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  1. hamburger, chicken wings, pizza
  2. @lynne22 I haven't even heard of that show! Is it a fluffy romance? Because if so, I have a vacation coming up that I can spend watching things! +2
  3. pizza, oatmeal, chicken sandwich. I'm a very boring person today apparently
  4. @staygold I am actually planning on starting it on my next day off! I heard its really good so far. atm I'm avoiding online reading as much as possible since I can't see Endgame until next week and don't want spoilers so if you don't see me, don't worry! I'm alive, just avoiding spoilers. =p +2
  5. @triplem Extremely busy lately. I may have bitten off more than I can chew as far as time commitments go but it's too late to back out now. Just have to suffer through the next couple of months and then it'll ease up again. Until then, I'm going to be the energizer bunny with the occasional dead battery. @kokodus We talked a little bit about it when you watched the first episode before and you said you didn't really like it and had decided to drop it. +2
  6. @kokodus Did you ever get through Go Back Couple? I know @triplem mentioned that I really liked it but that's almost an understatement. It's hands down one of my favorite second chance romance shows! +2
  7. @lynne22 I did! I went and saw it Tuesday night. It was pretty good as far as back stories go. And of course they were showing the trailers for Endgame and Spiderman: Far From Home right before the movie to get everyone even more hyped up. +2
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