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  1. I havent seen Gu Family book. I voted for Song Joong ki and Yoo Ah in from SKKS. Hehehe
  2. Let's have a poll and vote for when this pandemic will end...Next month? By the end of this year? Or by next year?
  3. talking about OSTs, this is my current jam... -2
  4. oppa is endorsing for this spam company. LOL -2
  5. Wow why this sudden influx of LMH oppa gifs here? LOL. cr to owner
  6. Ok gotcha!!!! When is the last date to submit this thing @Lmangla?
  7. The first time i saw him was in RDTK, i think. I really liked him there and i have been following his works ever since then. But his character in Hospital playlist is the one that made me go crazy for him. LOL. Repressed 40 year old virgin whose lifelong dream is to become a priest but falls in love with a weird and insensitive girl. A character like this, who wouldnt love? LOLOL
  8. I'm so sorry @Lmangla and @partyon, i couldnt reply to you guys until now as i was busy with real life this past week. So we just need to share our love for our wintergarden couple here in various forms, right? Thats easy. let me gather all my fellow wintergarden detectives.... @40somethingahjumma @kiklaminHo @Lawyerh @triplem @Ameera Ali@sakura22 @JungRok @smartiegal @LovelyLady @ryanallright @randomthotz @kiefshi1056 @Dramageek @sillyvivian_yo89 @wallflowersforjane
  9. @partyon THIS OPPA DESERVES AN AWARD FOR BEING BORN THIS HANDSOME OK!!!!! look at that face....gahhhh. i have many oppas, if i were to list them all we will be here all day. LOL. -2
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