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  1. @kokodus I haven't watched it yet actually but it's on my list of things to watch so don't tag me in any spoilers please! Been extremely busy with work since I got back from my vacation in July. Very, very short staffed = hella overtime for me. >< Haven't had time to really watch anything except My ID is Gangnam Beauty.





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  2. My current top 10: [sticking with only Korean because adding in the other countries makes it too hard. :lol:]


    1. Dots

    2. I Can Hear Your Voice

    3. Healer

    4. Reply 1988 [ok. I'll be fair. This one is only guaranteed a happy ending if you're on the right ship but it's worth it for the dynamic between the families. ]

    5. Reply 1997

    6. Go Back Couple

    7. King 2 Hearts

    8. My Father is Strange [long but worth it]

    9. Pinocchio

    10. Warm & Cozy [A lot of people don't like this one though. Very slow paced]


    No particular order because I can't rank them like that. These are my babies!


    All fluffy romances. All guaranteed happy endings. Promise!



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