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  1. Funny, for me, i would have called this k-drama "I'm a mother too" ..... LOL
  2. I don't know.... The shining Eun soo k -drama ending i think it is better, they gave 5 extra episodes seeing the villain trying to be human and be very good to the main female lead... And in that k-drama, the OTP managed to get married half way throught the k-drama daily and they stay strong for each other when there was hardship being faced... But then again, it's been awhile since i watched it, so i might have forgotten the bad scene of " wth..?" and all the annoyance scenes.... heheh
  3. I would not bank on any lovey dovey scene for OTP, at most you'll get those two walking HN home or them texting each other silling goodnight msg... If it is anything like Happy sisters ending, the OTP will get the last 5 minutes of so called rush ending, Sorry to say, those evil doers will get 70% screen time for the remaining episodes...
  4. Errr what? What revenge are you talking about? JH has only set things straight, so i wouldn't call it revenge... Revenge will be to repay back what SH and JE did to JH & HN and i have seen nothing of the sort.... JH hasn't done the nearly run over of JE or she did not sabotage JE's work on purpose so that JE nearly loses her job ( the other time was JE herself being careless of her job, and JH unwilling to help her out on this.) JH did not try to kidnapped JE. and i don't see JH stealing any of JE or SH money (SH did this herself, going broke that is) . JH did not set a scam to ruin SH or JE's reputation.... None of this has happen.... sigh... Mark my works, both evil duos will be forgiven even thou at ep 119, both are not even sorry for their wrong doings, they are only sorry that they got caught.... k-writers are cruel in giving any justice ending, hardly ever give any justice to the wrongdoers... HG's mom won't even realized her wrong doings towards HN and HN will be the one apologizing to HG's mom later on.... K-writers will only do their so called "justice" is that SH-JE are "rob" of their easy life (ie- JH's money) that they never earn it themselves to begin with.... So on this note, no revenge was done towards SH nor JE, no legal action will be done so no one goes to jail and JH still support Ji Hoo.... Hence, i will not watch this last few episode, not even gonna watch ep 119.....
  5. I think i won't watch ep 119 onward.... My ending for this k-drama is at ep 118.... .... I learn this from watching numerous korean daily dramas that last few episodes will irritate the living daylight out of me, so skipping last few will be good for my peace of mind... :-) Good luck with the rest of my chingu who will watch till the last episodes...
  6. By the way, does HN knows that her name is actually AE's real first daughter's name like replacing her dead daughter with SJ and even giving her dead daughter's name to SJ...??? If the name HN was a completely new name not related by anyone, i would have agree with you.... But alas, that name was meant for AE's first born daughter, so on hindsight and respect to SR's sister, I think HN should take back her real name so that AE and SR can freely mourn and call her daughter's and SR's sister's name HN back...
  7. For SH, one other thing that i want her to lose is any memento of JE be it photo or stuff animals or any favourite things of JE will be lost either by fire or got spoiled. Whatever money and jewellery they have, they will pay back JH, JE need to pay back to JH for the education fee that JH has paid earlier and ALL the money SH has stolen from the company if they do not want JH to press charges. AS both of them are dead broke, it would have been nice if when JE & SH was kicked out/ forced to moved out of the house, JE & SH, with their packed treasured items (fav items and wedding photos and childhood photos) in her car. While driving, JE tries to beat a red light and the trunk of doom hits them. SH managed to craw out of the car, and pull JE out, but immediately after that the car exploded. Everything that SH and JE treasure are gone. While at home, JH was throwing every items and photo that has SH, JE in it - JH found out that SH has stolen and burn every childhood photo of HN. All their memento are ALL gone forever.... SH will find out that JE is handicap/ she has to limp all her life and SH has a 2nd degree burn on one of her cheek. Blah blah blah, JH & JG, HN & HG ,AE & SR moved in to JH big house with JH's mom and out of pity, JG lets SH, JE's dad, Ji Hoo and handicap JE stayed at his house with DG. Mind you, SH and her family still need to pay rent for staying at the roof top house. JE & DG too need to pay rent. JH and JG won't ever help those 5 people financially after this. JG found out that DG agree to hide the pamplets so that JH won't be able to find SJ. SH is still fired from SJ boutique so SH starts working as a waitress and working long hours with minimum wage. JE, who is limping, ends up doing house chores and cooking since JE can't get a job or walk properly - AND all 5 of them can't afford to eat out let alone buy anything fancy since they are dead poor and all... If the above happens, then fine, SH & JE can attend HN's lavish wedding (which DG and JE never had) and they can only come visit JH's big house when JH command them to come over. A few months after that, both AE and JH dream they are surrounded by babies and a few days later HN & HG announce that she is expecting and their having TWINS...!! I've given up that the k-writers will ever punish those two legally and put them into jail, so if the above happens, i wouldn't be sooo disappointed of their endings.
