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  1. Hi, all Just wanted to say hello. I'm watching the drama, too. I wish it were at least on Viki if not on Iqiyi or Netflix here. But there you go. Very happy to read the ratings are up. The acting is terrific! The young actor playing the son is doing a totally convincing job. Very fun to see our "I Have A Lover" couple again. And the actors who play their younger selves are both very likable too. I usually hate flashbacks, but their younger selves were interesting and appealing. Plot's so twisty with all the flashbacks. But it's a good watch. I wish he would just tell
  2. I've really enjoyed this drama. Thought it was a fun escape with terrific lead couple chemistry, beautifully shot romantic scenes, and a believable workplace. I loved the KLAR team and all of the actors. And all of the clothes! Except for the high heels the clothes looked like outfits you could actually wear to the office. Did not hurt that the cast was gorgeous. And JTBC even gave us terrifically fun BTS clips. Even when filming outside in cold winter weather the cast and crew were joking and working hard. I don't know how they could endure filming outside in the cold like that.
  3. Won Jin Ah, SF9’s Rowoon, Lee Joo Bin & Lee Hyun Wook Recount “She Would Never Know” Experiences In An Exclusive Interview With iQiyi https://kdramadiary.com/feature/she-would-never-know-lead-stars-iqiyi-exclusive-interview/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  4. Kpopmap: Weekly Romance Pick: SF9's RoWoon & Won JinAh Ease Their Worries In "She Would Never Know" She Would Never Know’ stars discuss filming K-drama ahead of March 9 finale on iQiyi https://mb.com.ph/2021/03/05/she-would-never-know-stars-discuss-filming-k-drama-ahead-of-march-9-finale-on-iqiyi/
  5. I know, right? Looks like she broke it off, but what happened?! Did she just want/need to concentrate on work for her very demanding boss? Did she choose work? Me, too! And hoping for some make-up lovey-dovey You guys might like this. The happy SWNK/KLAR team.
  6. I really did like episode 14. Only things I hated were SA's ambitious new boss who doesn't care about work/life balance and demands her help at all hours. Also the time jump and the way the break-up was revealed in the final scene. But so much to like! I was very happy to see SA's mom trying to move forward with her life and making a big effort to be loving and supportive and a real mom. Their interactions were sweet and hopeful. Also, SA's fun roommate who says she'll visit her in Paris and is revealed to be a rising star with her own thing going on.
  7. William Chung is sounding very appealing! Occurred to me that this drama has enough plot lines it could have been one of those 100 episode plus family dramas. Eg, Do we know why grandpa disinherited the parents? Are they still alive? What about HS's parents? I also wouldn't mind seeing SA's roommate dating. She is total fun. On a happy note, SA's mom seems to be coming out of her depression and taking an interest in things. The way she wanted "hot pot" because she saw it on TV, and her interest in the pretty fingernail ornaments. These are big steps forward for her.
  8. @ck1Oz"Can I have some spoilers please? What is happening with the younger sister? I am not personally invested in the couple and chef angle. But I actually don't know what happened last week or today. What angle is the writer going for?" Some spoilers: Husband says he is not like the chef.Offers wife divorce because she is suffering. She rips up the divorce papers angrily. Wife tells chef to stay away from them both. Little girl worried that mommy is hurting. Little girl asks daddy not to hurt mommy. Younger sister blows up at her siblings for not confiding in her but does not co
  9. Tough episode all around, but lots of stuff going on. Too bad the younger sister could not/would not confide in her siblings. Maybe if she can talk with her unni alone and let it all out. So much pain and anger and confusion to go through alone. About Song-ah's choice: Drama does seem to be about work / life balance as @sal2 said. If the transfer to Europe will help SA grow personally and professionally, can see why she would make that choice now before she has kids. If she grows it will be good for their relationship too. I feel ridiculous but I looked up the flights.
  10. Weekly Romance Pick: SF9's RoWoon Doesn't Want To Let Won JinAh Go Back Home In "She Would Never Know" https://www.kpopmap.com/weekly-romance-pick-sf9-rowoon-doesnt-want-to-let-won-jinah-go-back-home-in-she-would-never-know/
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