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  1. Oh I don't just think it, I know I am. It doesn't come across well in text but I pretty much drip sarcasm in my daily speech. I do hurt feelers sometimes and I have to step back and apologize but it's just how I talk in informal settings. ./shrug. @Dhakra I'm like Casper. Where I live is under cloud cover and rain 9 months out of the year and I work nights. Totally rockin' the vampire look. Not the sparkly kind either! 536
  2. browsing the webz and thinking about how crazy people can be.... Maybe I should stop reading the news.
  3. @2handsintertwined I don't have time to back read and keep count anymore [or even remember which side everyone is on] so I just go based off the number before mine. As long as they don't change it on me, that's what it is. 912
  4. @Dhakra Every car accident I've been in has been in the rain. Around here, it can rain so hard that you can't really see out the windshield [the pacific northwest is known for how green it is. It didn't get that way by accident! ]. Add in the dark and less streetlights [i.e. more headlight glare and less visibility] and driving in the rain is very taxing for me. +2
  5. uhhhhhh no. I don't like the rain much and I especially don't like driving in it. I prefer to drive in the sunshine with my windows down and music blasting! +2
  6. 792 Ohhhhh! Are we doing lists of things we're thankful for now?! It's been a rough weekend so I'm going to join in too! Things Phikyl is thankful for right now: 1. Delicious noms [ @TRaNz will feel me on this one. ] 2. Sunshine! and Summer! 3. dramas all around! 4. Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep 5. video games
  7. @2handsintertwined It's not just you who gets the warning messages about too many pics. Don't worry. I think a lot of times you get messages from the same mods because of the forums you frequent. I only mod GD and the Kentertainment sections so you would rarely get a warning from me, but @triplem for instance mods kdramas [a much more active place] so you might get multiple warnings from her. It's nothing personal but it's our job as moderators to make sure everyone is following the rules. We still love you but we have to let you know when the rules are being broken. Can confirm; @TRaNz is super lazy lately. He barely even posts food pics on his instagram anymore! @Dhakra *I* am Groot! +2
  8. putting away laundry and trying to finish knitting this present before the recipient gets back from camping
  9. @2handsintertwined You crack me up. You got nobody in trouble, no worries, and I don't mind the teasing at all. I am a very sarcastic person by nature so I take almost everything with a grain of salt. What happened is I got super real life busy and basically only popped in to post a number every once in a while. I was around but not participating in the conversations. idk the number so.... +2 Edit: @abnoch Congrats on the new job! Hope everything goes well with your transition from your current company to the new one!
  10. Honestly, I think it's more that a lot of the people on this site are not from countries that have a large black population. For me, your gifs and stuff are funny [I can't tell you how many times I've made that exactly gif face when reading something on here. ] But for someone who didn't grow up with it and is unfamiliar with black culture, it comes off as rude/abrasive. I am the whitest kid you know but I grew up in an area prevalent with black and hispanic families so I'm quite used to the slang terms and customs in both cultures; but when I moved to a more predominantly white area, I felt like I needed to hand people a slang dictionary before talking because they just don't get it. It's not really anyone's fault, it's just that they are unused to the terms and emoticons used. @Dhakra I know you said we shouldn't talk about this here but I wanted to address it a little. I agree with you that skin color shouldn't matter in any way and it's unfortunate that it's made into such a big deal. +2
  11. 610 @Dhakra Thanks! I never even noticed that honestly. I just picked it because baby Groot is freakin' adorable!
  12. Just woke up. Needing caffeine badly @CamelKnight seriously! It sucks. We're just now starting to get things like Uber Eats and Door Dash but most places don't have actual delivery services except if you want pizza or a couple of sandwich places. Which really sucks because downtown has some REAAAALLLY good food.
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