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  1. I'm watching this drama at the moment, and their voices......: [MMMTV4] EP44 4season F/W Concert D-DAY Credit to the owner
  2. Jimin came on VLive last ngiht Credit to the owner
  3. There were so many interesting clips from last night Muster in Busan Day 1. I'm sure you've seen it everywhere. Here are some of them: Credit to the owner
  4. While listening to "A Brand New Day" on Spotify, let's post a few update. Translated: Busan in nice Credit to the owner
  5. Yongzura

    OTP Bingo 2019

    Thank you @Lmangla and @sushilicious for the event. Only one near missed but it is fine. Ok, see you around everyone till next time. Bye!
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