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  1. Ooooo. Those are good ideas! I might pick those hobbies up next! Nah. Bodybuilding and knitting. +2
  2. @lynne22 I'm still alive, don't worry. Been fighting off a cold or something the past few days off so I haven't been participating in threads as much but I do check my pings every day. Plus I picked up a couple new hobbies a few months ago and have been trying to progress in both of them. 162
  3. Edit: It's nice to see Seungri's voice get some credit and be featured in an english song.
  4. Ya'll are so far ahead. It's barely noon on New Year's Eve here. >< +2
  5. Thanks for the warning @kokodus! I feel like that's a common thing with the longer Chinese dramas. But as long as the ending is good, I'll eventually push through until the end. Happy New Year everyone! +2
  6. Oh @Dhakra, you crack me up. . Upper 20's but not quite 30. I'm just messing with you though. @sushilicious So you've replaced @kokodus as the baby of the add/subtract family? I'm clearly way behind the times here. This is what I get for letting real life make me so busy that I can't even keep up on one thread. >< 528
  7. @Dhakra Hey now! Iirc, you and @TRaNz are the same age..... which is still older than me! Don't you make me older than I really am! ./grumble. 528
  8. 506 @kokodus ep 3. I started watching when they were at ep 7 though and it was a once a week release. You know I don't have the patience for that! So I dropped it until it finished airing. Picking it back up tonight. Trailer for it:
  9. 504 @kokodus It's super cute from what I've seen and the ending is good. Unlike 15YOWFMB.... No Deng Lun though. =p Also, I haven't finished Sweet Dreams either. Is that ending really cute?
  10. @kokodus I paused at ep 4 or 5 because it wasn't finished airing and I wanted to just blaze through the angst I saw coming so I haven't finished it yet. I did watch videos of pieces of the ending though and it's a happy one. Friends to lovers romance thing. 506
  11. @kokodus Have you watched Love & π? 498
  12. @packmule3 I work swing and then go to the gym from about 1-3am now [it's gloriously empty!] so I don't usually get to bed until 5-6am my time. Peach bellini sounds good too. And h.e.a.l.t.h.y you say? Count me in! Yeah, I turn off comments immediately on Viki. I'm there to watch the show, not see people complain about the actors/plot/whatever. How was CRA? I haven't seen it yet, nor had the time to read the books [making Christmas presents for everyone is time consuming! I need to start earlier next year.... ><] Edit: just found/read your comments on it. @kokodus Since when do you watch tearjerkers?! I have lots of good things to recommend if you don't mind bawling your eyes out. +2
  13. @kokodus I missed the talk over which drama I recommended so I can't comment on it but I watch a lot of sad dramas too so you might not want to just copy my list.... @lynne22 I'm good. Haven't really been watching anything since DF shut down though. It was easy to watch on my phone at the gym with DF but Viki app is a pain to use. Idk why since nobody else seems to have the same problems with it that I do. I kind of want to watch My Glamorous Time though. I started reading the book but translations stopped when the show started. Seemed super cute though. @packmule3 Hahahha! I should have known you'd be hiding in closets! I can't share in the pina colada as I don't feel like dying due to pineapple ingestion but I'll won't say no to a mango-strawberry daiquiri.... +2
  14. 598 @packmule3 ./wave. I missed you as I was at work. Hope your holidays are going well and you're not hiding in closets again! @sushilicious Loving the little guessing game you have going on here!
  15. 560 Edit: I see team Add is coming out in force now.
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