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  1. 770 Vacation is over. How is everyone doing?!?!
  2. 612 @fikachuuu Depeche Mode is an English electronic band from the 80's/90's. I love their stuff but I have to admit I'm partial to the stuff post Clarke. [Vince Clarke was an original member, he left the band and was replaced by Alan Wilder in..... '82 I believe?] One of my favorite songs: I'm just a fan of music in general. I'm not so picky on genres or anything like that. I just have to like something about it and it has to appeal to my mood at the moment.
  3. I can't remember if I've listened to Butterfly tbh. I know I prefer his newer stuff but 'Obsession' and 'Don't Go Home' are both pretty addicting too. When I find a band I like, I tend to go back through their older stuff as well as listening to the newer stuff. Sometimes an artist will go through phases [rap, ballad, love song, pop, etc] and I've found that for certain artists, I'll prefer their older phases to the new ones. BB is probably one of the few artists that I can honestly say I like everything from. @packmule3 Leesang? Not sure I know who that is! Another artist that's kind of like that is the lead singer from Foo Fighters. I think I just have a thing for voices that are more 'unique' compared to the autotune sounding voices of most artists nowadays. Like, I'm a huge fan of Depeche Mode but it'd be hard to find a similarly styled band now. It's just not popular anymore. =[ 612
  4. @packmule3 Commitment? That quality is exactly what drew me to his voice! I was so used to hearing the more mellow vocals of a typical kpop group that his raspy tenor was an interesting change. It's quite unique! He's appeared on some but not nearly as many as some of the other, more vocal, members. 606
  5. This doesn't surprise me at all. He does a lot of producing/composing for a lot of the talent in YG. I think if he didn't love performing so much, he would probably have given it up to focus on his compositions already. Some of my favorite BB songs [2NE1 too!] are by him; Fantastic Baby, Lies, Haru Haru, etc. Edit: Oops! Forgot the number! 602
  6. 598 I feel like I'm betraying TOP by saying he's not my favorite because it was his voice that drew me to BB in the first place (Wow, Fantastic Baby) but I relate more with GD and Seungri. My sense of humor is probably a mix of those two so I find them most enjoyable to watch. To be fair though, TOP is extremely quiet in most of his variety show appearances. The only time I can remember him speaking for a long stretch is when he was telling the 'TOP TOP TOP' story about Seungri.
  7. I'm on ep 7 I think. I need to catch up on it still but I've been trying to finish this Marvel Marathon I've got going before I go see Guardians 2. ><. I really need more hours in a day! I like Seungri and GD. Seungri seems super laid back compared to his bandmates [probably because he's the maknae]. 592 Edit: that pic of YG and TOP is so old! TOP just started his military service earlier this year too. Q.Q
  8. But I can't find a sad burrito emoticon @packmule3..... 586 Edit: Yeah, @fikachuuu. As long as you get them to me by Monday, I'll be able to use them in the story. =]
  9. 584 Sad Panda @fikachuuu @packmule3 Ah yeah. I forgot they come in all kinds of colors, especially the 'classic' ones. Some of the newer ones are in a sleeker red/white combo but definitely not the ones from the 70's/80's. The stories are infinitely better in those older ones though, imo.
  10. 580 Oh @fikachuuu! You're the name that was niggling at me! You have to participate too!
  11. Bahahah! Writing our own mini K-drama qualifies as homework?!!? 580
  12. 580 A fun thing! Come join us! Grats on your promotion too btw! =]
  13. 580 So you're saying you've never read those things?! Omg! They're great! The old style Harlequins too [the ones from like the 70's].
  14. Well, I was thinking assignments would lighten the load so that people wouldn't have to take on writing a full story.... but at the same time, there's no guarantee that someone will see their assignment in time and then we'd have a hole. SO MANY VARIABLES! 576
  15. I was thinking I would use a random number generator to randomly assign everyone questions but the other option is everyone answers every question and then I use the random number generator to pick answers from each person. Whichever works best for everyone! 572 Edit: on second thought, the second option probably works best so that we don't have to worry about people not seeing their assignment in time. So everyone interested,answer all the questions and pm them to me and I'll use a random number generator to throw a story together! Questions in spoiler for reference:
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