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  1. @mouse007 You like W&C too?! That's a huge surprise honestly. Most people think I'm crazy for loving it. 780
  2. My current top 10: [sticking with only Korean because adding in the other countries makes it too hard. ] 1. Dots 2. I Can Hear Your Voice 3. Healer 4. Reply 1988 [ok. I'll be fair. This one is only guaranteed a happy ending if you're on the right ship but it's worth it for the dynamic between the families. ] 5. Reply 1997 6. Go Back Couple 7. King 2 Hearts 8. My Father is Strange [long but worth it] 9. Pinocchio 10. Warm & Cozy [A lot of people don't like this one though. Very slow paced] No particular order because I can't rank them like that. These are my babies! All fluffy romances. All guaranteed happy endings. Promise! +2
  3. CPR : Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation PE : Physical Education EMT : Emergency Medical Technician BLS : Basic Life Support ALS : Advanced Life Support
  4. Apparently this cold is never going away. Oh well. Currently wishing time would move slower.... not ready to go to work.
  5. Better. Recovering from a nasty cold but at least I can leave my bed today....
  6. @triplem I've seen the show and read the novel like @staygold said. I like both but it's one of those shows that's a matter of taste. You might like it, you might not. +2
  7. I haven't even touched that game in months! Been busy with my Xbox/Playstation games. That Fallout 4 life! The sun always shines in some places like California, Florida or Texas but where I live is under cloud cover 9 months or more of the year. We get about 3 months in the summer with sunshine [headed back into rain here soon] and that's it! 540
  8. If it's based off a finished manga [from around 2008-2010] I may have read it and the ending is super cute. Another one that's really cute is Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu. @2handsintertwined I live not far from where those movies were filmed actually so yes, I am pale. Not sparkly pale though. I was down in California in early July. I think I may have mentioned it on here when I left/got back. Also, don't take it personally when people have conversations around you. This is a huge forum/thread and there are lots of people on it. Think of it like being at a big party. You can have a ton of different groups of people talking around you and you'll catch some of their conversation but you're not actually a part of it. You're just part of another group/conversation! And sometimes, you might join @TRaNz in the timeout... I mean silent... corner. +2
  9. Yes and yes. @TRaNz is apparently too busy taking public transport so that his car doesn't get dirty. I can't give you his IG info though. Yes, sarcasm is part of who I am and I'm not planning on changing that dramatically anytime soon so I suppose that assessment is correct. When I said I looked like Casper, I mean I'm very pale. I live in the Pacific North West so I really don't get that much sun [excluding my semi-recent vacation] so I could pass as a vampire at points. 510
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