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  1. So, I walked into the doctor's office, and I saw this secretary. Let's call her Nicole. I honestly haven't been wowed with the kind of women I've met so I stopped dating for four years, and I've been focusing on me. But Nicole appeared to be different. Talking to her just felt so right. I talked to Nicole for an hour. I wasn't even thinking about liking her. We were just talking about life and I kept things light hearted. Nicole told me she had a boyfriend, but it was times she kept telling me she has a boyfriend, and I thought are you telling me this repeatedly for you as a reminder, or for me because my hearing works just fine? So, the next appointment came, and I got dropped off early again which was out of my control. I walk in the office and Nicole looked super happy to see me. She had a big smile on her face and said, "HEY!" Which took me off guard, because I'm so used to getting the short end of the stick. So, to see Nicole greet me like that when no one else who came in the office got greeted like that took me by surprise. At that moment, my guard broke, and I thought to myself, Am I falling for this woman? We talked again for an hour. When Nicole talked about her boyfriend she didn't come across as too excited. She referenced that he's living in the next state over because that's the state they went to college in. She gave me her email because she wanted my help to build her credit. I had her business email for appointments, but she made sure to tell me that she was giving me her personal email. Why she did that? That's one thing I like about Nicole. I'm not even looking at her like she's some physical object to lust after. I really enjoy the conversations and I think she does too, and I want to build positively on that. My time came for my appointment and I told my doctor how tired I was and my doctor said, "You sure perked up when you talked to Nicole." All I could do was close my eyes, turn my head away, laugh, and blush as I said, "I admire Nicole's authenticity." I meant that. The bummer is I'm probably moving in February and I'm not expecting this to be some happily ever after situation where Nicole and I get married in some amazing story book wedding. What I would like is if I move to be able to maintain a real friendship with her. I don't want a friendship with her with the intent to swoop back in when she's single. But to legitimately keep being friends with her. How do I do that the right way?
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