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  1. Song Hye Gyo registers for art school in New York Article: Song Hye Gyo registers for a New York art school "Always challenging myself" met with support Source: Mydaily via Naver 2. [+4,147, -79] I'm jealous that she's rich enough where she can do what she wants with her time even if she's alone 3. [+3,219, -125] People who are rich are fine after divorce... since they have so many more opportunities... but divorce is so much harder for the rest of us. It's no one's fault, just different choices. No point in hating on her... 5. [+1,057, -137] Jealous 6. [+449, -39] Sometimes the only happiness in life isn't always just about getting married and having kids 12. [+352, -224] Life doesn't end just because you got divorced. I think she's amazing. 14. [+83, -8] At least she's rich enough to be able to live in New York and study what she wants. I'm more jealous of that life than the average way of getting married and having kids. http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2019/09/song-hye-gyo-registers-for-art-school.html?m=1
  2. Thanks @ahdrianaa Have fun waiting for your 'love letters', haters!!!
  3. Alone we are strong but together we are stronger! Seeing all the support she's been getting lately makes me feel so touched..I hope Kyo knows how much we love her and that she's not alone in facing this tough time.
  4. After the process is finalised, I just hope she can keep moving forward and never look back. She's been a fighter her whole life so I believe she'll bounce back soon.
  5. No celeb friends? You sure about that? Some fans here have been with her for a very long time..so stop acting like you know each and everyone of us!
  6. Give her time. Who knows what she's up to. She's never been a person who does things 'noisily'...so let's trust her.
  7. I was so looking forward to getting the D-Cut..wonder what could be the reason of the cancellation.
  8. Honestly I thought the two kids were theirs. Got so excited for nothing..serves me right. "Get out of my way!" cr : as labeled @stardustvoid They were probably thinking of having their own children when they saw those kids. Where's the special ep focusing on JinSoo's married life? I need it!
  9. TV: [Spoilers!!!} Boyfriend (Finale) Article: Song Hye Gyo and Park Bogum's happy ending at 8.7%... 3 achievements by 'Boyfriend'Source: News 1 via Naver1. [+1,304, -179] It makes me happy to read articles written by people who watched and understood the drama... It was a traditional melodrama. Soohyun and Jinhyuk's love helped awaken feelings deep within me and I felt warmed and happy by their relationship. I'll miss this drama a lot..2. [+839, -68] I've been an avid viewer since the first episode and their first meeting left such an impression on me. All of the actors showed great talent in expressing the excitement of a new relationship and I laughed and cried with both the leads over their emotional acting. I read up all the books and listened to the OST introduced in the drama and spent these past few weeks relishing in the emotions that they brought. I thank everyone involved in this work and will always support Song Hye Gyo and Park Bogum. 'Boyfriend' fighting~!!3. [+665, -44] I was excited and happy to be able to witness the strong love between Jinhyuk and Soohyun. This will be remembered as the best melodrama of my life. Park Bogum was like a fresh piece of fruit in his expression of their first love and was also deep like a tree, forever giving and always there with his love. Kim Jinhyuk made my heart clench but was also such a heart fluttering character. His acting made it so much easier to focus on the drama.4. [+540, -75] There's nothing provocative about the drama so I was able to watch reruns without much worries. Great job to Song Hye Gyo.5. [+424, -54] I agree, it was a drama that showed the worth of such a warm and noble love.6. [+136, -5] I know that Park Bogum is already a star who has had his acting skills acknowledged but this drama made me fall for his charms once again. Hoping to see him in a new drama soon!7. [+117, -13] I watched from the 1st to the 16th episode and even watched reruns three times over. I enjoyed every gaze, every scene, every direction of the drama~~~ So sad that such a beautiful drama is over and I feel empty about it already~~ I'll be watching out for Director Park Shin Woo's future works... I've always been a fan of Hye Gyo but this drama has made me realize how much I like Park Bogum's gaze when he acts~~~ thank you...8. [+95, -2] Really happy about the happy ending~ I'll never be able to forget Park Bogum's tearful acting~ it was the best~ hoping the best for the two~9. [+86, -7] I enjoyed it, it was such a heartwarming melodrama and the two had great chemistry10. [+80, -7] Finally someone who analyzed the drama correctly. The past two months of winter was made warmer thanks to Song Hye Gyo and Park Bogum. cr : Netizen Buzz
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