give you more access...it actually give you less.." so stick with the fanstasy...
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