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  1. 598 @packmule3 ./wave. I missed you as I was at work. Hope your holidays are going well and you're not hiding in closets again! @sushilicious Loving the little guessing game you have going on here!
  2. 560 Edit: I see team Add is coming out in force now.
  3. @kokodus . I actually didn't write up an alternate ending for this one. While the ending is the way it is and I don't necessarily like it, I feel it's fitting for the story. +2
  4. @Dhakra It's a compulsion. You know you love it. @kokodus 15 Years to Wait for Migratory Birds: Deng Lun is not part of the OTP so don't get your hopes up there. Spoilers below: My sister is in town this week so I have to run but quick wave to everyone: @TRaNz, @triplem @USAFarmgirl and everyone else. I just don't have time atm. <3 +2
  5. @lynne22 @kokodus AHHHH! TRAILER IS OUT! ./fangirling daaaaaang. Tony was stuck in space with someone wasn't he? Nebula and what's left of the Guardians of the Galaxy. So what happened to them?!?! Is Pepper even still left? I don't remember if we saw her turn to dust or not. MUST REWATCH ALL THE MOVIES. So excited. First Captain Marvel, then Avengers 4? Going to be so good! 414
  6. @Lmangla I agree with previous posters that the 10th-14th would probably be better. A lot of people have family coming to visit/are going to visit family for the holidays and so wouldn't be available for the dates closer to Christmas. =] 442 Edit: I just responded to what I saw underneath my last post. You're already 3 steps ahead of me.
  7. About to leave for work.
  8. @angelangie @triplem No worries guys, I'm far north of the fires but I do have family/friends in that area so I've been keeping an eye on it. Just been busy with Thanksgiving prep. Lots of cooking done and still lots more to go starting early tomorrow morning. 272
  9. fun size kit kat bar and a bowl of zuppa toscana soup
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