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  1. 1 hour ago, ilovesjk said:

    I wonder why with the Song Song pairing, age is such a huge factor? Everywhere I'm seeing them discuss their age difference. It's not like this is foreign to the kdrama world. Also their gap is only 3 years. I don't remember this much ruckus being made for other noona donseang pairings. And their gaps are huge! To name a few, KSH+JJH, LMH+KHS, JW+KTH, YAI+KTH, LJS+LBY. Clearly it's so common! 

    because ppl are jealous of SHK (SJK&SHK's chemistry is beyond expectation of everyone) and for those ppl who have to bring this age gap issue, they don't have other good reasons to bash on SHK......like you mentioned, in recent years there have been so many Korean drama couples who have much bigger age gap (>5yrs) on screen, 3 years, com'on, that's nothing! One sad thing is no matter who she paired with, she is always the one to be bashed with coz she has great chemistry with all her co-stars and for those male actors' crazy fangirls, they can't accept the reality bcoz in their crazy mind they always dream they are the one having whatever sweet scene with the actor......they always forget she is the one make those actors more famous more popular as well - like others in this thread know, she has been a big name for more than 10 years and she is well known in Asia especially China. Forget those jealous nonsense ppl, we can't satisfy everyone, let's happily watch this wonderful drama as who knows when will we see such a beautiful couple on screen again:lol:

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  2. 11 minutes ago, SeGafanlady said:

    still can't get over the separation.. I was arguing with my friends over the sad goodbye that happened even before their relationship starts. I must say that both SJK and SHK NAILED the scene. It's heart wrenching to the core of the bones but in a very sleek, neat and clean as well as effective way. She probably felt as heavy as he was but as a mature and life experienced self established woman, Dr. Kang Mo Yeon has all the right to know who, what, why, where and how about all Yoo Si Jin is. No woman likes secrets that purposedly kept because of the rules they don't ever know exist. Especially when one day she can receive a news of him killed on the line of duty. Doctor motto is prevent is much better than treating.

    I'm still can't get over this beautiful scene. Both wore white clothing and represent purity and genuinity of each's principles and beliefs. 

    BUT Love wants what it wants..  and nobody and nothing can win over the power of LOVE. Never.



    It was one of my fav scene in ep2 even though it was a sad one, both of them acted so well I just repeat that part for N times.....their facial expression, voice and the background music just fit perfectly for the scene, love how they've done it! I have to say it is my fav drama so far even though it hasn't finished LOL just can't get over this drama, can't wait for next week's episodes!

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  3. 29 minutes ago, mizutoki85 said:


    Yes, dear, we all support kyo. I notice you still trust on our otp. We also support them on IG, pls have time to check.

    Ok, on song couple, I love this pic. Shk seems talking to somebody else (see, she is looking to other direction, not to jk while sjk steals a look on kyo. I wonder is he so happy working with her? 

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    he is not just happy but proud to with Kyo I think, as in recent years, she hardly takes Korean drama project. Last one was TWTWB which was 3 years ago. And to work with her is a dream for a lot of male actors I believe. So far I think the only male actor working with Kyo for a second time is KDW. To film either a drama or movie takes several months, so it is very hard to get the chance to work with her, that's why when the chance comes, JK must (I believe) grab every second he can spend with Kyo:P

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  4. 7 hours ago, hclover96 said:

    hi rubylia, yes, it's Kyo, Onew and some of the other cast.  I think they were celebrating Kyo's birthday because she was wearing a party hat :P  Her birthday is on Nov. 22 and they were still filming during that time.  

    Bigger version

    MOD EDIT: please do not quote images!

    SJK and SHK interactions at the press conference

    at the end of the gif, SJK lifted his hand slightly as if he wanted to put his hand behind her back again, but decided not to.

    LOL love the GIF!!! Finally we can see some interaction, love the way he so NATURALLY put his hand on Kyo's waist, even though it was a really quick one but we can see how comfortable they are with each other:lol:and like you said, he wanted to put back again but hesitated and I guess was a bit late to put back again anyway as everyone has stand still ready to be photoedB) and can I say I do agree that KJW must adore SJK so much, she smiled when he walked to the centre and we can definitely tell who she looks at, I can tell you definitely not Kyo even though she is next to her hahaha:P

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  5. On 23 February 2016 at 3:22 PM, hclover96 said:

    @xyzebra, :lol:

    @maplekist, welcome aboard ^_^

    Kyo and Jin Goo are so cute here.  The host asked Onew what does he call Kyo, sunbaenim, noona or actor?  Before Onew can answer, Jin Goo said something and Kyo swatted at him, lol

    Mod edit: please do not quote images!

