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  1. Hello, chingu. Joining the fun. Put off watching this drama because uncomfortable with con man as hero. But like both leads so finally gave it a try. Great fun. It's really quirky! Wasn't expecting it. What a mixed bag of serious relationship stuff and silly comedy. I especially loved the exchange between MI Young and Park Hoo Ja. Watched the scene a few times and every time they talk at complete cross purposes it makes me giggle. So droll. I liked the way the writer repeatedly used the idea of being "an assemblyman's wife" as part of the joke. I wonder if this is an inflated social status in Korea and they are laughing at it. Also love the acting including especially Kim Min-Jung as Park Hoo Ja. She makes a very appealing villain. It would be so fun if she and Mi Young are actually sisters. And does anyone know who is singing that song Mi Young turns on in the car that plays as she strides slow mo into PHJ's office? Love the sound of that song!
  2. Lackluster management on her part, too, not to encourage subordinates, give them credit, recognize skills and talents that make the whole team better. Another manager in Ms. Go's place would be happy to have DY's creativity and resourcefulness in-house.
  3. @ck1Oz I think EH bought her clothes because he said what she was wearing to work was too dowdy. And beat the ex into giving her child support and alimony. Maybe she's living rent free with EH, too. Dunno. Weird though she's not calling her kid. Failure of the writing. Why introduce a child character and drop them completely. And Danyi with bandaids in her purse seems like a nurturing maternal woman. It's odd.
  4. Sorry for cutting your post. Would never have thought of that parallel: JH like WS not protecting SH from his mother. Yikes, that's really horrible. I hope JH would have protected SH if he knew his mother had contacted her. I don't think he would have stood by like WS watching the degradation and just giving her an expensive consolation gift afterwards. But JH not directly confronting his mother at breakfast, his acting as though nothing had happened, was really weird though. You are right. How could he not say anything when his mother hurt SH like that.
  5. Was able to watch a little bit "live" this morning although stream kept freezing. Felt myself tearing up watching JH tear up when SH told him: let's break up. Beautiful acting--really could feel/see JH's pain. Ugh. Speaking just for me, I watch kdrama for escape. Don't require anguish to get happiness. And I really don't understand SH's desire to go to Cuba without JH. Going back to the place where you've been deeply happy and in love, without your lover, makes no sense to me at all. It's got to be filled with memories of him. Unless you're a masochist, why put yourself through that. That's just weird, writer-nim. But the preview looks hopeful. Don't know if I can face watching the episode when I get home from work tonight. But probably won't be able to stop myself. They are so beautiful.
  6. @bebebisous33sugar syrup as poison-- that is an interesting take. I agree, too, giving a seemingly kind and loving homemade gift which is actually a cover for your rejection made the rejection doubly cruel. SH must have had her guard down going into that meeting. I also agree with what other chingu have been saying about the need for some healing fan service by writer-nim after all this angst. Maybe, inspired by @Lmangla's abs event, JH needs to take a nice hot shower to relax. Or maybe, for my generation, he and love muffin Manager Nam could have a nice relaxing convo in the sweat room of a sauna together. I was also thinking that it's time all the fan groups start sending food trucks in honor of writer-nim. There would be photos of our happy OTP kissing and hugging, eating with the family, happy little kids playing in the Cuba garden etc on the truck and all the cups and plates. Like that. Just some encouragement and inspiration.
  7. You know I am reading your words and remembering SH seeing JH's happy face on the phone in an early episode talking to someone who SH thinks is probably a girlfriend. JH later tells her no I'm not seeing anyone--it was my mom. Totally creeps me out now.
  8. Take heart. The second episode each week always ends with a scene I watch and re-watch again with our OTP happily in sync together. Hoping the trend continues tomorrow. What JH's mom did today was reprehensible no matter her motives. I didn't like the sly way she put that note in the bag and went around JH to reach SH either. But you reap what you sow the saying goes. JH lied to his mother about those high heels, was not honest all along about his love for SH and what they were going through. I hope as chingu have written here those family members and our OTP learn to talk with one another. Felt terrible watching SH blindsided by another mom like that. Does the tea lady have any kids? She's my favorite mom figure. Hanging in for that happy ending. Episode is too beautifully acted to miss, anyone hesitating to watch. And I even watched it with a broken stream and little understanding of what they were saying.
  9. Loved it! I think you captured both of them perfectly. I could see both characters so clearly. Thanks so much for the fun read.
  10. I wouldn't mind a scene with Manager Nam and his heart's desire unless you just want to do the OTP.
  11. I was watching @stroppyse clips and translations of the bed scene and realized that beautiful Saltnpaper "Take Me On" song now being sung by female vocalist? Maybe signaling shift to SH following JH? Or maybe singer has been alternating and I just missed it ooops.
  12. Not working today. House still asleep. So happy to join everybody to "watch" although I can rarely find a live stream. Was thinking, too, I want back to the fairy tale. I want happily ever after for our OTP and all of the sweet pairings in this drama. My idea of a perfect happy ending would be JH and SH at JH's parent's house laughing and eating a meal together with the family. Comfort food. I don't know how they get there but here's hoping. I'm still not convinced that the wolf image at the end isn't JH's dad. But I think wolves are beautiful soulful animals. Much too beautiful an image for T. Group and its ilk.
  13. @bebebisous33 identity of the wolf? But isn't SH reaching in the image towards the wolf? As one might move to pet it? Would she reach that way to WS and T. Group? JH's parents as wolf more likely? Can't wait to watch tonight when I get back from work and take care of real life. A big thank you to everyone for all the sharing.
  14. Actually I guess you could also say that men are attracted to women like their mothers? So WS attracted to SH as successful hotel CEO because she reminds him (misreading her completely) of ruthless cold no-nonsense mommy?
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