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  1. Well, ok guys. Sorry for bringing HPL back to the thread . Lets just stop here and wait for PPC dramas calmly...
  2. @quietobserver but there is this account from Indonesia that I follow that mostly talk bad about KJW. Debspark or what ever (I forgot the name), if u are an Indonesian you will understand when u read her comments section or sometimes her caption. And you’re right. I am watching WWWSK behind the scenes to refresh my mind n feel better. Inhale exhale...
  3. Finally I am watching HPL. Now it makes sense why some PPS badmouthing KJW. Because I also feel burned n jealous by their chemistry. I don’t talk about kiss scenes. I talk about behind the scenes, IMHO the way PMY to him was tooooo much for someone taken. I don’t know how to tell this, but yeah it was too much
  4. Thank you for the confirmation dear, i was about to asking about this lol. Well, this IG account used to overclaim https://instagram.com/d.bee_spark?igshid=cdi677drcygk
  5. It’s ok. I understand there are bad and good things in shipping playground. I know what are you concerning at. For honest say, both of parties do have bad and good side, we just don’t have to get triggered and just ship ppc in peace. I read this and that about shippers war, I just don’t want to get involved over that so I choose to ship them as a solo hahaha. I’ll come here for sure for asking IF there another things bothering me. For pps, keep it on and spread only love
  6. LOL. I just confronted her about her false information and she’s just like “sorry if i am wrong” well at least I got the explanation here. Thank you for all of you. And she’s not a shipper she’s just pmy fans, a failed fans i guess
  7. From one of my friend. She’s pmy’s solid fans. She told me about this last night when I tried to digging more info (toooo late to dig ) and asked her directly. She doesn’t know I am pps.
  8. @twoparkcouple thank you for the explanation, makes me a little relieved, although the way pmy crying over this on her FM still bothering me But it’s ok. Like you guys here, I also choose to believe what I see on wwwsk on and off screen. No matter how hard pmy said no about it, the facts that so many coincidences and evidences kmedia and shippers got are really strong and undeniable. I don’t know, maybe I am too deep in love with ppc, this long waiting for the wedding news makes me a bit frustrated.
  9. Hi all! First I want to introduce my self because this is the first time I write on this thread. I am a long ppc shipper in submarine mode. Actually I am more into IG and looking at those sweet moments of our OTP. But, something bothering me right now because I accidentally read somewhere pmy strong denial interview about this ship. I want to ask your opinion about that, because it breaks my heart, why she’s saying things like that if she’s in relationship with psj? I was googling it to find further info, and a bit shocked because the interview was year ago (where have I been???) Also I read somewhere that pmy was crying while she’s denying the news as if this ship really pissed her off. Help me guys! I really want to convince myself that ppc is real
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