  8. I think most would think that JE was given a get out of jail card, but I think it is not really a get out of jail card, it will be either to show JE's devastation of losing her baby via miscarriage or JE will have such difficulty during pregnancy and only to find out that the baby is already dead in her around 6 or 7 months pregnancy and yet JE still had to go through a difficult labour to take out the dead fetus. I hope the later will happen. Here's how i WANT the ending to be. JH exposed SH-JE evil plans to everyone including JE's friends and SH alumni friends. DG was a tad bit turn off, but due to JE being pregnant, DG ask for JE to go back to her mom while he try to sort this thoughts on this. Due to this, even while pregnant, JE who is angry that SJ is back, JE wanted to do one last attempt to harm SJ. DG figure out JE's plan that was to put poison on HN's food, so in order to protect his new step sister, DG went and eat it instead, and JE saw it herself. DG got into a coma and JE was arrested and send to 5 years in prison for attempt murder. There, JE meets her mom who was already in prison. While in prison, JE slips and fell by herself (she was trying to follow SH). After that JE will have such difficulty during pregnancy and only to find out that the baby is already dead in her around 6 months and yet JE still had to go through a difficult labour to take out the dead fetus. SH gave a fruit that was supposed to be good for woman after giving birth, but JE accidentally chokes while eating the fruits. JE was unconscious for a few days while SH was unable to visit JE at the prison hospital. Due to difficulty in labour, JE can no longer have any children. With that fetus death, DG decided to file for a divorce coz he doesn't want to be with such evil woman- no child should have such evil mother. After the divorce is final, JE starts to carry a dirty doll with her everywhere, and it will be difficult for SH to see JE like this. Aside from JE's dad, no one came to visit JE or SH. Ji Hoo, who hates both JE and his mom for all their evil act decided to cut ties with those two. Ji Hoo and his dad went to live with his other grandma to become a farmer and SH was devastated to hear this... Two years later, a letter was send to SH that HN has safely gave birth to twins boy and girl baby. (YR probably send it). As for JE's letter, an additional photo has been included along with HN's twins which was a wedding photo of YR being married to DG..... HG's mom will have the ending i wrote earlier. HG's mom will be too embarrass to meet up with her friends coz they know that her hubby is a security guard and that she is sad that her son is no longer staying with her but at HG's in laws place. Hanna's kid is a handful, so HG's mom have difficulty taking care of her grandson alone in the house while everyone goes out to work. Anything less than this, will be a let down ending for me....
  9. I went and watch ep 112 & 113 coz of all the hype... One question, since when did Hanna is in favour of HG -HN..? What have i miss?
  10. HG's mom other punishment should be that her son will NOT be living with her at her house after HG marries HN. Instead, JH will insist on a condition for allowing HG to marry HN despite HG's mom very bad treatment of her daughter HN, that HG and HN be living with her at her BIG house to prevent HG's mom mistreating her daughter. So, HG's mom will not be able to see HG that often since HG will no longer be living with his own parents...
  11. Oh, i would loveeee that.... Fake SJ/YR redeem herself by supplying evidence for SH and JE wrong doings. Oh, DG will be the one that has amnesia when he tries to save YR from harm , well, in order for JE not to commit anymore criminal, he tries to save YR. DG doesn't wakes up till the last episode. And when DG wakes up, he does remember anything prior to quitting his job at the big company, so he only remember JE as the snobbish silver purse and nothing else. But DG seems to be taken aback by how sweet YR is in taking care of him. When he wakes up, he found out that he has a new step mom and that HN is actually his stepmom's daughter. He also found out that he is married but for the life of him, he can't seem to remember JE at all. DG found out that his so called wife was evil and that JE and JE's mom was trying to harm his step sister from being reunited to his step mom. DG will loath JE (since he can't remember JE anyway). The only other thing he last remember is JE pushing YR down the staircase so in conclusion, he no longer wants to be married to an evil person. With that, DG file for divorce. In the jail, SH met YR's mom and YR's mom LOL seeing SH and JE especially when she found out for what crime has these mother-daughter duo has done... A week later, YR's mom punishment was lessen so YR's mom was leaving the prison, and YR's mom gloated this to SH and JE.... JE, seems be bullied in the prison, so JE is normally black and blue in the face. So, SH will try to pick a fight and SH was send to solidarity cell. SH overhead that JE tried to escape prison, but fail, so JE was severely punish. And every time SH sees JE, JE has yet another scar on her. Two years later, SH and JE got news that DG marries YR and SJ had their first baby boy, AE marries Mr Kim and Leo is expecting another baby...
  12. LOL... But i hope that we see more punishment for HG's mom... I hope this will happen : After HG's mom got fired, both HG's mom and SH attend their high school reunion. SH came first and bad mouth HG's mom for getting fired and HG's mom will tell their old classmate that SH leach off from her sister and recently SH stole company funds for personal used. SH needed their mom to beg the older sister to take SH back and SH got demoted to being a mere sales clerk. While both were arguing, both hubby happened to walk by and saw their wife fighting so they went to to break out the fight. When fight subside, one of the old classmate notice both hubby was wearing security guard uniform and commented on it. So the old classmate realized that both HG's mom and SH lies and that both hubbies are "loser" in the eyes of their snobbish classmates... HG's mom and SH ran out of the restaurant in humiliation.
  13. oohhhh.... I wanna see it... I am a bit bored with k-daily drama... Most of the time, 3/4 of the way in the k-drama i wanna slap the main female lead in k-drama for her naivety and dumb and tooo slow to figure it out...
  14. They have Turkish version? What is the name of that Turks-drama? I haven't watch any Turkish drama....
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