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  1. https://www.wuxiaworld.co/Nightfall/ can you change the novel link in place of this link? @angelangie
  2. I haven't say that about 12 special. Just 12, not the 12 special.they are different. LOL~~~!!
  3. Grand Priest of Justice had said that the Infinite Everlasting Lamp is weak at this moment (in EP 10 about 12:30).So the Lamp can't protect the person who belong to the Light Palace Hall as usual.But the Lamp still forbid the energy,no one can use energy to fight at the Light Palace Hall.
  4. A novel become a drama there are many differnet moments .The novel is slow ,the drama is fast! And some moments is very very hard to show in the drama!!! I think , the novel is more interesting! https://mechamushroomtranslations.wordpress.com/jiang-ye-informationindex/ Jiang Ye is Ever Night.
  5. In EP 12 !!! Infinite Everlasting Lamp protect the Light Palace Hall.So they can't use energy to fight in the Light Palace Hall. You will see that:Long Qing is protected by the lamp. in EP 12 about 10:02 Lots of details in this drama. If you have read the novel you won't be confused.you won't say like 'wtf' or 'whats going on' when you watch some moments.
  6. amazing drama~!!!! on YT you can see it. but without sub. I hope I can watch it on ViKi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYypsQOhQXE
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