    Starts around 2:00.  Onew is really cute here :)



    But can I say the 1st GIF, obviously SJK wasn't in the same mood as Kyo & Jin Goo LOL while they two are giggling with whatever Jin Goo just joked about, SJK was like, what just happened.....to be honest, I was a bit disappointed with SJK & Kyo's interaction at the press con even though I understood from other Kyo's fans that she was just nervous as she always is at such events especially after the tax scandal she was nervous than ever in Korea's events, but such little interaction b/w them is just :( even though from all the teasers we can tell that in the drama they are lovey dovey but still I'd love to see some interactions b/w them, even just for some eye contacts, hopefully later on in the interviews or other promotions, we can see some:D

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  6. 12 minutes ago, SeGafanlady said:

    wow.. Kyo looks so immersed in that standing sunset kiss and her body language so damn hot and sexy!! She definetely felt more relax and comfort with SJK.. homeboy did a great job to tame the Princess of Ice hehehe.. I have NEVER seen this posture of Kyo and I was like OMONA is that really her? look at the way she tilts her feets to match JK's height to get a perfect kissing position and locking lips with him.. 

    my face turns red for this reason.... OMG :wub:

    we can tell how much you love the photo, already changed to profile profile pic LOL

    I think she will have a great chemistry with SJK we've never seen before:lol:

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  7. 4 hours ago, sunflower91_ said:

    whaaa definitely this is one of the highlight of DoTs , wondering in what episode it will be shown???? 


    I must say they are just too perfect for the role! hope DoTs has lot more to offer that will make viewers stick till the end !


    D-2 for DoTs !





    haha, sorry didn't realise you've posted the kiss scene photo as well, 1min diff LOL

    Don't quote images, gifs, or videos...

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  8. my Kyo today....the face is still beautiful, although in some photos look a bit chubby, her dress...just personal opinion, I don't like it at all and mainly because the collarbank doesn't go with this dress well and make her look old...Joongki looks so handsome today, only if Kyo could wear sth young and elegant, everything would be perfect. Somehow I think they had less interaction compared to Kyo with JIS......anyway the press con is over and I'm looking forward for the drama to start now!:D

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  9. 20 minutes ago, ilovesjk said:


    Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won were playful and flirting pretty much the entire time during Nice Guy's press conference. Lots of skinship too and evident grins on their faces. :) Their stage presence really allowed the fans to see just how close and comfortable they were with each other. Until this day I believe they have or had feelings for each other. You be the judge. :) 


    Hidden Content


    It was the first time I saw Moon Chae Won this way since she's typically reserved too. Joong Ki has a thing with the ladies, I tell ya. ;) 

    wow wow thanks for the vid~ he was very playful& flirty in the nice guy's press con, one thing still has to bear in mind is that MCW is younger than him and similar age, whereas Kyo is noona and sunbae, I won't expect to see sth happened in nice guy's press con in DoTs (of course if it does go this way I'd love to see!:P), but like I mentioned earlier, they've done the filming together for so many months, so anything is possible haha:D 

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  10. 13 minutes ago, ilovesjk said:

    Enough about my rant. *Aish*

    Let's start on something pleasant and not agitating to the gut. I wanted to touch base on what you guys think the interaction will be like between Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo at the press conference. I think it'll be fun to predict. :D Despite his shy demeanor, Song Joong Ki is usually playful and kind of naughty by nature but I doubt he's bold enough to be that way with Song Hye Kyo, as she's usually a reserved individual. She revealed in her interview that when they first met during the filming of That Winter The Wind Blows, Joong Ki just exchanged greetings with her and they didn't talk much perhaps because she's his sunbae. But they have gone to say that they're very close as they share similar personalities so I hope we get swoon worthy moments from them. It's true that Song Hye Kyo does appear so happy and charmed by him from the teasers so we will wait and see. Any other predictions? Please share your thoughts because I want to know. :)

    Haha I don't know other people, but I'm sure as a fan of Kyo, fans from both are eager to see their interaction at the press con! Just my opinion, as people know Kyo is quite reserved, even though they are close now after shoot this drama, I think it still depends a lot on how SJK will interact with her. From TWTWB, we can see JIS was very proactive and doing all the move (those many times handshake, lol). I don't really know how SJK interacted with his previous female leads, can SJK's fan give some hints?:P for me a bit hard to say definitely how they will interact with each other is that this drama has finished its production, unlike previously, unless male&female leads are friends in private, usually they are just quire polite to each other as they haven't shoot much scenes together, so it's gonna be very interesting to see something different in this oneB) 

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  11. 34 minutes ago, leedonghaek said:

    it's because the doctor is Song Hye Kyo. If it was another actress, they wouldn't think that way. no matter what she does, she'll be hated. poor girl.

    totally agree with you! those are haters and whatever they say about Kyo is negative and everything can be a reason for them to bash her.....poor her, in Korea, a lot of ppl judge her on news (some of them are just rumors...) not on her self... it doesn't matter what those haters think, she is well beloved by her fans! We shouldn't be distracted by those negative comments, let's count down for the drama airing next Wed!

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  12. 1 hour ago, ilovesjk said:

    I am in love with the poster! Love exudes from the forlorn look on our OTP's faces and we can sense the deep concern they have for one another through their body language. The background showcases the disaster zone and the very setting of the drama. I think it's absolutely beautiful. :heart: 21 more days to go! 

    I must add... these two have exceeded my expectation. They look absolutely gorgeous together. A match made in heaven. I wouldn't mind if they extended their love beyond the screen, just sayin'. :sweatingbullets: 

    Agree with your last sentence - wouldn't mind if they extended their love beyond the screen:PB)

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