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  1. From another site, the viewers seems to really hate this k-drama, but seeing this site not a hostile as the other site, I wanna give my two cent of this k-drama.... Some might say that this k-drama should have ended at the 100th episode, but for me, after SA was sent to jail, i really enjoyed this k-drama... I finally get to see BH live her life as everything has been reversed.... The story no longer centred on SA (even thou the k-writer trying desperately trying to make SA relevant/ needed by giving the ridiculous 12 disease and permission slips nonsense).... I like
  2. I no longer are annoyed that k-writer has given BH cancer story line... With this story line, BH seems to get more screen airtime and its just adorable seeing BH, the twins and SK spending "family" time... The boy seems to finally have a gang to play his video game with and its just adorable and nature that SK "envelope ish"/ arms around ES ..... i don't know what to call it, but if u see those scenes, you which scenes i meant.... heheh.... Also, i am glad that SA seems to have no more story line and the k-writer seems to cling on the same oh blame-BH-on-everything in order for SA
  3. I'm gonna think other possibility as to why the k-writer decided to throw this curve ball.... BH gets this sickness May , just maybe, the k-writer plan to do this.... HH will tell her mom what she finds out and step mom will suddenly be so much nicer to BH.. HH too... Madam, finds this odd.... And Madam, accidentally hears the stepmom talking to HH to pass this soup to BH as this soup is good for cancer patients... Madam was soo shock and Madam screams in denial... BH's mom, who is currently self pitying herself finally stop her pitiful state seeing that she may
  4. So let me guess, the remaining episodes for BH is that she will be sick ? So it was not enough that due to switch at birth, BH had to endure hardship growing up, loses her house and her livelihood coz her husband sold their house and left her and her kids homeless, work as a maid and later was frame as thieve, then donate her kidney and when she found her wealthy parents, her bio parents gone broke and BH had to support her newly found parents, they are now gonna give BH disease too? Sigh..... I wish they had given the disease part to SeRa so that SA will finally get a bit of growt
  5. Chingu, i was sooo gonna reply that too.... LOL.... It will be so entertaining watch if those two got locked in in the basement room... There was a bottle of soju that Assistant Kim forgot to bring up when they move upstairs. And coz the room will get chilly in the evening, first they drank the soju to keep warm. And since the soju has finished, SA gets cold again, so she is force to cuddle with KCB for heat... They can't call for help coz one phone battery has finish and another, no signal.... SeRa was seen walking aimlessly, so the police took her to the police stat
  6. Since the k-writers are making SK- BH relationship goofy and first love experience (since both never really get to experience it before, first of everything in coupling), this may be some of the incidents they should get to experience 1. Boy caught by parents sleeping over at girls place by parents (we may just get it next week) 2. Girl caught by mother going to boy's house 3. Boy and girl got all embarrass buying condoms at the pharmacy ... Boy wanted to pass the condom to the girl and he said girl should quickly put in in her handbag, girl told him that the man should k
  7. Seeing they are in charge of packing, they might just pack in without the vitamins..?? Oh, can the k-writer make SA and KCB be a mascot for the pills or those who have to pass flyer wearing silly clothing..??? LOL Oh oh, SA had to actually carry boxes with KCB to deliver the vitamins to the shop coz they need it ASAP... SK should be the one that instruct them or just let Assistant Kim do it.... SA was told to pick up coffee and deliver it upstairs, and SA guessing that one of the coffe was meant for BH and SK, SA and KCB purposely add salt in it.... However, BH informed those two th
  8. That was sooo hilarious....!!! SA cheats, lies and plots to ruin other people, but SA got scammed by a voice phishing...? LMAO.... Shouldn't at least a con like SA could smell another con artist a mile away...??? And she can't even get that money back coz it wasn't JW who took it..... For once i would like to see JW laugh upon hearing SA getting scammed by a voice phishing....lol Hi chingu...!! Did not know you are watching this too... I've missed your gif... !! Could you do a funny gif of SA getting scammed with your ever wonderful wording... Your Fatal Promise
  9. MY latest edition of MY wishful thinking story line.... Oh, seeing that SeRa now really likes BH, i now would like that SeRa try to make amend with EH and ES. And since SA is about to go to jail, SeRa ask if SA can beg her grandmother Mrs Jo and BH to take care of SeRa as SeRa will promise to be good and not be a snob to ES and EH. And when SeRa finally get to move in, while SA goes to jail. One day, KCB got drunk, and SeRa and ES heard how much KCB did for SA in order to make BH fail .... And KCB couldn't understand how BH managed to rise even thou he wire tapped BH's pho
  10. I hate to say it, but your prediction of the ending is what the Director is aiming for... But to me how can BH's bio parents forgive SA for killing their son? SA was already evil evil in her early 20s to willingly kill her then "real" brother.... Somehow, i want a different ending thou... I don't mind that BH's parent never becomes chebol rich after this... SK's mom can have all the wealth but she will be lonely. Sure, SK's mom may accept BH seeing how BH manage to get SK to reconcile with his mom, but SK will insist on staying in his roof top flat with BH while BH's parents and
  11. i just want to state of lovely to see that the Chairman and Mrs Jo especially finally adapting to their current circumstance.. They are the grandparents taking care of their grandchildren instead of them busy with their own elite lifestyle... EH is hanging out with Mrs Jo while ES is spending time with the Chairman... So bad of me, but i would like that SeRa sees this environment, bonus if she and KCB sees even SK blend in really well too with BH's whole family.... SeRa sees ES and EH doing simple things like making kites or playing board games while on picnic near the lake with her whole
  12. Wishful thinking on my part, but i would like that at ep 89, Dreamy won the design, so Audrey is out.... SA was demoted and are no longer a CEO. SK's mom is actually impress with BH's work ethic and she finally sees why her son is fascinated with BH... There was even proves that Audrey stole the design from Dreamy with KCB caught on CCTV for sneaking into the office and also taking photos in BH's office. At Ep 90, SK went and ask for permission to marry BH and as much as BH's mom don't like it, but when she sees how the twins and the Chairman adores SK and especially
  13. I don't mind BH encounter problems at the office as long as they keep giving us lots and lots of BH-SK's lovey dovey moments like ep 84.... So, they can do BH's birthday next, SK and BH will decide to make a cake together with the twins.. They celebrate in the afternoon with BH's family and later at night , BH sneak up to SK's house to celebrate it again, just the two of them.... But both overslept...!! As BH goes down, BH's mom waited and BH got scolded. BH had to listen to getting scolded as she was trying to change cloth in order to go to work... BH will tell SK what happen th
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