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  1. Weekly Romance Pick: SF9's RoWoon Doesn't Want To Let Won JinAh Go Back Home In "She Would Never Know" https://www.kpopmap.com/weekly-romance-pick-sf9-rowoon-doesnt-want-to-let-won-jinah-go-back-home-in-she-would-never-know/
  2. Hi. Really enjoying the drama. The acting is so good. The cast is gorgeous, too. And I love the clothes! I'm really enjoying the slow burn lovey dovey between Song-ah and Hyun-seung. Even the BTS clips of all their romantic moments are great fun to watch. I also like the serious stuff. That tough conversation between Song-ah and her mom about her dad's infidelity, for example. You could see from the flashbacks how much she loved her mother. And her father, too. He wasn't just cheating on her mom, though, but cheating with his underage student? Total betrayal of tru
  3. Thank you so much for sharing this link!! These naver clips are ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. Not on iqiyi here yet but so fun to watch these.
  4. Hi. I really liked the episode, too. The acting of the entire cast is top notch. Enjoying all the plot lines and characters. One thing: I wish they had let Won Jim Ah wear an overcoat for her confession scene at the close. They had her character walk the streets in a vee-neck and sweats after that tough argument with her mom. Everyone else on the street was wearing a coat. Rowoon was wearing a coat. You could see their breath as they talked in the final scene the air was so cold. That poor actress. I guess this was supposed to signal her fragile emotional state but it was really di
  5. Hi. Just wanted to say I'm really enjoying this drama. I read a review panning early episodes for their "toxic masculinity." Hyun Seung wiping off Song Ah's lipstick was over the top I agree. I wish the director had not included it. No woman would put up with that especially from a junior at work. But I'm enjoying the drama anyway. It's a fun escape and the actors are all terrific. I love the leads. Won Jin A feels completely convincing as a competent, strong, fun woman with depths of feeling. And Rowoon as Hyun Seung! Had never watched him before this. Wow, is he impressive.
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