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  1. I like this version of the lyrics that I found online:


    Long long time ago

    When I came out into the world

    A small voice I heard

    To come back after giving love


    A flower that only blooms when in love

    To make a million of it bloom

    Only when in true love

    The rose of love blooms



    Without any hate, hate, hate

    When I only give love without any reserve

    A million, million, million flowers bloom

    I can go to my beautiful starland I miss




    What is true love

    I wept distressed

    Many men left me

    The world is so sad


    After a long time went by

    Giving everything even one's life

    Appearing out of nowhere like the rain

    Such a love held me in arms


    *CHORUS* x 2

    Even though everyone leaves me

    I'll still keep loving

    Who came to see me from the star

    The one I've missed so much


    Together you and I

    More and more flowers

    One with you

    Will go back eternally


    *CHORUS* x3

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